Tatiana Zemskova: Enthusiasm and People Skills as Key Success Drivers

Tatiana Zemskova

They say if your passion is business and your business is a passion, you’re going to have the love affair of a lifetime. And it’s not only about the joy of doing what makes your heart beat faster. It’s also about the value you deliver to society. Even Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” – and for a good reason.

Coming across entrepreneurs focusing on profits, ROI, and market shares, I always admire the other type: passionate. Such entrepreneurs are persistent, enthusiastic, and self-driven. One such example is Tatiana Zemskova – a New York-based self-made entrepreneur in the art and jewelry industries.

Prologue: How Did It All Start?

Today, Tatiana Zemskova is running a successful jewelry business that markets the blend of precious metals and gems to her A-tier clientele. However, at the beginning of her journey, Tatiana imaged her career path very differently.

Although she was always mesmerized by art, be it famous artists’ masterpieces or the pervading sound of piano, Tatiana chose to follow a rather standard plan – get a degree and find an occupation in the stable finance industry. 

A Series of Life-Changing Decisions

After a couple of years working at a prestigious leasing company, Tatiana realized that she could deliver greater value by working in a more creative sphere. Her choice fell on marketing. As a high achiever, she successfully passed the competition in a brand management company, beating 20 other candidates.

Tatiana ZemskovaYet, that wasn’t the end of it – Tatiana decided to seek new opportunities, improve her English, and broaden her horizon in New York. The initial two months overseas turned into half a year.

“It was then that I realized limits exist only in our minds. The Big Apple, with its vibrancy and never-ending professional opportunities, mesmerized me. On the one hand, I enjoyed an entirely new culture, where men’s and women’s rights are respected equally. On the other hand, it was a massive professional boost. I even got several offers from marketing companies,” says Tatiana.

Eventually, Tatiana returned back home only to realize that New York is the right place to unleash her in-born creative potential. Less than six months later, she moved to NY and started her life from scratch.

Passion + Persistence = Success

At the time, Tatiana became a determined specialist with defined goals in mind. She wanted to deliver value by helping people touch beauty. One precise message to the universe, and Tatyana got an offer from a jewelry company.

“For me, precious jewelry is a part of art. Only imagine how much effort a true artisan needs to create a golden masterpiece full of gems! It’s the same as an artist that plays with shades and colors to send a message to the public,” mentions Tatiana.

After a couple of years, she found herself in a company that specializes in custom-made jewelry for celebrities. Being not only an art person with a developed sense of beauty but also the life of the party, Tatiana quickly accumulated A-tier clientele.

Her spirit of freedom, as well as her supportive friends, encouraged Tatiana to test the entrepreneurial waters and launch her own company, Zeta Jewelry. Her passion for art, inborn creativity, professionalism, and focus on value – all these factors contributed to her entrepreneurial success.

Epilogue: From Jewelry to Art Advisor

Tatiana is a people person: she treats everyone like friends, whether they are partners or clients. Eventually, some of her A-tier clients became her close friends, which opened new opportunities by accident. One of them asked Tatiana to help close an art deal. If some considered it a burden, Tatiana perceived it as a chance to climb to new professional heights. So far, she has closed several art deals and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

Tatiana’s attention to detail, focus on quality, and perfectionism are all traits that prompt her to go beyond the amateur level as an art advisor. That’s why she decided to seek knowledge from industry leaders and entered the Master’s program at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. 

Some may say that following your passion is a way to nowhere. Tatiana is sure that passion is the best driver. Only when you are passionate about your business can you deliver value and become the best version of your professional self. 


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