Some of the Instagram Marketing Mistakes that All Businesses Must Avoid


All businesses need to focus on having an active and robust social media presence for survival and sustenance. Experts firmly believe that no social media brand promotion and marketing stratagem is complete without including Instagram. Instagram is a highly vibrant and versatile social media platform that has gained phenomenal popularity ever since its inception in October 2010. Instagram has been gaining traction and is currently the top social media channel for advertisers, brands, and customers alike.

Instagram boasts of over 1 billion active monthly users. According to Neil Patel, Instagram seems to have far more engagement in comparison to other social media channels. Facebook brought about a radical change in communication. However, Instagram proved to the world the power and versatility of social media platforms. The top metric where Instagram overtakes Facebook is engagement. A recent social media engagement analysis & study revealed that brands experience a 0.09 percent median engagement rate for every Facebook post while they experience a 1.60 percent median engagement rate for every post on Instagram. We can see that this data demonstrates a substantial difference between these two social networking sites for campaign benchmarking. 

Hence, Instagram Analytics is a highly effective and viable marketing platform and should be included in your brand’s marketing strategy. However, Instagram marketing mistakes do occur, and businesses should steer clear of them if they wish to succeed. Let us explore some of the glaring marketing mistakes that organizations often make on Instagram. Instagram marketing mistakes should not be overlooked, instead, businesses must try to avoid them at all costs.

Not Following a Goal-Driven Stratagem

Instagram marketing could be a sheer waste of effort and opportunities if your business lacks a goal-driven marketing strategy o Instagram. Without specific goals, you may assume that Instagram marketing is not effective. Instagram is a superlative marketing platform that is effective in improving your brand, but it often goes much beyond that. 

Your business’s success at Instagram starts with a goal-focused Instagram marketing strategy. You may consider telling your story using pictures and video clips, but you cannot do it blindly. You need to clearly identify and understand specifically what you want. Accordingly, you must consider developing a solid stratagem around your goal.

For instance, if you are focusing on driving more traffic intuitively to the landing page, it is a good idea to use persuasive captions. You should not forget to incorporate a CTA into your copy. Alternatively, if your primary focus is boosting brand awareness to get more followers, you should devote more time and attention to the images. Remember not to sacrifice or compromise with quality. 

Not Responding Promptly to Your Followers

It is quite natural to aspire for a humungous follower count. However, to accomplish this, your brand should focus on serving your followers properly. It is of pivotal importance to promptly respond to your fans and Instagram followers. It is a critical activity that goes a long way in expanding your popularity and brand awareness. If someone has left a comment relating to your brand or specific product, you should manage some time to promptly respond to that. You can manage more IG followers by hiring a good Instagram growth service.

You may provide genuine customer support and service if someone is looking for some assistance. By responding to your fans and Instagram followers, you can build and fortify your relationship with them. It could be a super-effective way of incorporating value into your business or brand. Responding to your fans and instagram followers demonstrates that you are interested in them and concerned about their issues. It is a great way of boosting engagement and gaining more followers. When you are just starting your journey on Instagram, you may buy real Instagram followers to boost your overall follower count.

Sharing Poor Quality Photos

Instagram is a visual-oriented social media platform. Photos are of prime importance on Instagram. Keep in mind that the pictures you are posting on your Instagram business account speak volumes about your business. Top-quality pictures go a long way in establishing brand credibility. Poor quality pictures make your brand look unprofessional. Businesses must be extra careful and conscious about choosing the best photos and influencers of Instagram while sharing otherwise, your fans and followers may start losing interest and switch over to your competitors. You may use cutting-edge image editing tools and make the most of Instagram filters to generate top-quality and high-resolution images to represent your product or brand well.

Using Far Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags are used by Instagrammers to identify and find your content. If used in the wrong way, they may make your content appear as straight-up spam. It is a mistake to include too many hashtags. Even though you have the liberty to include as many as a maximum of 30 hashtags, most brands use one or a maximum of three per post. However, experts feel that up to 11 hashtags are acceptable on Instagram posts. You may keep experimenting to find out what is most effective for your brand. You have to avoid these kinds of mistakes to boost your engagement which makes way to gain more followers on Instagram


These are some of the frequently made marketing mistakes on Instagram that every business must focus on avoiding. It is of pivotal importance to know and understand your brand and business goals or aspirations. It is also possible to buy instagram followers cheaply. Do meticulous research to choose the best hashtags that should help in promoting your business online.


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