State of Online Gambling from Restricted Countries in 2021

Illegal Gambling

Online gambling is a big industry now; due to easy access to the internet and digital devices, one can now place bets and play casino games from the very comfort of their homes. Also, this industry is highly profitable for governments. But, many countries recognize the darker side of online casinos and has banned them.


In most of the banned countries, people are restricted from playing Money Wheel game at online casinos of any type. There are strong laws in place which makes gambling illegal. 

In Which Countries Online Gambling is Prohibited?

As the gambling industry is expanding over time, the risk of gambling behaviour increasing is also evident. To reduce this and make people not gamble, many countries across the globe have put stringer regulations and restrictions in place. 


Some countries have partial prohibition when it comes to online gambling. This is because they know that the online gambling industry is highly profitable, leading to a major tax inflow for the government. But, there are somewhere it is strictly banned and caught betting is punishable by law. This is done because online gambling is also a major way to cause fraud and can lead to addiction. 


Some countries where gambling is strictly prohibited are UAE, Qatar, Poland, Cyprus, Brunei, Singapore, and Lebanon and almost all Asian countries

VPN or Offshore Casinos?

When it comes to playing at online casinos from countries and areas where gambling online is not allowed, people have two choices. One can either choose to use VPN (here’s a list of them) to access online casinos, and the second option is to pick offshore casinos. 


Offshore casinos like Gclub are based in the countries and are operated from places where gambling is not restricted. One can play at these casinos from anywhere they want. If one comes from a country where gambling is restricted, one can choose offshore casinos to play. 


VPN is also a good choice for those wanting to play from restricted countries and areas. In this, the player’s original location is masked and is given the location of the casino. However, one should keep in mind that it is a more risky option than offshore casinos. And, one should choose highly trustable VPN services for this.

Popular gambling sites and their stance on VPN use

When it comes to online casinos, there are plenty to choose from. However, one should choose only the best in case one is planning to use VPN for playing. Honest and trustworthy casinos will help keep personal details safe, and VPN will act as another layer of safety. Some of the top casinos like ignition, bovada, red dog, 7bit casino etc., can be played with VPN from different locations. Though top casinos do not allow gambling from restricted locations, if one cannot connect to the VPN and one original location is exposed to the casino, one will be barred from playing. 


VPN is a good option, but one should be careful while using them. As long as one is connected to the VPN, they can play, make bets and win.

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