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Polypropylene Woven Bags

TAN HUNG is the leading manufacturer of PP Woven Bags, PP Woven Sacks and PP Woven Fabrics in VIETNAM. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP certified.

Production Capacity: 20 millions PP Woven Bags, PP Woven Sacks & 1000 tons PP Woven Fabric monthly.

The company supplies both national and foreign markets, standing out in countries such as Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Peru, etc. These demanding markets force us to work with the highest possible standards of quality and productivity.

Woven polypropylene bags are widely used for packaging a variety of products because they are durable, economical, and versatile. They are also called PP woven bags and can be sourced from a reliable polypropylene bags manufacturer that specializes in supplying packaging materials to a wide variety of industries.

1. What is Polypropylene woven bags?

PP stands for Polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic resin extracted via the process of polymerization. Woven propylene is the propylene strips that are woven in both directions to manufacture a light-weighted yet strong material. The bags created using this material is known as PP woven bags.

Polypropylene woven bags can be classified into various types based on their strength, design, and size.

Polypropylene woven bags also known as poly bags or pp bags, are used for many purposes including feed, corn, birdseed, and pecans. These bags are made from a plastic known as polypropylene making them very durable. They have many advantages and are widely used in agriculture and other areas.

2. Advantages of PP woven bags

There are many advantages of Polypropylene woven bags. This is why they are used for many different things you use in your daily life. Some advantages include:

  • Made from non-toxic materials and are anti-bacterial;
  • Non-staining, easy to clean, and resistant to most alkalies, acids, organic solvents & degreasing agents;
  • Lightweight & breathable;
  • Easy to produce and assemble making them economical;
  • High resistance to stress, with high operational temperatures (melting point 167°c), making them durable for reuse;
  • Long life expectancy when UV treated;
  • Modifiable to be waterproof with a polyethylene liner or external lamination;
  • Bags can be coated to become anti-slip;
  • PP woven bags are printable, and PP woven sacks can be customized with side gussets for bulky items, and cut to size for unique products.

3. How PP woven bags are Used

Polypropylene woven bags are used for so many things because of the advantages that have over other types of bags. You may not even realize how common these types of bags are. Grocery stores, as well as farmers, use these types of bags daily in their operations.

These are some of the ways they are used in the business world:

  1. Agricultural product packaging- The bags are largely used in storing and transporting agricultural products such as feeds, fruits, and vegetables. They can also be used for chemicals and fertilizer.
  2. Food packaging- Woven PP bags are growing in use for foods. They can store rice, flour, and maize as well as other dry goods.

4. Types of Polypropylene woven bags

There are several variations to Polypropylene woven bags. They are generally available in flat-form (pillow shape) tucket bottom or gusseted (brick-shaped)bags. They can be open-moth hemmed tops which can eliminate fraying and can provide reinforcement for nag closing.

They can have a single fold and chain-stitched bottom seam or they can have heat-cut tops, doubling folding, and twice-sewn bottoms. PP woven bags come in many different sizes in each type offered.

If you are packaging items and shipping them, or even buying items at the store to transport home you want to make sure they are packaged securely. You do not want any tears, rips, or breaks in transport. Polypropylene woven bags are woven for added strength and durability. They are tough and strong and can get the job done very easily. Have confidence in your bag, use PP woven bags.

Polypropylene woven bags are widely used as packaging material in various industries, including the agricultural industry, food industry, chemical industry, and cement industry, to name a few. Its non-toxic, non-staining, and anti-stressing properties make it an ideal packaging bag used to contain various kinds of products such as cement, fertilizers, polymers, food grains, sugar, etc.

5. Why choose us?

  1. All food-grade raw materials are used, no recycled materials are used, and no odor. At the same time, the strength is more reliable.
  2. Our Polypropylene woven bags are produced in certified food-grade plants
  3. Higher printing quality with our PP woven bags

Our core competency lies in the following factors:

  • Professional Work Environment
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Product Customization As Per The Client’s requirements
  • Advanced Manufacturing Units
  • Skilled Work Force
  • Latest Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines
  • Well Equipped Testing Laboratory
  • Team Of Experienced Polymer Engineers
  • Capacity To Meet Bulk Requirements Within The Least Lead Time
  • On Timely Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Emails: ppwovenbag.invietnam@gmail.com, sales@ppwovenbagvietnam.com
  • Phone Call/ WhatsApp/ Signal: +84 968 537 231 (Mr. Ken)
  • Address: Ha Binh Phuong Industrial Zone, Hanoi City, Vietnam
  • Mr. Khanh Dang (Ken) is looking forward to assisting you 24/7 with further information, support, recommendations, and solution suggestion.

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