The 5 Do’s and Don’ts When Advertising CBD Products

Now that the laws on CBD products are more relaxed, many people are considering consuming it for various reasons. Plus, depending on where you reside, it’s impossible to walk into any grocery store without coming across a CBD product.

The fact that CBD is available in various forms makes this possible. Besides, due to the claim on the efficacy of CBD products, competition is rising with many stakeholders investing in it. With this, however, some CBD brands prefer to roll out their product before considering the effect on consumers. They also do not like waiting for definite market research on the impact of the products.

What drives them is the desire to break into the market first in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. Yet, it is important to understand their product and the effect on their target audience. This would come a long way to prevent any issue that might hurt their brands.

Rather than go through this stress, risk extreme fines/penalties and deal with bad press, there are 5 do’s and 5 don’ts to know about when it comes to advertising CBD.


Five Don’ts of CBD Advertising

1. Avoid Making Any Medical Claims

While the efficacy of CBD products is not disputed, do not make any medical claim when advertising. This can cause issues for you and your brand. Also, do not state that your CBD product can cure, prevent, or treat any related health issues.

Without a doubt, CBD comes with a plethora of health benefits. You, however, need to strategically present this information to the consumer to avoid misleading them.

2. Avoid Engaging an Overseas CBD Manufacturer

The United States is blessed with high-quality CBDMEDIC products. You cannot always  trust an overseas manufacturing plant and the type of products they distribute. Using these overseas companies doesn’t guarantee quality and purity.

You also want to make sure the product has a third party lab test and is a certified product. These aspects will give an adequate guarantee of the quality.

3. Avoid Advertising Marijuana-Derived CBD

While many states are making marijuana legal, the psychoactive cannabis compound is not authorized at the federal level. This makes CBD from marijuana illegal.

With this in mind, avoid committing the crime of advertising an illegal product. You are better off limiting your ads to hemp-derived CBD. This is legal as the hemp plant is free of THC.

4. Avoid Neglecting Loyal Customers

While expanding your market is essential for growth, neglecting loyal customers who stick with you through thick and thin is a bad call. These are long term customers with a pulse on the trend. For instance if the best CBD in Europe is CBDfx then the brand should offer discounts & other schemes for their loyal customers. It will surely spread the brand awareness by word of mouth & hence bring more return customers.

5. Avoid Marketing CBD as a “Cure-All” Product

There is research that greatly supports CBD’s ability to manage such diseases or conditions as epilepsy, cancer, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This, however, is not a license to use as a marketing strategy. Companies doing this will eventually be under the radar of the FDA.

Avoid hinging your marketing strategy on this. You could get into an unnecessary battle with the FDA.

Five Do’s of CBD Advertising

1. Know Your State Laws

While the federal government made the sale and consumption of Hemp legal, some states have different regulations. This involves the method of extracting CBD in addition to the level of THC it should contain. With this, make sure you do your research to prevent getting wrapped up in any illegal issues that you could have avoided with some due diligence

Applicable laws that regulate CBD are the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). All CBD products must comply with this. Moreover, your trusted source of premium marijuana seeds should comply with the state laws.

2. Remember the 0.3% THC Limit

For you to avoid issues with the law and continue to be in business, always follow this rule. This is in accordance with the federal law specifying that you cannot have more than 0.3 percent THC in your CBD product.

Having more than the allowed limit is tantamount to violation of the law. It can also be classified as selling illegal products. Make sure you are conversant with the laws of each state. This act will save you much hassle down the line. 

3. Make Sure to Correctly Label the Product

In other words, be diligent with the total milligrams of CBD in the product. This process is in accordance with FDA regulation. You should also state the milligrams per the recommended dosage. Some brands go as far as putting QR codes on the bottle. With this, consumers can scan and see lab testing results.

4. Use Basic Advertising Techniques

You will not be able to advertise your CBD products using paid ads on Facebook and Google. However, you can use basic advertising techniques. People with brick and mortar stores, for instance, can maximize signage. You can also use local magazines and newspapers.

For people with e-Commerce stores, use email marketing, blogging, and SEO to your advantage. As long as you produce a high-quality product, backed up by third-party testing, there will not be an issue with making an impressive state.

5. Keep Your Product Quality High

You could be very smart in advertising your business. You might even succeed in advertising and winning the heart of your target audience. The foundation of your success, however, is hinged on the quality of your product. Since this is a growing industry, a lot of brands are cutting corners.

With a high-quality product, you will not have any issue becoming the favorite of your target audience. With an effective outcome, your consumers can act as an advertising agent, referring your products to friends and families. Also, if you have a report showcasing your product’s authenticity be sure to post it online and people can verify the authenticity of your product.


The marketing of CBD is a delicate game. If you are, however, armed with the right information, you can weather any storm and rise above your competition. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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