The 4 Style Trends of 2022 in the Field of Plants, Flowers and Interior

Style Trends of 2022 in the Field of Plants, Flowers and Interior

Style trend 1: Fresh Start

After the corona crisis, it feels like we are getting a second chance, in which sustainability, climate solutions and decluttering are central. A new, fresh start! And because many people now work from home, there is more emphasis on the design of our living and outdoor spaces. Our house has multiple functions these days, so the interior must be easy to transform. Room dividers and multifunctional walls are ideal for this. Foliage plants, variegated leaves and air-purifying plants provide a healthy indoor space and a fresh look and are also easy to move.

The basis of the Fresh Start style trend is white, combined with various naturals. The accent colours, such as green, blue and red tones, are reflected in flowers and plants and indicate the multifunctionality of furniture. If there are any patterns, they are based on natural structures, such as marble designs. The materials used are biobased, recycled or recyclable. Think of leather, cotton and cork and of new materials such as plastic based on algae and mycelium, a self-growing fungus.

Style trend 2: Bright and Breezy

There is a need for connection, equality, a shared reality, selfless behavior and inclusivity. After the stressful corona period, we look at connecting leaders who take away our worries so that we can enjoy ourselves again without worrying. And we do that carefree enjoyment in a cheerfully colored interior. Uncomplicated designs with checks, stripes or images of fruit enhance the festive feeling. The icing on the cake is the green happiness: flowers and flowering plants give the interior that last pinch of positive energy. Flowers birthday or dried flowers are also one of these festive flower feelings when it’s somebody’s birthday. 

Style trend 3: Traditional Sentiment

Not everyone is waiting for change. Conservative people seek safety in conservative behavior, control, and traditions. Within this trend it is important to restore trust and to ensure that the known, local and the familiar also have a place in this changing world. Interiors within this trend are therefore warm, rich in color and nostalgic with a twist by mixing vintage and old. Old-fashioned flowering plants fit in perfectly here, as do plant collections of different cultivars within one species. Bouquets are also subtly arranged with a lot of attention and appreciation for each individual product.

Style trend 4: Wellness Bubble

With zest for life, creativity and humor we keep our spirits up. We think our appearance is less important, we prefer to put energy into our mental health. Hobbies and entertainment are given plenty of space, as is wellness. We prefer to turn our house into a super-deluxe spa. The combination of soft tones with transparent materials and round shapes are reminiscent of water. That helps us relax. The flowers and plants have a fresh look, like the leaf of an Aloe Vera. Dyed leaves, plumes, grasses and dried flowers are combined with fresh cut flowers.


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