Steps To Getting The Right Business Energy Quote


Energy is an important aspect of any business. A business with the best energy supply will automatically thrive. That’s why you need a reliable source of energy. You should get cost-effective energy. Get your energy from the right supplier. Choose a supplier with flexible terms. Consider the rates. Does the supplier offer incentives? Get a quote. Use to compare different suppliers. The following are clear steps you need to get the right energy quote for your business.

Current Tariff

What’s your current tariff? How much are you currently paying for your gas and electricity? Most businesses aren’t aware of their energy costs. Managing your energy use closely can significantly reduce your expenses.

Before you start comparing energy prices, it’s imperative to know what tariffs you are on. Without understanding your current rates, you may not be able to accurately compare energy prices.

Current Contract End Dates

Find out its expiry date. Add a calendar reminder to avoid missing this date. Most suppliers won’t tell you when your current energy deal is up for renewal. And this can make it difficult for you to cancel your current contract and switch suppliers.

Certain suppliers require a 90-day written termination notice before the end of your contract date. Not only will this make it easier for you to switch suppliers, but it’ll also prevent your current provider from automatically moving you to an

Contract Terms, Length

 As a startup business, you should consider starting with shorter-term contracts. This will give you ample time to study your energy usage and business performance. Before signing an energy contract, be sure to check its terms and length.

Standard contracts often last between one and 3 years but some can go for up to five years. Selecting short-term contracts will allow you to renew at a cheaper rate. Don’t forget to check out for discounts.

Some companies offer substantial discounts on their energy supplies. Thus, it’s better to review several options before committing to a particular contract. Bear in mind that canceling a contract early will lead to heavy fees and penalties.

Research Energy Suppliers

Different companies offer different levels of customer service. That’s why it’s always important to conduct extensive research before settling for a specific provider. Limiting yourself to the Big Six companies might prevent you from finding the best energy deal.

Some independent suppliers offer excellent customer service at an affordable price. They set themselves apart by offering green business energy at a better rate than the larger suppliers. Opting for sustainable energy can be your company’s first step to becoming more profitable and environment-friendly.

If you take the time to shop around, you might find a small energy provider that offers competitive rates that better align with your business needs.

Supplier Reviews

Check online reviews. This is the best way to find out what others think about the company.  If you find many negative reviews, then that could be a red flag. Compare various suppliers and settle for the one that offers the best rate.

Understand Your Energy Profile Class

What’s your business profile class? Being aware of this will go a long way in helping you find the best tariff for your business. When searching for energy quotes, it’s imperative to understand your business profile. This is often based on your energy consumption, as well as, the Peak Load Factor.

Customers who fall between class 05 and 08 are currently required to utilize half-hourly metering. But depending on your needs, you can always find a custom quote.

Determine Your Consumption Pattern

Review your past bills. They can provide you with a deeper insight into your consumption patterns and help you devise energy-saving measures. To find the best energy rates, you need to know when your consumption is highest.

Supply Numbers

With these numbers at hand, you can rest assured that you’ll get accurate pricing estimates. For business electricity, this is known as an MPAN (Metering Point Administration Number). And for business gas, it’s called an MPRN (Metering Point Reference Number).

The main purpose of using these numbers is to obtain accurate energy comparisons. When switching suppliers, you might encounter unnecessary delays due to incorrect estimates. As such, it’s imperative to have access to these numbers.

Good Credit Rating

Check your credit record. A positive credit rating will enable you to find the best energy prices. Suppliers want to feel confident working with a company that’ll pay bills on time. They also want to be sure that you’ll fulfill your end of the contract.

Determine How You Will Pay Your Bills

Even if your credit record is tainted, you can still make plans on how to save for your energy costs. Certain suppliers will give you up to 7 percent discounts for paying direct. When getting an energy quote, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the available payment options.

Compare Several Quotes

Get multiple quotes. There are countless comparison sites out there that can help you review a wide selection of energy rates. With only a few clicks, you can land the best energy deal.

Get Business utility Quotes

Are you looking for an affordable energy deal? Many online companies offer the best energy comparison services. They can help you obtain the most competitive gas and electricity prices. Plus, they’ll make it easier for you to switch suppliers and achieve substantial savings on your business.

In short, the best way to find the best energy prices is to speak directly with potential suppliers. They’ll be readily available to offer customized deals that meet your unique business requirements. You can negotiate to obtain the most competitive rates.

The Bottom-Line

Are you shopping around for the right energy plan? Well, you are not alone. Switching to a new supplier can help you save energy. That’s why you need a supplier with better terms. Compare quotes from different suppliers. Use an energy comparison site to compare quotes. The above are steps you need to get a quote for your business.


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