The Benefits of Using an ESN Card as a Student

ESN Card as a Student

Embarking on an international exchange program is an exciting and transformative journey for students, allowing them to broaden their horizons and immerse themselves in a new culture. Among the various tools that facilitate this unforgettable experience, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) card stands out as an invaluable asset. 

Much more than a simple identification card, the ESN card opens doors to a world of advantages, discounts, and opportunities for students participating in the Erasmus+ program or other international exchange programs. 

The ESN application process is simple. Check this brief step-by-step guideline before you start. You will need to log in at ESN platform, provide proof of eligibility, pay a fee of 10-20 euros, and upload your identity photo size 27 x 37 mm (you can create a compliant ESN card photo online as well). 

From enticing discounts on local services and travel to a vibrant network of like-minded individuals, here are reasons why you should apply for an ESN card as part of an international student community in Europe.

Discounts and deals

One of the standout advantages of the ESN card lies in its ability to unlock a plethora of discounts and deals for students. With the card, students can access an extensive range of local businesses eager to cater to their needs. Whether it satisfies culinary cravings at restaurants and cafes, indulging in retail therapy at shops, or enjoying a vibrant nightlife at bars and clubs, the ESN card offers enticing discounts that make these experiences more affordable. Students can savor delicious meals at discounted prices, snag fashionable items with exclusive deals, and revel in memorable evenings without breaking the bank.

Travel discounts

The ESN card extends its benefits beyond local businesses to include remarkable travel discounts, making it an indispensable companion for students with a thirst for exploration. By presenting their ESN card, students gain access to exclusive deals and reduced fares on various modes of transportation. 

Whether booking flights to new destinations, hopping on trains to picturesque towns, embarking on bus journeys to hidden gems, or even venturing across the water on ferries, the ESN card opens doors to significant savings. Notable examples of companies offering discounts to ESN card holders include Ryanair, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, and Emirates Airlines.

This means that students can embark on weekend getaways, visit neighboring cities, or embark on epic road trips with newfound affordability. By capitalizing on these travel discounts, students can maximize their cultural immersion and create lasting memories while effectively managing their budgets. The ESN card becomes a passport to adventure, empowering students to traverse their host country and beyond, broadening their horizons with each journey.

Accommodation assistance

In addition to its enticing discounts and travel perks, the ESN card also offers valuable assistance when it comes to accommodation. Finding suitable housing in a foreign country can be daunting, but the ESN card can alleviate some of the stress associated with this process. 

ESN sections and local partners often provide accommodation services or guidance to cardholders, helping them navigate the housing landscape in their host city. This assistance may include access to housing databases, recommendations for reliable landlords or student residences, and advice on rental contracts and pricing. 

Moreover, the ESN card allows students to connect with fellow international students who may be searching for roommates, fostering a supportive community that can help share the costs and create a sense of belonging. By leveraging the accommodation assistance provided through the ESN, students can find comfortable and suitable living arrangements, enabling them to focus on their studies and fully embrace the exchange experience.

Social and cultural events

The ESN card goes beyond practical benefits and offers an exciting array of social and cultural events tailored to enrich the exchange experience. ESN sections organize various activities designed to introduce students to the local culture, facilitate connections among international and local students, and create unforgettable memories. 

From city tours that unveil the hidden gems of the host city, language exchanges that foster language learning and cultural exchange, to parties and social gatherings that bring students together in a vibrant atmosphere, the ESN card grants access to these exciting events. 

Moreover, cultural workshops, museum visits, and trips to historical sites allow students to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of their host country. These events provide a platform for students to connect, share experiences, and forge lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals worldwide. 

Support and integration

A crucial aspect of the ESN card is the support and integration it offers to students during their exchange period. ESN is renowned for its commitment to assisting international students in various practical matters, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable stay abroad. 

ESN sections and volunteers provide valuable guidance on administrative procedures, such as residence permits, visa extensions, and health insurance, helping students easily navigate the bureaucratic landscape. Additionally, they offer insights into local regulations, customs, and cultural norms, facilitating a seamless integration into the host country’s society. 

The ESN card serves as a gateway to a network of dedicated volunteers passionate about ensuring students feel welcome, supported, and included. Whether it’s organizing welcome events, buddy programs that pair international students with local mentors, or offering advice on academic matters, the ESN card provides a safety net of assistance.

In conclusion, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) card serves as a gateway to an array of benefits that enhance the student exchange experience. The ESN card grants students entry into a vibrant network of international and local students, facilitating connections and providing a sense of community. 

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