The 4 Cheapest Writing Services for essays, research papers, dissertations and courseworks

Writing Services

There are thousands of essay writing services available on the market today. You could literally get lost searching for a cost-effective writing service. Not only is the market rapidly growing, but it has also become subject to scammers and cheaters.

So what you need at this time is the information that helps you select the best website at the best rates. Therefore, today we present the 4 cheapest writing services for essays, research papers, dissertations, and coursework.

Naturally, to find a writing service that gives you the best rates and high-quality work, you need to look into the history and performance of these services. And compare these services with everything else in the market. However, you should take note of the fact that we are only going to discuss the legit writing services. Scammers and cheaters that lure you into super cheap rates and get you into trouble are excluded through the minute process.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the four cheapest essay writing services.

The 4 Best Cheapest Writing Services in the world

1. 99Papers – the cheapest service for essay writing!

Amazing turnover time, swift deliveries, secure payments, safe privacy policy, all that, and much more for a fair price. 99papers is by far the best writing service in the USA. It provides the clients with unlimited revisions, a money-back guarantee, high-quality research content, and 24/7 customer service. All this makes it one-go for thousands of students in the USA.

•   Price: 9.95USD

•   Deadline: 3 Hours

•   Unlimited Revision

•   Writers: Highly Qualified ESL and ENL

99Papers is one of the oldest in the writing business. It is also one of the most dominant shareholders in the writing business.

«I like this company as they have one of the best value for the buck from my experience. And I have already tried at least 5 companies. Check them out!». Pamela D.

2. PaperHelp – lowest prices for research paper writing!

There is no doubt, Paperhelp is by far the cheapest, cost-effective, and most reliable website of all time. It has all the qualities that any professional service has. It is one of the best websites for ordering research paper writing since the writers working for this website are mostly university and college toppers. It is the best research paper writing service that you get for the price.

•   Price: 12 USD

•   Deadline: as short as three hours

•   Unlimited Revision

•   Writers: Proficient ENL and ESL

Distinctive features:

This website has also been in the writing business for too long. It is considered one of the most reliable and quality-driven websites. Thousands of students use this website for their research papers without any hesitation because it is safe and secure. They adhere to a strict privacy policy which makes it one of the safest writing services around the globe.

«It is definitely the best price I get for such a high-quality job. These guys really nailed it. Although I was worried about the result looking at the short deadline, these guys got it done within time. I am freaking impressed. And I managed to submit my paper in time. Thanks again, guys – you rock». Joshua A.

3. Pen.Camp – the cheapest service for dissertations!

PenCamp is one of the best writing services out there for dissertation and thesis writing. In fact, PenCamp has some of the finest writers in the industry that give its users an unfair advantage in dissertation writing. These writers are trained with years of experience to conduct research and produce an original dissertation for you. People trust this website way more than any other with their academic tasks.

•   Price starts from 12 USD only/-

•   Deadline is fast as 3 hours

•   Unlimited Revision

•   Writers: Trained ESL and ENL

Distinct feature:

The PenCamp is the most cost-effective solution for research and dissertation. It provides a complete money-back guarantee, which is quite unlikely for services in such niches. The reason is simple: they do not compromise on quality. You can request the return of your money if you are not satisfied with the quality of work or it was not delivered on time.

«I was really worried about my undergraduate dissertation, and I had no hope of submitting my paper on time. That’s when my friend told me about PenCamp. It really tested my nerve, but the end result was so satisfying. I also got a plagiarism report. Submitted my paper, and my supervisor was very satisfied with my work. I will recommend them a 100%». Fred P.

4. 1Essay – the cheapest price for coursework writing!

1Essay has one of the most effective work processes for writing. They know how assignments and assessments work at the classroom level and university. In fact, some of the writers are themselves professors and instructors at high school, college, and university. 1Essay can get your regular assignments done only for minimal prices.

•   Price starts 9 USD only/-

•   Deadline 3 hours minimum – for faster delivery, discuss with the customer service.

•   Unlimited Revision

•   Writers: Skilled ESL and ENL

Distinct feature:

The website is one of the most trustable and reliable writing services out there. Not only does it not keep your track record, but it also does not share your data with any other website. The company is registered, so there is no legibility issue involved. This website is also one of the most cost-effective and high-rated companies of all time.

