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Trading Review

The tools a trader uses determine how well they perform in the market. Retail traders need a brokerage that supplies the tools necessary to build a strong portfolio. The Soltechx allows users to get an edge in the market by providing them with portfolio tracking and trading tools for traders. Additionally, users can purchase a fractional unit of assets available on the brokerage. Finally, users get a dummy account to practice their trading techniques and strategies. 

We have outlined the pros and cons of the platform in this Soltechx review. We know that retail traders need a brokerage that they can trust which is why Soltechx is well placed in the industry. It allows users to make trades and build profiles in a structured environment. Here are more details on the pros and cons of the platform.


Here are some advantages you get when using the Soltechx brokerage.

Trading Materials for Users

  • Traders have access to learning materials that they can use to improve their trading abilities. These materials help users to train their trading mindset and get a better understanding of the markets. It would also help beginner traders level up faster as they could use these materials to improve their skills. Advanced traders would also be able to discover new strategies they can implement when trading. Finally, users can download the materials they need for further study or use them in the app, depending on their preference.

Dummy Accounts

  • In line with the trading materials the platform makes available, users also have access to dummy accounts. These dummy accounts have simulated markets that feel like the real thing and allow traders to practice new strategies without losing money. Practicing on your live account could lose you a couple of dollars, but with the dummy account, all risk is eliminated. Users can switch between the live and dummy accounts as they please. The dummy account encourages traders to test out their theories as it eliminates the risk involved. 

Long List of Tradable Assets 

  • There is a wide range of assets available in the brokerage. Users have access to these assets, including cryptocurrencies, options, stocks, and ETFs. These assets give users options when they are building their portfolios, allowing them to build hedged portfolios. Additionally, users can pick any of these assets without restrictions and can use the tools available on the platform to trade these assets. The options available to traders ensure that they are exposed to more markets and, as such, are better placed to perform well.

Seamless Mobile App

  • The mobile app is available on all devices and is fully integrated with the brokerage. The app is great for users who want to get more from their app without losing out on other activities. The app puts the brokerage in your palm and gives you full access to all their services. Additionally, users can view charts and make trades while they are on the go. Finally, users can view their portfolio, deposit/withdraw funds, and access the trading tools from within the mobile app. 


Although Soltechx is a robust platform, here are some drawbacks you may experience when using the brokerage.

Not Available in All Regions

  • The platform is unavailable in all regions, and you must visit the website to know if your region is covered. The Soltechx website has a list of areas covered by the platform, and it would allow you to know at a glance if you can sign up for the brokerage. If your area is not covered, you can keep tabs on the brokerage to know when they begin covering your area. The platform offers users great coverage, which is why they are worth the wait. Contact the customer helpline if you need more help with joining the platform.


The platform has many resources that help users get better outcomes when trading. Additionally, users can trade and learn while using the platform for trades. To better understand the platform, visit the Soltechx website.

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