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Are you one of the fun-loving people who wish to experience the best amenities and luxuries offered by a Soldier Field VIP box? If you are, you’ll be highly satisfied with the grand treatment that comes from renting Soldier Field suites. These luxury boxes and suites offer a highly memorable experience that can make any general ticket holder envious. Live the best moments with your loved ones away from the distraction of the huge crowds of people. 

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Many amenities come with renting a Soldier Field VIP box. Be sure to check out available perks for the suite you wish to rent. The suites have varying perks and amenities based on the suite level. So, don’t forget to check them out to find the most engaging privileges. All of the Soldier Field suites feature in-suite catering that is offered by Aramark catering. If you wish for catering services, be sure to set a separate budget for it because the cost of suite rentals does not include carrying fees. Every suite ticket holder gets dedicated VIP parking passes where they can park at North Garage. Guests can enter through Gate 6 via the United Club Entrance for VIP entrance. 

Fans who get hold of Soldier Field VIP Club seats can enjoy varying perks and amenities. Generally, suite ticket holders are equipped with several exclusive amenities such as a VIP event entrance, VIP parking, and private restrooms. They also get exclusive access to a dedicated VIP club with the service of an in-seat attendant to make things easy and comfortable for their every request. The Soldier Field United Club is an exclusive 3-level club with cash bars, open lounge seating areas, and a private entrance. If you hold tickets to these luxury suites, be sure to make the most of it by accessing all these luxurious amenities. 

A Soldier Field VIP box offers an unrivaled experience by offering a high level of convenience and unparalleled privacy. But if you wish to enjoy these amazing experiences, you need to make your reservations early because these are highly limited options. The exclusive nature of luxury suites and the high demand they possess make them quite valuable. The Proven IT Skyline Suite may be the most suitable option if you have a large group to accommodate. This suite features 125 tickets, inclusive of food and beverages. It offers excellent views of the stadium and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Be sure to book this spacious suite for an entertaining experience. 

There are four Soldier Field suites that offer 20 tickets each. These Executive Suite Levels each offer fans a unique viewing experience at the event. The Executive Suite Level A comes with 20 tickets and 4 VIP parking passes. These suites lie on the press box level at the top of the first deck and offer exceptional views of the hottest actions. Guests who rent the Level A suite will be able to enjoy amenities like a climate-controlled environment, HDTVs, plush furnishing, WiFi, and exterior and interior seating. The amenities also include in-suite catering, VIP parking, dedicated attendant, and more. 

Located on the second level above the press box level, the Executive Suite Level B accommodates 20 fans. They lie on top of the first deck and are complete with spectacular wooden furnishing. Common amenities include a private restroom, WiFi, in-suite catering, exterior and interior seating, HDTVs, and more. Check out the other Soldier Field suites to find the best option for a wonderful experience. 

The Executive Suite Level C and D both feature 20 tickets with 4 VIP parking passes. Level C is located on the third level at the top of the first deck. The suites feature a refrigerator, a private restroom, an in-suite attendant, optimal views of the actions, bar stools, stadium seats, and lush furnishing. The Executive Suite Level D offers the best view to watch a football game and features a climate-controlled environment complete with luxurious furnishing. It offers both bar style and stadium seating configurations to provide the ultimate experience. With the premium experience that a Soldier Field VIP box offers, it would be best to secure them early. 

Grab a chance to witness an interesting event at one of the oldest stadiums in the US. Soldier Field opened in 1924 as Municipal Grant Park Stadium and is popular as the oldest stadium in both MLS and NFL. The multi-purpose stadium has a seating capacity of 61500 fans and features a total of 133 executive suites. So, make sure you check out the best options for Soldier Field suites to garner an extraordinary experience. The field lies at 1410 S Museum Campus Dr. on the Near South Side of Chicago. Soldier Field is home to two professional sports teams, the MLS Chicago Fire FC and the NFL Chicago Bears. 

Over the years, the venue has hosted many major events, from diverse sports leagues to concerts and shows. It has served as the venue for notable sporting events like the FIFA World Cup, CONCACAF Gold Cup championships, Special Olympics inauguration, and many more. Aside from NFL games, the arena also entertains hockey, soccer, rugby, and multiple concerts and events. Many renowned artists and performers have also performed at the venue, including The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, and Justin Timberlake, among others. Artists like Elton John, The Weeknd, Kenny Chesney with Dan + Shay, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers are scheduled to perform at the field. There is a good chance that you’ll be able to find exciting Soldier Field VIP box seats for interesting upcoming events at the venue. 

Soldier Field VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do Soldier Field VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?

Soldier Field VIP Boxes & Suites have different price ranges depending on whether it is a sporting event or concert. The average range sits between $14999 to $39999. If you’re looking for a space in an available shared suite, you can expect to pay $158 to $810 or more per suite ticket. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A Soldier Field VIP Box Or Suite?  

Each Soldier Field VIP Box Or Suite offers diverse seating capacities to guests. The Proven IT Skyline Suite offers guests a spacious seating area and comes with 125 tickets. The Executive Suite Level A, Executive Suite Level B, Executive Suite Level C, and Executive Suite Level D include 20 tickets each.

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