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Can You Buy Testo Ultra In NZ at Chemist Warehouse?

To buy Testo Ultra in NZ, you have to purchase it online on their website, then the product will be shipped to you anywhere in New Zealand. You can’t buy Testo Ultra at Chemist Warehouse, and it is not available in local stores in NZ. To be safe you should only buy it from their own website, since they are the only legal distributor. For the Testo Ultra price visit the Testo Ultra official page here to buy: 

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Testo Ultra NZ Price

There are a few Testo Ultra NZ  price options, depending on the package you choose. So the price will vary depending on the package you buy. The more bottles you buy, the better the price per bottle!

Here is the price breakdown of Testo Ultra in NZ:

  1. Starter Package – 2 Bottles =  NZ$54.95  per bottle (2 months supply)
  2. Pump Up Package – 4 Bottles =  NZ$39.95 per bottle (4 months supply) 40% discount on the initial package price per bottle
  3. Pro Results Package – 6 Bottles =  NZ$29.95 per bottle (6 months supply) 50% discount on the initial package per bottle!

As you can see, buying the Pro Results Pack of 6 bottles gives you the best price per bottle.  Since you want to give the product time to see the best benefits, it makes sense to buy the Pro Results Package, or the Pump Up Package if you can. But you can buy the package that suits you best to start getting the benefits of Testo Ultra.

Testo Ultra Side Effects   

Side Effects

The best part is that, since Testo Ultra is a natural supplement, it has no unwanted side effects or danger (bahaya)  like certain prescription drugs.

What is Testo Ultra?

If you are looking for Testo Ultra in Malaysia, then you may have read that it is a powerful supplement to increase male testosterone.

Testo Ultra has been specifically designed to improve male testosterone levels in a natural way. Doctors and scientists have studied testosterone and its role in men’s bodies. When a man has high levels of testosterone, it has the following effects:

  • Increased Physical Strength
  • Increased Sexual Desire and Vigor
  • Helps Build Muscle Faster
  • Gives a Sensation of Well-Being

Testosterone is one of the most important elements for a man to feel like a man, and it is responsible for men experiencing maximum physical and sexual health.

Testo Ultra has been carefully formulated under the close supervision of respected health experts in FDA-approved laboratories. The ingredients in this formula are combined to help the body’s natural ability to increase testosterone levels, giving a weakened body the right elements to strengthen itself.

As a man ages, his testosterone levels begin to decline. But diet is also an important non-age factor. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle can also play an important role. As we age, diet plays an increasingly important role in keeping us healthy and vibrant. A man’s body needs essential nutrients to operate at its peak. Overworking, lack of sleep, and not eating well can be important factors in determining whether one feels at one’s best or not.

All of this can lead to a general lack of sexual desire and, more importantly, to the loss of the ability to get an erection. Low levels of testosterone can literally kill a man’s sex life. Being able to be strong in bed can be very important to most men, and is a very important aspect of maintaining an intimate and healthy relationship with your partner.

Testo Ultra can help men regain their spirit and increase their vigor, while allowing them to regain their youthful energy.

Having healthy and high testosterone levels is the most important factor for a man’s vitality, both physically and sexually.

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How does Testo Ultra work?

Testo Ultra works by improving blood flow in the penis area. When the penis has optimal blood flow, it can achieve and maintain a healthy, long-lasting erection, which can result in an incredible amount of time in bed with your sexual partner!

So in general, the higher the amount of testosterone, the stronger a man’s libido and sexual performance.

So what does the Testo Ultra formula contain?


This is an important reason why we feel confident in recommending this formula, as it is made with natural ingredients. The ingredients have been rigorously researched, with clinical studies and media, to test their ability to increase testosterone naturally. Then, all these important ingredients proceed to be tested for their potency and purity.

These are the ingredients:

Tongkat Ali – Also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack or Malaysian Ginseng, this natural herb is a root that has been used for centuries for its aphrodisiac effects (improves sexual performance).

More recent research has revealed that its effects are due to the ability of the Tongkat for:

  • Increase testosterone in men by up to 46%.
  • Increase sperm production
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Increase the feeling of well-being
  • Increase libido
  • Decrease cortisol (stress hormone)

Nettle Root – Also known as Urtica Dioica, Nettle Common or Nettle Major, it is a natural herbal remedy used for centuries in oriental medicine and naturopathic remedies. Nettle root is a potent antioxidant that helps improve the health of blood vessels, including those that supply blood to the penis allowing it to swell and increase its size, fullness and control. A 2005 study by the Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapies also showed that daily intake of Nettle Root greatly improved prostate health and vitality. Nettle root can also improve testosterone levels while keeping estrogen under control (yes, men also have estrogen).

Saw Palmetto – This extract is derived from the fruit of the plant Serenoa repens. Its proven effect on the production of DHT makes it a key ingredient for sexual health. This herb has been shown to improve sexual desire while helping to control and improve testosterone levels in men.

testosterone levels in men


We like Testo Ultra because, unlike many supplements found on the market, the team behind Testo Ultra has shown that it is willing to take the additional steps necessary to produce a superior product backed by science.

Testo Ultra is a safe, effective and highly researched formulation of natural ingredients and extracts in dosages and concentrations designed to increase virility, sexual performance, testosterone levels and help you achieve and maintain harder and fuller erections without the need for an expensive prescription.

As we mentioned above, you can’t buy Testo Ultra at Chemist Warehouse, or other local shops in New Zealand.

Visit the official Testo Ultra site to buy Testo Ultra in NZ here:

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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