Surprising Ways To Become More Productive


You get up, power through a workout, neck a few coffees and fire through your to-do list. Modern life might have you believing that’s what a productive day looks like. Though is it sustainable? The increasing number of young adults experiencing burn out suggests not. While career ambition is admirable, there has to be a balance. Being productive at work does not always mean pushing harder. In today’s fast paced world, stress has become synonymous with success. Undoing this gruelling mentality starts with a change in mindset. If you are looking for ways to become more productive while avoiding burn out, here are some surprising things to try. 

1. Invest in rest

Personal development isn’t all about podcasts and business seminars. You may feel the need to squeeze every second of opportunity out of your day, though guess what? Sometimes the smartest thing you can do for your career is rest. Start with cultivating a relaxing bedtime routine. Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. Set the mood with gentle lighting and fresh, soft bedding. No time to shop? You can buy bamboo bedding sets online that will make rest far more inviting than the office. Balancing intense study sessions with some early nights will not only increase productivity. It will bring so much more joy and zest to your working day.

2. Take regular breaks

Tempting as it is to work through lunch, all work and no play will eventually affect your productivity. A regular break is more than a chance to stretch and release tension from your body. It gives your mind a rest and allows it to absorb the things you are learning. Jumping from one task to the next without a proper break can increase cortisol and anxiety. Working from home can make you feel guilty for opening a package or making a drink. Though, don’t! Know that short pauses are vital to reduce stress and restore energy. Studies suggest shorter breaks work best for boosting productivity. Enjoy a regular stretch and stroll around the block. You and your boss will feel the benefits.

3. Supercharge your diet

Productivity and diet are more connected than you might think! Working from home can make it easy to skip meals or shovel in sugary snacks at our desk. Try to avoid reaching for biscuits and energy drinks which will leave you depleted. Instead, fill your fridge with brain food, think nutritious veggies and juicy fruits. Highly processed foods loaded with sugar will have you riding an energy rollercoaster of highs and lows. A good balance of healthy proteins like fish, beans and yoghurt will keep your focus consistent. Being productive starts with filling up on wholesome, delicious food. So dig in and enjoy!

4. Discuss your ideas

Looking at the computer all day with your houseplant for company doesn’t give much room to feel inspired. Whatever your working day may look like, try and schedule regular chats with your colleagues to discuss ideas and listen to theirs. Connection is essential to creativity, happiness and of course productivity. If you find your mojo is running low, a good brainstorming session is in order. If you do not feel like you have enough chances to communicate during the day, raise it with your team. It’s likely they are feeling the same way. Get talking and re spark your genies.

5. Switch off 

We live in a fast-paced world. Disconnecting from the noise gives you a space to restore and access your bigger mind. You are allowed to think about more than work, in fact doing so will increase your productivity. Take time to explore your passions, you never know where they could lead. And remember, you do not need to be switched on all the time. Sometimes the best thing you can do for business is giving yourself permission to relax, unwind and just be.

Making lifestyle changes can take time, though the effort is worth it. Understand that taking your foot of the pedal and embracing healthy habits will do wonders for your working day. Regular breaks will reduce stress, increase productivity and keep you motivated.

It’s important to climb the mountain, though remember to have some fun along the way!

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