SMB’s Guide to Generate Leads Via Mobile App

Generate Leads

For any modern business, just doing digital marketing is no longer enough. Enterprises need a fully-fledged app to make sales and for branding. 

Since an increasing number of customers now take advantage of the ease and convenience apps can offer for making purchases, apps have become irreplaceable parts of modern business strategy. 

Apps are also great channels to generate high-quality business leads. Many traditional businesses, just after building a mobile app and by running lead generation campaigns through apps, could double their growth rate within a short span of time. 

How can businesses generate leads by using mobile apps consistently? Before you decide to create an app from scratch, it is essential to understand how apps can help you reach out to more people and generate more customers.  

Let’s have a look at some of the ways apps help lead generation. 

Reaching out to more prospects with mobile ads.

Mobile ads can be very effective in generating leads. Since your app will hold the brand message, you can easily create potential customers for the business brand by marketing the app to new users. A business app that offers a unique and helpful feature to help customers in everyday life can bring many customers on board. 

Through app marketing these days, many businesses generate leads consistently and push business conversion. By simply running extensive user acquisition campaigns, you can reach out to more potential customers and push business conversion. 

Ask any mobile app development company Illinois about what factor is responsible for making businesses interested in app development more than media ads. You will know that most of them already find apps to be more effective for lead generation. 

Unleash a local mobile paid campaign

An increasing number of customers these days interact with businesses through their handheld devices. While interacting to fulfill their needs, they conduct searches for local companies; running a local mobile paid campaign can be highly effective for generating new leads. 

It has been found that the vast majority of smartphone owners and tablet owners use these devices mainly by exploring local businesses. So, all the small businesses that rely heavily on local traffic can utilize apps for running local campaigns.

Mobile Rich Media Campaign

Do you know customers are now attracted more easily to audiovisual content than any other type of app content? By publishing rich media through your app, you can quickly improve traction and increase engagement and sales. Some business apps that provide their customers interactive and high-definition media content always enjoy better traction. 

Driving interaction and making people express their opinions and feeling is the key to bring your app closer to your target audience. From tiny video content to animation to mobile games to interactive GIFs and graphics, a business can utilize apps to get onboard new app users in several ways. 

Hyperlocal targeting through apps 

There are now technologies that can allow a mobile commerce app to target particular customers as per the location. Beacons and geofencing technologies help retail apps target customers passing nearby or entering a specific periphery. 

The best thing is that hyperlocal targeting of customers with appropriate content can help an app enjoy better search engine ranks. These days Google search engine ranks also give exposure to app listing based upon relevance. It is essential to utilize the full scope of hyperlocal marketing converging both App Store and SEO Store. 

Use mobile analytics 

Marketing these days is increasingly data-driven, and leading business brands always focus on user data to detect specific user intent, preferences, buying signals, and pain points that can be further addressed with personalized content, individually targeted messages, and marketing campaigns.

Mobile data analytics further enriched by the scope of using Big Data engines, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) helped generating more relevant and business-specific insights that can be utilized for lead generation. 

Allow customers to reach out through chatbots. 

Businesses no longer need to communicate with customers through worn-out methods. They can use intelligent chatbots for customer communication based upon user contexts and particular needs.

Intelligent mobile Chatbots, by using AI and ML technologies, can easily detect customer intents and preferences and can accordingly make recommendations and suggestions that are more likely to be converted into business. 

Utilize mobile landing pages 

These days mobile landing pages have become a vital tool for business conversion and lead generation. The landing pages showcasing the key value propositions in a neat and highly focused way can instantly engage customers and convince them to take meaningful actions leading to lead generation. 

Landing pages are highly effective lead generation tools even for mobile apps; if you know how without creating too much cognitive load, you can engage customers with ease and deliver an intuitive user experience. 

Omnichannel marketing

Penetrating the mobile app marketplace is a big move for business brands. But a business equally needs to integrate the app with all other channels, including the physical store, payment gateways and terminals, and the social media pages. Omnichannel marketing with integrated mobile app across channels can help to scale up a business and push lead generation. 


Generating business leads is like breathing for any business brand since it keeps pumping fresh blood to the body of a business prevents the growth from being stalled. But generating leads is a long and arduous process involving different in-app procedures and tools mentioned above and staying alert to evolving business challenges and changes. In this respect, it is essential to deliver a superb mobile user experience that leaves no scope of friction for the users. 



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