The 14 Strongest Strains of Weed with the Highest THC Levels

By Anna Miller

If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering what the strongest strain of weed is. 

While there are many definitions of what the strongest strain of weed could be, varying from high-THC levels to hybrid strains with different effects, everyone consumes cannabis differently.

In this article, we will explore which is the strongest strain of weed and which cannabis strain could suit you the best, considering your preferences and needs.

So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Strongest Strains of Weed: First Look

  1. Gorilla Glue #4 – Strongest Strain of Weed Overall 
  2. Girl Scout Cookies – Best Indica-Dominant Strain
  3. Shishkaberry Kush – Best for Fruity Aroma
  4. Bruce Banner #3 – Best for Energetic Effects
  5. Godfather OG – Best for Pain 
  6. White Widow – Best for Daily Use
  7. Gelato Strain – Best for Balanced Effects
  8. Blue Haze – Best for Uplifting Mood
  9. Blueberry Yum Yum – Best for Outdoor Growing
  10. Cheese – Best for Fast Flowering
  11. Platinum Cookies – Best for Migraines
  12. Juicy Fruit – Best for New Growers
  13. Quebec Gold – Best for Medical Use
  14. AK-47 – Best for Indoor Growing

1. Gorilla Glue #4 – Strongest Strain of Weed Overall 

Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid made from Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister and is considered to be the strongest strain of weed.It is good for aiding various pain conditions, helping with relaxation, and causing appetite stimulation. 

Gorilla Glue #4 causes a euphoric high due to its high THC levels. However, it also has calming effects due to its 37% Sativa and 63% Indica mix. Users have also reported a boost in their creativity when consuming this strain.

Gorilla Glue #4 has THC levels varying from 20% up to 32%.

Where Can You Buy Gorilla Glue #4

You can purchase Gorilla Glue #4 at Seed Supreme, a premium seed bank offering stealth shipping, secure delivery, and diverse cannabis strains. 

2. Girl Scout Cookies – Best Indica-Dominant Strain

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant strain that is made by combining OG Kush with Durban Poison. It is thought to be an effective mood enhancer, with some users reposting that they have felt improvement in focus and creativity.

GSC causes full-body relaxation as soon as you start consuming them. It’s followed by a euphoric high, offering an uplifting experience at the end.

GSC is reported to be perfect for stress, depression, anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia.With high THC levels of up to 21%, GSC is perfect for relaxing and uplifting energy.

Where Can You Buy Girl Scout Cookies

You can buy Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized Seeds at ILGM, a trusted and famous seed bank that offers free shipping, a 100% germination guarantee, and 24/7 grow support. 

3. Shishkaberry Kush – Best for Fruity Aroma

Shishkaberry Kush, a fruity Indica-dominant strain that is a mix of DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani, is popular among cannabis lovers for its high THC levels of 24%, causing mood enhancements, relaxation, and sleepy feelings. 

It is especially great for those who appreciate rich, fruity aromas and is best consumed during the evenings. 

Where Can You Buy Shishkaberry Kush

The best place to buy Shishkaberry Kush is, without a doubt, Homegrown Cannabis Co. They offer guaranteed delivery, germination guarantee, exceptional customer support, and free shipping on orders over $99. 

4. Bruce Banner #3 – Best for Energetic Effects

Bruce Banner #3 has often been referred to as the most potent strain and the strongest strain of weed by its users. With over 25% THC levels, BB3 is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides a boost in creativity and a rise in energy levels.

It is perfect for consumption during the day as it guarantees uplifting effects and helps with stress and anxiety.

Where Can You Buy

Bruce Banner #3 can be purchased at MSNL in different package sizes. MSNL is one of the first online seed banks, shipping directly from The Netherlands and offering quality and potent strains. 

5. Godfather OG – Best for Pain Relief 

Godfather, like Bruce Banner #3, has also made its way to be referred to as the strongest strain of weed available now. 

With up to 30% THC levels, this strain is often recommended for medical use for those who suffer from pain and insomnia. The strain is to be consumed in small doses, as it causes sleepiness and full-body relaxation almost instantly.

Where Can You Buy Godfather OG

Godfather OG is one of the most popular strains nowadays, so it’s not difficult to find it. However, we recommend purchasing it from WeedSeedExpress, a trusted seed vendor with a 100% germination guarantee, quick shipping, and stellar customer service. 

