The 10 Most Expensive Golf Clubs in the World

Expensive Golf Clubs in the World

The golf game is in itself reserved for a selected audience from the very beginning. This is a fine sport that only few are able to completely comprehend. With unclear old origin, the golf game evolved into a modern form in 15th century Scotland.

Although the golf course does not come with a standard form as in other games (for example, football), there is something for which all details matter. And this is the golf club. The first-ever golf clubs appeared in Scotland in 1503 to 1504. The King of Scotland used to play with these golf clubs.

Ever since then, golf clubs have evolved a lot, particularly with the development of technology in the last years. Although there are tons of options with regard to selecting a golf club, the details make all the difference. The weight, materials used, construction, angles, literally everything matters. And of course the amount of money you invest in one.

While an expensive golf club does not guarantee that a shot will be flawless and the ball will fly straight to the hole it was supposed to, it will definitely amplify the player’s reputation and status in the eyes of other players on the field. Golf nets als

For those players who have reached the level of extra accuracy in the game and there is nothing else to go, a touch of rare metals, gemstones, or excellent craftsmanship can make all the difference. At least in the bank accounts and pockets. Quality golf nets also play a huge part in maintaining the quality of the game. Should there be golf nets for sale, a golf enthusiast shouldn’t miss it out for the world.

Ahead, we have made a list of 10 most expensive golf clubs in the world, along with the reasons and historical value which makes them stand out.

1. Andrew Dickson Long Nosed Putter ($181,000)

The first on the list is the oldest verified golf club. It comes with the stamp of Andrew Dickson and it’s known as the Long Nosed Putter. This club was dated back to the 1700s and as its authenticity could be confirmed, it became the most precious golf club throughout the world. At an auction, Andrew Dickson Long Nosed Putter was sold for the massive amount of $181,000.

2. Simon Cossar Fruitwood Metal Headed Blade Putter ($165,000)

This is among the first-ever golf club manufacturers to sign the name on the products. One of Simon’s iconic masterpieces dates back to the 18th century. This golf club shows a shaft created from distinct fruitwood and a metal headed blade putter, as well as a complementary fastened hosel. The antique piece was sold at an auction for a tremendous sum of $165,000.

3. Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club ($151,000)

Another antique auctioned was this Square Toe Light Iron Golf Club. This piece of art dates back to the 1600s and it is composed of light iron. The enormous selling cost of $151,000 was justified only due to the historical scarcity and value. Only a dozen golf clubs date back to the 17th century. You need sheer luck along with unbelievable wealth to get your hands on one of these.

4. Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition ($150,000)

The German manufacturer Barth & Sons crafted something spectacular – The Golden Putter First Lady Special Edition. Made out of cherry wood, with diamonds encrusted and an extremely thin coat of 24 karat gold at the shaft, along with a leather head and grip with crystal decor, this alluring golf club comes with the insane cost of $150,000.

5. Long Nose Scraped Golf Club ($91,000)

Next on the list is another gem titled as the Long Nose Scraped Golf Club. This one dates back to the 18th century. But even with a long age, it was still in a perfect state. The golf club was sold at a 2007 auction for the colossal price of $91,000.

6. Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood ($49,000)

A name connected to the sports industry for a long time period is spalding. Most of you might be aware of their basketballs, but the manufacturer that was introduced in 1876 by Albert Spalding Junior, creates a long list of sports products.

It used to make golf clubs decades ago. One of them especially, the Palmer Patent Fork Shaft Wood, with the head named “The Spalding”, was sold at a 2007 auction for the incredible cost of $49,000. This product was a part of the Jeffrey B. Ellis selection.

7. Titleist Scotty Cameron Tiger Woods Stainless Masters Winner ($20,000)

This limited edition Titleist Scotty Cameron was created in only 21 units molded from copper or brass, exactly like the one that Tiger Woods employed in his legendary victory in 1997. If you want to own this limited edition collection of 21 rare golf clubs, be prepared to splurge $20,000.

8. Gemspot OM 5 Deluxe Diamond ($10,000)

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Gemspot Jewelled Putters brand offers their golf clubs a magical twist by adding sophisticated gemstones to an already superior and high performance golf tool.

This is what you get when you have a customized jewelry designer engaged with the golf game. You get an outrageous price tag of $10,000 for an exquisite golf club with 5 shiny diamonds on it. Will the jewels help you with winning the game? Maybe not. But others will surely envy you on the golf course for owning a stunning golf club.

9. Adams Golf Tight Lies Spin Control ($8,500)

This Texas based golf club company Adams Golf specialized in producing bespoke golf clubs for particular players. The coach of the top-class player Tiger Woods named Hank Haney was involved with the brand at some point.

As a result, The Tight Lies collection of golf clubs emerged which became a hit and started to sell amazingly well. And from that collection, the Spin Control golf club was the most expensive with a whooping price tag of $8,500.

10. Honma Golf’s Five Star ($5,400)

Honma is easily among the most prestigious brands in the industry that utilizes high-quality, premium materials with the expertise of more than 400 craftsmen to achieve among the best golf clubs in the world.

Always handcrafted with a meticulous attention to detail, a Honma Golf Club production is never done in a hurry. For this reason, you may have to wait 2 months to get your hands on this masterpiece, but the wait is totally worth it.

If you claim to be a high level player, you might be impressed by the Pt1000 platinum and 24 karat gold plating. One golf club in Honma Golf’s Five Star set is worth $5,400, whereas the complete set is priced at $75,000.

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