“I was really astonished when I tried this website and found that it provides a high-quality of work at a reasonable price. I have used 1Essay for the coursework more than 8 times now. And I found that the website is the safest and most reliable writing service». John M.

Selecting the best essay writing services

To be able to make a better decision and decide which website is most reliable and cost-effective, you need to ensure that you do your research.

You can always make sure that you are on the right track by taking the following steps.

Look for reviews

It is important that you entrust your dear assignment to a reliable and cost-effective company. The best way of doing that is by doing research and finding out what other students are doing.

You can find these reviews on different websites like Reddit, Quora, or other student-based social media sites. You can also ask your fellow classmates and friends for suggestions.

However, never do this on the University Wifi. Always use safe and secure wifi for these steps.

Avoid fake reviews

Now it is cool to read reviews and get a better view before placing your order. You need to beware of the fake ones. So, do not believe, the 100% satisfaction ratio.

Another way to spot fake reviews is by comparing them to other ranking sites. Most often, the fake reviews are way over positive and way overdramatic.

Use experienced and established website

With such a high demand for good writers in the market, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and creating a new website for providing writing services.

These new websites have nothing to offer. They don’t have writers. Upon getting an order somehow, they start contacting freelancers for support. Such websites are neither legitimate nor trustworthy.

Therefore, always use old, seasoned, and experienced websites that are reliable and creative. The writing services that have years of experience are more reliable and provide writing services at fair rates.

Hire a writing service that provides a plagiarism report

Plagiarism is one of the most common reasons for students being suspended in their final terms. Not only that, they get punished for it their entire life.

New and inexperienced writing services lack the expertise required for a professional essay writer. So they copy and paste whenever they get stuck. And this is what gets the consumers in trouble.

However, the experienced and well-established writing services only hire people that provide high-quality work. These websites make sure that they provide high-quality work by putting the essay through a plagiarism test. Once moderators of such sites are satisfied themselves, they share these reports with the end consumer.

So choose wisely, of course, it is your money, but it’s also your future. Companies that have been doing this for years and are maintaining a good rating are trustworthy.

Select a website that offers a money-back guarantee

The line that separates scammers from legit writing services is the money-back guarantee.

Here goes the reasoning: scammers are all about taking your money. A legit service focuses on serving its clients for quality. These money-back guarantees help you as a user to protect your money if you are not satisfied with the work that was done.

The websites that offer money-back guarantee work hard to achieve high-quality work for their users on the website. These services penalize their writers if they do not perform up to the mark.

Choose a company that provides unlimited revisions

The last step for verification relates to the number of revisions. Websites that do not provide unlimited revisions are mostly scammers. And only the legit writing services prioritize their clients. These services provide unlimited revisions to their users for one reason, their satisfaction.

In fact, their whole service is modeled on this particular way of working. They aim at 5-star customer satisfaction with all their policies, including revision. These websites even revise your order with no questions asked.

Why do students outsource their writing assignments to others?

It is a million-dollar question. The fact is that today most of the work is done through outsourcing and hiring the expert for the job. Nobody needs to do everything themselves. The persons that are doing everything themselves are either doing it because they are misguided.

The basic rule guided by the division of labor tells that an expert can do things better and faster. In the modern time, it is better to outsource the tasks that are not relevant to your work, specialize in one field, and get paid better for such specialization.

Of course, that is the smart way, but not everyone is smart enough to understand this.

However, the new generation understands this better than many. They know the importance of time and leadership. They know it is better to establish your own business and do your own work. Outsource anything that does not fall within your ambit.

Understanding the difference between an essay, research papers, dissertations, and coursework

What is an essay?

An essay is a piece of writing that presents arguments, perspectives, a subject or outlines solutions that can be formal and personal. We usually write an essay on a single topic where the writer has to outline his arguments and ideas.

The essays are one of the most basic ways of judgment and engaging students in academic activities. The purpose of academic essay writing is to reinforce the knowledge of pupils; however, the problem with the testing system is that neither the teachers nor the students have practiced it enough. None are qualified or trained for essay writing.