6. White Widow – Best for Daily Use

THC levels range from 15-20%, so the White Widow strain is well-suited for those who like to consume marijuana daily. This cross between Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica helps with anxiety and regulates stress levels. 

White Widow is the strongest strain of weed for people who need a creative and energetic boost.

Where Can You Buy White Widow

We would recommend purchasing White Widow from Crop King Seeds, a reputable seed bank offering a germination guarantee, discreet packaging, and even free shipping on orders over $200. 

7. Gelato Strain – Best for Balanced Effects

Due to its THC levels ranging from 17% to 27%, it is considered the best weed strain for perfect balance between relaxation and energizing. 

This hybrid strain is perfect for daily use, especially for those who suffer from insomnia and arthritis. 

Where Can You Buy Gelato

We recommend purchasing Gelato from Blimburn Seeds, a trusted seed bank that provides free shipping, guaranteed privacy, and highly potent strains. 

8. Blue Haze – Best for Uplifting Mood

Blue Haze is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain made of Blueberry strain and Haze. 

With its 23% THC levels, Blue Haze is thought to be excellent for uplifting spirits and your mood when used daily. 

Its unique taste and fruity aroma guarantee to help you with anxiety and stress. 

Where Can You Buy Blue Haze

Blue Haze can be purchased from Rocket Seeds, a US-based seed bank that offers over 600 quality and potent strains, convenient payment options, free shipping, and fast shipping nationwide.  

9. Blueberry Yum Yum – Best for Outdoor Growing

Blueberry Yum Yum is a hybrid, Indica-dominant strain that is perfect for outdoor cultivation as it loves sunny weather and warm climates.

Its 15% THC levels make it perfect for daily use for its uplifting and happiness-inducing properties. 

Where Can You Buy Blueberry Yum Yum

Blueberry Yum Yum can be purchased at Mary Jane’s Garden, a renowned seed bank offering worldwide shipping, quality strains, and a germination guarantee. 

10. Cheese – Best for Fast Flowering

Cheese, a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa hybrid is a perfect strain if you’d like to see your marijuana bloom in a short time, allowing you to see results in 7 weeks.

With its 18% THC levels, this strain has a buttery, cheesy flavor and is well-known for its relaxing effects. 

Where Can You Buy Cheese

Cheese can be purchased at Beaver Seeds, a trusted US seed bank offering 24/7 customer support, high germination rates, and fast delivery. 

11. Platinum Cookies – Best for Migraines

Platinum Cookies is an Indica-dominant strain with a 24% THC level.

This strain is particularly well-suited for those suffering from nausea and migraines, as it relieves physical pain and provides calming effects.

Where Can You Buy Platinum Cookies

Sunwest Genetics offers high-quality Platinum Cookies seeds in various package sizes. With over 500 potent strains available, this seed bank has an exceptional market reputation and provides reliable support. 

12. Juicy Fruit – Best for New Growers

Juicy Fruit is an Indica-dominant strain with 20% THC levels, guaranteed to spark creativity and lift your energy levels.

It’s a perfect strain to start with if you’re new to cannabis growing, as it is easy to grow and relatively low maintenance. 

Where Can You Buy Juicy Fruit

Sonoma Seeds offers Juicy Fruit Autoflower Marijuana Seeds, one of their website’s best sellers. Sonoma Seeds is one of the most popular seed banks nationwide, with safe and secure shipping and high germination rates. 

13. Quebec Gold – Best for Medical Uses

Quebec Gold, a potent hybrid strain from the Quebec region, has 18-21% THC levels and is often recommended for medical use in patients with depression.

Where Can You Buy Quebec Gold

Quebec Gold should be purchased at a Canadian seed bank, so it’s only acceptable to recommend you purchase it at Quebec Cannabis Seeds. This seed bank offers free shipping, free sample seeds, and easy payment methods. 

14. AK-47 – Best for Indoor Growing

AK-47, otherwise known as AK, is a Sativa-dominant strain that is known for its high potency.

This 20% THC strain is known to be the strongest strain of weed for indoor cultivation, providing long-lasting cerebral effects when consumed.

Where Can You Buy AK-47

MJ Seeds, one of the most well-known Canadian seed banks, offers AK-47 Feminized Marijuana Seeds in different package sizes. 

Launched in 2009, MJ Seeds is famous for its deals, discounts, and fast shipping. 

