Taking Your Fax To The Future: How Online Faxing Works

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In the previous era, sending and receiving faxes required perfect timing and loads of toner with a dedicated employee stationed beside a fax machine. As companies and institutions transition their communications online and commit to being paperless, you might think that faxing is already obsolete. Email is king, as they say. But not quite.

On the contrary, online faxing has become one of the most preferred means of communication in various business sectors because of its security and convenience. This cost-effective solution is the future of business communications and requires just three things: fax services, an internet connection, and an email account.  

How Online Faxing Works

Online faxing operates on the same principle as traditional faxing, except that it uses either a web browser or an email account. Thus, you can send and receive documents even if you don’t have the actual equipment.

Curious about how it works? Here are some basics about online or internet faxing:

1. Sign Up With An Online Fax Service 

There are now numerous technological solutions for businesses, and entrepreneurs need to take advantage of these to help them manage various aspects of their day-to-day operations. Signing up for an online fax service provides several benefits since you can take the technology anywhere you go. You may even get to choose your fax number, or your provider can assign you a toll-free number to use. 

Your registration may also come with free pages or a trial period so you can explore the online faxing service.  

2. Log In Using A Service Dashboard 

Most online fax providers have a service dashboard for users to send and receive faxes, and even to monitor communications. Use your account details to access the dashboard, fill up the fields for the recipient’s fax number, and follow the instructions regarding attaching files and sending faxes. You can also check the faxes sent to you using the service dashboard. 

Online dashboards make it convenient to send and receive faxes. In addition, it works as long as you have an internet connection and browser, so you don’t need to train employees or download additional software to use it. 

3. Send With Your Email Account

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You can also use your email account for online faxing. First, compose a new message just like a regular email, and then attach a file you created or a scanned copy of a document. Online faxing allows you to send attachments in various formats and up to ten attachments in one fax message. Once your attachments are complete, type your recipient’s fax number in the ‘To:’ field, together with the online faxing service. 

Your service provider will then send you a confirmation email regarding the status of your fax. You also receive real-time updates when it reaches the end-user. Faxes sent to you as a reply or for other purposes also come with confirmation emails.

4. Decoding Your Fax

Your online fax is usually sent using encryption, so you can be assured that the fax service provider protects your data and information. This way, your files and attachments remain secure and only reach their intended recipients. The message is translated into a format that the fax machine can process and print. 

Suppose your recipient also uses an online faxing service. In that case, they’re alerted with an email about your intended communication, which they can respond to and acknowledge. Your business partners can instantly view the fax and decide whether to print or store a digital version instead.  

5. Monitor Your Online Faxes

Much like emails, online faxing services also come with delivery reports of all fax messages sent and received using your account. In addition, your online faxing service provider maintains a centralized delivery hub that acts as a repository of your communications.  You can request this information and access details such as timestamps and dates for your reports. Aside from this, online faxes are also legally binding, especially when they contain e-signatures.


Online faxing takes faxes and your business communications to the next level by combining the advantages of email and encryption. With an online faxing account, you can send and receive faxes while you’re in the office or elsewhere, as long as you have an internet connection. There’s no need for a physical fax machine for you or your end-users.

What’s beneficial about this service is that it uses secure technology. You don’t have to worry about files and attachments being compromised or sent to the wrong recipients. The added security makes it a preferred communication method for businesses because it’s safe, secure, and legally compliant. Signing up for one can surely make your business more efficient.


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