This under-training is the main reason students run away from writing essays. Moreover, the teachers expect that students will write great essays with little or no practice. They score very harshly, which badly impacts the students in their careers.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is the type of paper that is asked by a high school or undergrad to carry out. The purpose of the research paper is to conduct thorough research on the topic, and after completion of the research, write a paper on the subject. The student is required to outline the process he underwent and what he found from the research.

This research paper should reproduce all the arguments and things that he found on the topic during the research. The research paper is actually an extended essay that presents our ideas, arguments, and interpretation on the topic.

The students face a lot of problems writing a research paper. Most of the students take help from senior students, professors, and even private tutors that help.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is actually an even more extended form of an essay. The key factor that distinguishes a dissertation from other forms of writing is that it has to be original. Not just the words but also the arguments, which makes the whole study unique.

The purpose is to bring new knowledge to record and field. The dissertations are at least undergrad level and can go up to the level of Ph.D. What makes this study unique is that the dissertations are focused on achieving higher research and work by the writers.

It is not easy to write a dissertation unless you are an expert in the research or you are a seasoned writer yourself. It is the reason professional writing services provide quality of work even better than a hard-working researcher. The reason is simple, it is one thing to research a fact and another to write it.

What is coursework?

Coursework is something that is more like a class assignment. It is done on a regular basis. The marks may be added to the end results and grades. The purpose of these writing tasks is to enable students to be more productive and creative.

The coursework can be a task for essay writing or evaluation of some already conducted research. However, these tasks actually take a lot of time to complete.

Some students prefer doing assignments on weekends as they have to do the reading during the weekdays. The problem with this approach can be missing the deadlines. It is why students prefer taking help from outside.

The solution

It is therefore considered that if you are short on time, it is advisable that you take professional help. Since taking help from a senior – who is either not helping full-heartedly or is unable to give quality help due to lack of experience – can backfire.

For this and other reasons, most of the students that take help from a professional writing service have higher chances of success. They are also investing safely because these writing services can be used for a lot more than just assignment or essay writing stuff. People even prepare business proposals and presentations from these sites. It is a classic example of outsourcing and getting the job done in the correct way.

How to write a great essay?

Finally comes the tips for writing great essays. Under this section, we will discuss what exactly do professional writers do that their written essays get A+ and our essays score B?

Professional writers are trained writers. They have years of experience writing essays and other things. Their level of research and material studies is beyond their wildest dreams.

These writers have been writing for years. Moreover, they have been studying for the tasks as well. They are aware of the way the formats are set and the way that study is conducted. Some of the writers are able to write more than ten thousand words a day. You can understand their scale of competency by this. But these writers have some traits and things that they usually do, like a to-do checklist that they do during every essay they type.

Things that professionals do while writing an essay:

1. Research and take notes

Professional writers always research. In fact, they spend at least half or one-third of the time in research and the remaining time in writing other matters. The reason is simple, the more they research, the better they get at the topic and its ideas.

The research enables the writers to understand the topic from upside down. The writers also get aware of the jargon and vocabulary of the subject.

Doing this research helps the writer excel and get great marks.

2. Plan their essay

The next step of writing a great essay is by planning it properly. Many writers plan it properly by writing an outline and creating a sketch that makes the whole essay visible in just one picture.

This step can be done during the first. However, it is better to do initial research. Some experts do the research the second time after they have created a skeleton.

A planned essay will also help you create a proper format. A properly structured essay always presents a better bigger picture.

3. Write an original essay

Next, start writing the essay. Let not get into the nitty-gritty of writing but stay focused on the basics. Always start with writing an introduction. The introduction must have two things, an opening line that grabs attention and a thesis statement that gives your idea on the topic.

When you write your essay, do not take off your mind from your original goal – the main topic. Read the topic after each paragraph to stay focused.

4. Check for errors

At this stage, you should look for the fallacies. These include logical fallacies and grammatical errors. The purpose of this is activity is to reduce any chances of errors that the examiner may notice and penalize.

Once you are finished with this task, your essay is almost complete and ready for submission.

5. Plagiarism Check

Since you have completed the last four stages your essay will be prepared for submission. Of course, you have written it from scratch, so there is no chance of plagiarism.

