Take Profit Trader Review: Is It Best for Prop Traders?

Take Profit Trader Review Is It Best for Prop Traders

Across the United States, thousands of prop traders are searching for the best prop trading firms, seeking out stellar trading opportunities and profit-sharing models that promise excellent yields.

Take Profit Trader has emerged as a highly researched and well-regarded prop trading firm in the current market landscape. Since its inception, this platform has garnered significant attention and respect from the prop trading community, earning a reputation as a promising option for traders looking to diversify their portfolios and uncover fresh opportunities that the platform can offer.

However, the question remains: is Take Profit Trader the ideal choice for established prop traders seeking impressive yields or newcomers taking their first steps into the prop trading world?

Take Profit Trader Overview

Navigating the expansive landscape of the financial market can be a daunting task. With the increasing demand for the best prop trading firms, Take Profit Trader stands out as an embodiment of change and innovation in this fast-paced realm.

By offering traders the opportunity to manage vast sums without endangering their finances, this company redefines the trajectory to sustainable gains.

Founded by James Sixsmith, a retired ice hockey star with a keen eye for trading, Take Profit Trader is more than just a company—it’s a vision. Recognizing the obstacles that budding traders often face, Sixsmith crafted a platform prioritizing comprehensive education and robust risk mitigation.

This isn’t merely about profit-making but ushering in a trading revolution. Through this platform, futures traders find funding and protection against potential downturns.

How Does Take Profit Trader Work?

Engaging with Take Profit Trader is a transparent process. You begin by choosing your desired asset class and determining the capital size you wish to oversee. For now, only futures markets are accessible, but there’s a promise of expanding into stocks, forex, and crypto soon.

To demonstrate proficiency, traders aim for a profit target while abiding by essential risk regulations. Success here unlocks the title of a best-funded stock trading account holder or, in simpler terms, a funded trader. This model allows traders to immediately delve into real-time market activities without hindering delays.

Profits? They come easy. As a trader, you get to pocket 80% of your earnings. Furthermore, Take Profit Trader has masterfully woven in a PRO+ upgrade, which elevates the profit-sharing ratio to an enticing 90/10 and liberates traders from the constraints of a daily loss limit.

Account Sizes and Leverage

Take Profit Trader understands that every trader’s needs are unique. Thus, they’ve diversified their offerings into five distinct account sizes, starting from $25,000 and stretching up to $150,000. Depending on the chosen size, subscription costs oscillate between $150 and $360 monthly.

The journey within Take Profit Trader unfolds in specific phases. Once you, the trader, have showcased prowess and adherence to risk parameters, you’re presented with funded accounts, propelling you into the trading sphere instantly. Upon accumulation, profits are ripe for withdrawal, following the 80% as mentioned above retention. An enticing option is the PRO+ membership, which sways the profit split in the trader’s favor at 90/10.

Central to their ethos is speed. This is evident in the swift verification processes, ensuring that there’s no stalling once your skills get the nod. Immediate market immersion is the name of the game. And when it comes to reaping the rewards? Take Profit Trader underlines the significance of swift withdrawals, an essential consideration if you’re pondering how to become a prop trader.

Pros of Take Profit Trader

  • Zero waiting days before your maiden withdrawal
  • An instantaneous withdrawal mechanism
  • Generous 80% profit share
  • Three resets for pro account holders
  • A plethora of trading platform options
  • A diversified array of future tools
  • A singular fee for pro accounts
  • Achievable profit aims
  • Regularly organized trading challenges with attractive rewards

Cons of Take Profit Trader

  • Currently, no options for forex, stock, or crypto trades
  • Absence of MetaTrader platforms
  • Automated trading remains off-limits
  • Position holding restrictions during news or overnight
  • Monthly charges for evaluations
  • No provision for trial periods

Resources and Support

In your journey towards trading mastery, Take Profit Trader becomes your dedicated co-pilot, ensuring that your sails are set, and your course is true. By handling the intricacies of technology and account configuration, we liberate you from the often cumbersome administrative burdens that might otherwise weigh you down.

Moreover, our uniquely designed risk management system acts as a steadfast anchor, preventing the occasional gusts of indiscipline that often buffet traders off course.

If it’s a community of like-minded sailors and a treasure trove of continuous learning you seek, our private Discord channel is a beacon in the night. Here, you can find fellow traders with whom you can share your voyage and access complimentary education from our seasoned head traders.

With Take Profit Trader’s risk-of-ruin system as your trusty lifeboat, your finances are shielded from the stormy seas of losses. On our Pro Accounts, we stand ready to absorb losses, ensuring your treasure remains safe and secure.

Is Take Profit TraderLegit?

Delving into the world of prop trading demands assurance of legitimacy. Take a moment to consider giants like JP Morgan Chase or Bank of America. Their hands are tied, preventing them from prop trading due to the Volcker Rule. Enter Take Profit Trader, among the best futures prop trading firms, filling the void left by these titans.

Our findings confirm that Take Profit Trader operates with transparency and legitimacy. Reviews from platforms like Trustpilot vouch for their exceptional service, prompt withdrawals, and engaging email updates. Sporting a 4.4/5 rating, they’ve certainly made their mark. Yet, as with any establishment, they have their critics, pointing fingers at shifting evaluation goals and sporadic communication hiccups.


With its emphasis on trader evolution, Take Profit Trader has carved a niche for itself. It blends transparency, quality education, and robust support. Even though they specialize in futures trading, the potential for diversification is evident.

Some traders might find the absence of forex or crypto options, the unavailability of certain platforms, or the evaluation fee a deterrent. Yet, the holistic proposition remains enticing.

In summary, while Take Profit Trader might not resonate with every trading enthusiast, their commitment to education, community building, and risk management places them prominently among the best prop trading firms.

If you’re driven to optimize profits while keeping risks at bay, this platform might be your ideal trading partner. Click here to start with Take Profit Trader today.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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