Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Image by Andy Kreyche from Pixabay 

You probably learned all about what to do after a car accident when you were first practicing for your driver’s license. However, while car accidents are common, you may not get into one until years after learning this information. 

Due to the confusion and trauma that tends to accompany these situations, you may not know what you should do in the aftermath. These steps will help you move forward while protecting your legal rights.

Call 911

Reporting your accident to the police is ideal as you may have too much damage, or you may not be able to move your vehicle. If you or anyone else is hurt or there is a fatality, you are obligated by law to call 911. You’ll be able to get emergency medical services on the scene, plus you’ll have the police report to document what happened, which can help with your car accident claim.

Exchange Information

You must also exchange your contact information and insurance information with the other driver. If they refuse to provide it, the police will make a note of this on the accident report.

Notify Your Insurer

In Texas, insurance follows a fault-based model, which means the driver who caused the accident will be liable for your damages. Despite this, you will want to alert your insurer about the accident. The other driver may try to blame you and attempt to file a claim, and it will help you to protect yourself if that occurs.

Most auto insurance companies require you to report any accident to them, no matter who was at fault. However, you are not obligated to speak with the other driver’s insurer. 

Get Medical Care Right Away

You may not have any obvious injuries, but you should never skip medical treatment after an accident. Some injuries are not visible on the surface and can have deadly consequences if they are ignored. You should always get checked by professionals so they can look for internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and other serious injuries. 

Obtain Evidence

When the police arrive, they will take photos of the accident. It also helps to take photos and videos of your own. If there are any witnesses, you should ask for their contact information and a statement about what they saw. It could be instrumental in disputing a claim.

Avoid Social Media

Most people share many intimate details about their lives on social media. After an accident, you should refrain from posting, and don’t speak about it with anyone except your attorney. The other driver’s insurer will be trying to find some evidence to prove you’re not as injured as you claim. If you’re posting about your life or talking about the accident online, it can compromise your injury claim. 

Choose a Car Accident Lawyer

After a motor vehicle accident, you should speak with an attorney, especially if you have serious injuries. They can help give you legal guidance on how to get fair compensation for your injuries. 


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