However, sometimes your text may fall into plagiarism without even deliberately doing so. Therefore, it is better to check the copy for it and make any amendments whenever necessary.

How writers produce a great research paper?

Enough about the essay; let’s discuss how we can improve our research paper. Following are some of the pro tips that you can employ to improve your research paper.

Choose engaging research topics

Choosing a boring and dull topic can cause you to end up with a poorly written research paper because there is not much to say about it. An engaging topic or a topic that relates to the people in general. Such a topic should be one that has already been discussed by other writers as well. If not, be prepared to spend twice as much time on the topic as you would otherwise spend.

So how to find one. Look for any topic that seems interesting to you. Discuss this topic with your instructor and ask him if he is willing to provide you with any guidelines regarding it. If your supervisor approves it, go for it.

Research the reputable resources

Next, you should look for reputable resources from which you should study and research. If you do this right, you will probably be able to achieve a high grade.

Therefore, if you start right, you have an advantage over your classmates. These resources will help go in the right direction.

Draft a thesis statement

At this stage, you should make an outline and draft your first thesis statement. The purpose of creating a thesis statement in advance is that it enables you to write the paper straight regarding your topic and not beat around the bush.

Drafting a thesis statement means the formation of the thesis itself. It is what you claim. The remaining research would revolve around it, either proving it right or falsifying it.

Select the proper formatting

Now there are a lot of formats that you can follow. However, since the formatting is mostly decided by the institute that you are studying with, you need to ask your instructor or supervisor. Ask your instructor whether you have to follow Chicago, MLA, or any other formatting style.

If you have a choice, either go for Chicago or go for MLA because both are easier to follow.

Dissertation writing tips

Since you are already aware of how to write an essay and how to write a good research paper, let’s build on that and move forward. Writing a good dissertation involves more than just good research and some writing skills. It is more about self-discipline and self-determination.

Here are some of the tips that you should follow while writing a dissertation.

Set a deadline

It is always better to set a deadline when exactly you plan to finish your dissertation. This deadline will boost your work, and you will be able to meet your actual deadline beforehand.

While settling the deadline, remember that it has to be realistic. If you create a very brief and unrealistic deadline, not only will you fail, you will also feel demoralized.

But if you set a practical deadline and stick to the plan, you will be motivated and succeed.

Let the goals be flexible

This second tip is regarding the setting of goals. Remember that if your goals are realistic and practicable, you will succeed, but you also need to set the goals more flexibly.

If your target is more, you can adjust it whenever you need and fix it according to your needs.

The thing is that nothing can be planned perfectly. In every design or plan, there is always room for improvement. You need to make changes from time to time to make your plans succeed. The tweaks are the key to the success of any project.

Ask for feedbacks

The more you take feedback, the better you are going to get. The purpose of the practice is to get feedback and improve your quality of work.

The earlier you do this the better. Since you will get enough time to make plenty of improvement. You will probably be able to achieve a lot with this strategy.

Check what your committee wants

Follow the advice, but look at what your committee wants from you. See what kind of writing they are expecting and what will be the solution to this problem.

If you follow the directions of your committee, your dissertation is probably going to be approved pretty fast.

Read everything

It is also a key to a successful dissertation. Read everything that you have on the subject. Leave nothing on the subject; the more you read, the better you get.

How to improvise coursework, and how can it boost your grades?

Finally, coursework. It is the daily assignment that you have to do in the class. Here are some tips that you can use every day to improve your coursework quality and be more productive.

Do it every day

The best way of doing the coursework is to do it the very day you are given the task. Most students like to believe that their day is over as soon as the classes are over. However, you should start doing your homework without any breaks.

You can always rest afterward, but by making this a habit you will be able to get higher marks.

Take as many notes as possible

Another tip that can change the way you work on the coursework is taking notes. Detail notes can actually save you a lot of time. Taking detailed notes saves you from a lot of research that you may have to do without it.


Of course, all these things are easier said than done. To write a high-quality essay, you need to put in a lot of effort. However, sometimes you need the help of professionals, and at many times it is better to let the professional handle your writing needs. These professional writers can work on a very short deadline and satisfy all your writing needs and definitely get an A+.


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