SuperForex Shines as the Best ECN Forex Broker in Africa, Again

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Global Business Magazine recently published its list of award-winning companies in the financial sector for 2021. SuperForex was chosen as the best ECN Forex broker in Africa. 

This is the second time SuperForex wins this award in 2021, and the third time it has earned this title in total. So, what makes this broker’s ECN services superior?

The Global Business Magazine Awards

This publication, which is based in Dubai, reports on all interesting developments across different business sectors. Innovation is of special interest to Global Business Magazine. At the end of each year, it selects the most outstanding brands and awards them for what they do best.

Best ECN Broker in Africa 3 Times in a Row

SuperForex has a history of winning the title of best ECN broker in Africa. It was first awarded in this category by Global Brands Magazine in 2020. Then, the International Business Magazine gave the broker the same prize earlier this year.

Winning the award for the third time in a row has truly cemented the company’s reputation. There is a reason why so many experts see it as offering the best ECN trading conditions among brokers active in Africa.

What Are the SuperForex ECN Trading Conditions Like?

ECN trading may sound complicated at first, especially to complete beginners. However, it has established itself as the favorite trading method of most professional traders. 

The reason for its popularity is that ECN provides traders with a direct access to the financial markets. Eliminating all kinds of middlemen, ECN technology gives traders the most accurate pricing at all times. It simply is the most reliable way to trade when one needs to make lighting-fast decisions.

As for what SuperForex brings to the table that other brokers don’t, in one word it’s diversity.

First, there is a diversity of account types to suit the needs of different kinds of traders. Besides the standard ECN account, the broker also offers no-spread and swap-free options for ECN trading. Plus, there is even a mini-ECN account that is perfect for traders working with small sums of money. This broker even has an ECN account for cryptocurrency trading.

Add to this lots of bonus options, support for hundreds of payment systems, and accessible minimum deposit requirements, and it gets easier to see why traders in Africa prefer SuperForex over other brokers.


Winning a prize once shows excellence. But winning the same prize multiple times means that a product is consistently excellent. Thus, SuperForex’s expertise in the area of ECN trading cannot be denied. Thanks to its flexible trading conditions and ability to adapt to new market trends, it is indeed the best ECN broker in Africa.

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