TechMagic Describes How to Build Angular App on Node.js

How to Build Angular App

Building an Angular application on a Node.js server can offer many advantages; it is one of the most reliable and up-to-date development environments for modern web applications. Node js app development company provides a JavaScript runtime environment with support for powerful and efficient code execution and handy JavaScript libraries for building server-side applications. Combined with the open-source Angular framework, it makes development faster and easier than ever. 

By having fewer layers between the client and server, Angular development company can pull down data faster, serve content quickly and react quickly to changes in user input and access resources from different domains securely, reducing browser blocking or other intrusive security measures that might interfere with an application’s performance. 

Benefits of running an Angular app on a Node.js server 

  • Node’s asynchronous event-driven model is perfect for real-time applications, making it suitable for powering an Angular client. 
  • Node allows developers to easily use the same language from front to back end, limiting the amount of context switching necessary and making maintenance simpler. 
  • Running an Angular app on a Node server means that code can be reused between the client and server sides. This significantly reduces development time as code does not need to be rewritten for different environments. 

Steps to create an Angular app on a Node.js 

  1. Ensure that both Node.js and the Angular CLI are installed; this will provide the necessary tools for correctly setting up the app directory. 
  2. Create your custom application directory and generate a new application using Ng New command.
  3. Your application’s source code will exist in this directory, and you can install dependencies with NPM or Yarn. 
  4. Serve the app using ng serve and navigate to localhost:4200 to view it—you now have successfully built an Angular app on a Node.js server!


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