What Is Considered ‘High THC’ in Cannabis Strains?

A strain is considered high THC when its THC content is over 15%. 

However, some strains can have THC levels as high as 10% or more. High THC strains are popular among recreational users who are looking for a strong and long-lasting high.

Potential Benefits of Using High THC Strains

Cannabis seeds with high THC levels have been shown to provide a variety of potential benefits. They can help relieve pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality [1].

High-THC cannabis is also used in medicine to treat chronic pain and improve appetite [2]. 

Some users also report increased creativity and focus when using high-THC strains.

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Risks of Using High THC Strains

While high THC strains can benefit, they also have potential risks. They can cause anxiety, paranoia, and other adverse side effects, especially in inexperienced users. 

While the effects of high-THC strains vary and are individual, so before adopting high-THC strains or other high-THC products like edibles in your daily routine, please consult a medical professional.

How We Chose the Strongest Strain of Weed 

We chose the strongest marijuana seeds for sale based on the following criteria:

Highest THC Level

The strains we mentioned in this article have a THC content of over 15%, making them some of the strongest strains available. 

However, it’s important to note that high THC levels don’t always mean a better experience, as all strains have varying effects, some of them being relaxing while others are uplifting and energizing. It’s essential to find a strain that provides the effects you’re looking for.

Long-Lasting Effects

The strains we chose have long-lasting effects, which means you can enjoy the high for hours. 

Long-lasting effects make High-THC strains an excellent choice for recreational uses as they provide the maximum cannabis experience. 

High Popularity

We ensured that the strains we chose were in high demand, popular, and well-rated by the users, as cannabis enthusiasts are honest and genuine when reviewing strains.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Strong Weed Strain

When buying the strongest weed strains, consider the following factors:

Cannabinoid Content

In addition to THC, cannabis strains contain other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), which can affect the overall experience. 

Strains with a higher CBD content can provide more balanced effects and may be a better choice for medical users.

Low CBD levels have anti-inflammatory effects while also providing you with anxiety reduction and pain relief.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains their unique smell and taste. They also contribute to the overall aromas of the strain. 

It should be noted that some terpenes have relaxing effects, while others can be energizing.

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid

Cannabis strains are typically classified as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Sativa strains give you a boost of energy and mood, while Indica strains calm you down and relax your muscles. Hybrid strains mix the effects of both Sativa and Indica.

Strongest Strain of Weed: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about the strongest strain of weed.

What Weed Strain Has the Strongest Body High?

Godfather OG has the strongest body high. With up to 30% THC levels, this Indica-dominant strain guarantees a full-body euphoric high that lasts for a long time. Godfather OG is also a popular choice by marijuan users for making THC gummies.

What Is the Strongest Weed Strain of Indica?

Gorilla Glue #4 is the strongest Indica-dominant strain. With its 37% Sativa and 63% Indica mix, its THC levels can go as high as 32%, providing you with a perfect strain that you can use daily for relaxing effects. 

Are High-THC Strains Suitable for Everyone? 

No, high-THC strains are not suitable for everyone. 

High THC strains can cause negative side effects, such as headaches, and migraines, especially in inexperienced users. It’s essential to start with a low dose and work your way up to avoid overconsumption.

Can High-THC Strains Provide Medical Benefits? 

Yes, high-THC strains provide medical benefits. They have been shown to provide potential medical benefits, such as pain relief and improved sleep quality. They also tend to improve appetite in some patients.

However, it’s essential to talk to a healthcare professional before using cannabis for medical purposes.

Strongest Strain of Weed: Final Notes 

If you’re looking for the strongest strain of weed, it’s essential to do your research and choose a strain that’s right for you.

Are you looking to have a relaxing experience? Do you want a boost in your creativity? Would you like to be more productive?

Some of the strongest strains of weed described in this article, like our top pick Gorilla Glue #4 could be the right answer for you!

Remember to consume cannabis responsibly, consult a medical professional, and follow local laws and regulations.

About the Author

Anna MillerAnna Miller is an avid researcher of all things cannabis-related and has edited over 200 articles on growing marijuana, from choosing the correct grow medium, strains, controlling your indoor climate and even where to purchase seeds from.


  1. Therapeutic Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids,
  2. Andrade, Chittaranjan. “Cannabis and neuropsychiatry, 1: benefits and risks.” The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 77.5 (2016): 2250.

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