Technologies That Will Change Online Gambling As We Know It

By Leslie Alexander

If anything, the past two decades were marked by technological advancements and innovation. Ever-growing Internet technology has impacted every aspect of human life. Including the way that we entertain ourselves.

Almost twenty years have passed since the gambling industry entered the online realm, without even realizing how it’s going to affect it. In the past few years, and especially in 2020, online gambling had significant growth in the number of new users. So, as it turns out, the new technologies started attracting even those users who didn’t care that much about this sort of entertainment before. Let’s see which technologies will have the most impact on the future of online gambling.

Mobile Technology

Back in the day, everyone knew that mobile phones were the future of communication. However, no one could have imagined just how much it would change the world as we know it. Today, we do almost everything with the use of smartphones, from ordering food to placing a bet. The new generations of students attending college can’t imagine their life without a smart device. So, even those students who wouldn’t be interested in visiting a brick-and-mortar casino, can now, within a few clicks, explore Gamblizard and take advantage of new no deposit bonuses from UK casinos. Therefore, it has become abundantly clear that mobile gambling is the future of this industry, and not just for the new generation of users. People who prefer traditional gambling and sportsbetting have also had the opportunity to explore the benefits of playing “on-the-go” as the pandemic prevented them to play their favourite games otherwise.

AR and VR

From the very first arcade to today’s VR and AR games, the gaming industry has come a long way. After the first AR and VR games were first released, the gambling industry showed a great interest in adopting and following the latest technological trends. Delivering entirely new and amazing experience to the users, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will forever change how people play online games. The gamblers will be able to have a live experience of a land-based casino while sitting in their living room or any place else. It’s expected that many people will try this type of gambling just for the fun of it. Also, it can be more engaging for regular visitors of brick-and-mortar casinos who are prevented from visiting one.

Online Gambling

Cryptocurrency in Online Casinos

The use of cryptocurrency is still very new to most people around the world. But, it has certainly proven to be one of the safest methods currently available for any transaction made online. The owners of crypto assets got interested in joining the gambling community after online casinos introduced them on their websites. It’s expected that the majority of transactions in online casinos will be done by using blockchain technology in the future.


Smartwatches will be ideal for people who like to bet while on the go. For now, most smartwatches are only used to provide the user with notification about their casino accounts. But as we have seen so far, the future online casinos will definitely aim towards something better. We can expect to soo more smartphones that even support some online casino games in the future that would be available to a general audience.

Live Dealers

Similar to the AR and VR technology, live dealers are also shaping the way people will play their table games in the future. Recently, live dealers are being introduced to more and more online casinos around the world, and the players seem to be enjoying it. With live dealers, everything a person needs from a land-based casino is there on their phone or computer screen. The live dealers will give you the ultimate at-home gambling experience, and this video/internet technology has proven to be quite useful during the pandemic. People who enjoyed playing poker together were able to form poker rooms online and play their favourite game while staying safe.


The growth and development of technology are changing the way people gamble. The technologies that we have been introduced so far will definitely have a major impact on the way that we entertain ourselves in the future. So far they have proven to bring exciting and new experience to the player, and have only facilitated the way we play our games online. With so many changes, it will be interesting to witness this new gambling world filled with extraordinary technological novelties.

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