Some DIY Ideas and Sustainable Materials for Your Bathroom

A bright and clean home can also be the center of energy. You can think of your bathroom, for example. A well-decorated, sanitized, and updated bathroom looks quite inviting. You don’t mind spending a few extra minutes amidst its soothing ambiance to stimulate your mind and body. But overuse or neglect can scar its beauty and charm. So how do you prevent this situation? Expensive repairs and renovations can infuse new life into the frail old bathroom once again. Still, it may not be the viable solution for many. Or, you would want to wait for some more time before undertaking such a project. 

Fortunately, there are easy ways to freshen up your bathroom without delay and enjoy it, too, especially for a DIY person. But, if you don’t believe it, explore the suggestions below.

DIY Tips for a Bathroom Makeover

Color the Ceiling

Simple wall paint can give your bathroom a magical touch. Just imagine the outcome if you decide to add some drama to it. You can ditch the stark white for its cold and unimaginative vibe and choose darker shades to lend brilliance to the walls. Even as you progress with your painting effort, you can experience the unfolding of a whole new ambiance before your eyes and feel excited. If you want to do more, black and cream wallpaper can be the thing to give your bathroom a sense of luxuriousness. To elevate its effect, you can paint the ceiling with a deep navy or black hue. Whenever you turn your gaze at the roof, it would feel like staring at the night sky. It can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, for sure.

Change the Smaller Fixtures

While these are underrated bathroom products, you cannot deny the impact a new tap and door handle can produce on the interiors. Space can suddenly feel upgraded and modern. Combine these smaller changes with the backdrop just discussed above. It can give you more clarity about your transformed space. People also believe that replacing the sink, toilet, shower, and bath requires both time and money. But adding hooks, shelves, tap, towel rail, and toilet paper holder doesn’t cost much, both physically and financially. You can even visit branded stores for choices in bath faucets that fit your budget

Get Innovative with Storage

Most homeowners approach storage solutions with a practical bent of mind, though these deserve to look creative and attractive. So, don’t make this mistake. Once you finish the walls, fixtures, and fittings, you can turn your attention to decluttering part. Wall cabinets can store plenty of items. But you can think of something unique about the storage of your daily use items. For instance, consider buying natural woven storage baskets and place them under the sink. Or, you can get a striped storage basket you can hang on the wall and store your toiletries in it. It can make your bathroom look a little special.

Buy a New Mirror

Now, you can call it the easiest trick of all – a wall mirror. If you want some instant gratification from your DIY endeavor, you don’t need to look beyond this. Designers say that mirrors can be a practical-use item, but when you decorate a small room with it, the mirror plays an excellent design trick. It reflects light in the room, creating an illusion of spaciousness. Plus, the bathroom also appears brighter and energetic. Do you have a shortage of storage space in the bathroom? Shop for mirror designs with shelf. 

Sustainable Materials for Bathroom

DIY activities can help you keep your bathroom new for a long time. But when you are ready for an extensive upgrade, you can incorporate many more things into the interiors. To be precise, if you care for the planet, you may want to invest in eco-friendly or recycled materials. You can use them for cabinets, shelves, etc. These additions look elegant, organic, and, most importantly, light. However, you don’t need to doubt their efficiency. 

In case you want to explore options, check bamboo, cork, natural stones, etc. These can resist wear and tear effortlessly, which becomes a must in the damp environment of the bathroom. It is specifically true about bamboo. Don’t worry about the cost as you can get this material for a cost-effective price. Apart from bamboo, cork can be another exciting option. So far, you saw its use in the bulletin boards in the office. Nowadays, you can get cabinet hardware in this material. A part of the oak tree, cork is quite versatile. You can visualize your walls, cabinets, floors, and other areas in this. It is sustainable as well as aesthetic.

Natural stone may not be a new choice, but it is difficult to ignore its performance. You can build cabinets with this in different colors, designs, polishes, etc. Plus, you can expect your choice to be unique because every natural stone tends to have a distinctive cut. Other than this, you also have reclaimed wood. It is making a comeback in modern households as people become conscious about their habits in every sphere of their lives. If you want to add textures to your bathroom interiors, the material can be the best bet. Some reclaimed timber can tolerate even the most demanding conditions without fading away soon. 

However, when you add anything like reclaimed wood, you would want to focus more on its weathered beauty and warmth. With it, you can expect your bathroom to become the coolest place in your house.

Bathroom remodeling and DIY options are getting thrilling by the day. The variety of products you come across in the market is tasteful, affordable, and sustainable in unique ways. You can pick your options carefully to make the most of the offerings, regardless of the budget. With them, you can decorate and design your bathroom in any theme of your dreams. Nevertheless, make sure you choose materials based on their physical appeal and performance. It is not advisable to compromise any of these traits when you can comfortably have both.


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