Smarten Up Your Business- Productivity Hacks For Remote Teams

The remote working model has gained widespread acceptance in recent years. However, the pandemic has made it a new normal as almost every business has been forced to adopt it to stay operations. Thankfully, a majority of companies have done it successfully although productivity remains a major concern. Still, it is not as big a challenge as you may believe because remote employees can be even more productive than the ones working on site. It is just a matter of taking the right approach. Here are some productivity hacks that smart businesses can for getting the most from their remote teams.


Hack #1: Empower them with the right tools

First things first, people working from home or remote locations need the right set of tools and technologies to work seamlessly. From the right hardware to reliable connectivity and the relevant set of software, you need to provide them everything that they would need. Ensure that they can access the requisite data and applications without any glitches. But do ensure the security of corporate data at all stages. Offer the best tools for communication and collaboration so that they can operate as a single, cohesive unit.


Hack #2: Ensure that time zones are not a hindrance

The biggest challenge for global businesses with remote teams is the management of time zones. Employees working from different locations will probably find it challenging to connect at feasible times of the day. Even if your team operates from across the globe, work on creating some sort of overlapping with their schedules. This may take some effort initially but you can surely come up with something that gets them all together at a certain time slot so that they can interact and discuss projects.


Hack #3: Train the remote employees

Perhaps the most vital aspect of maximizing the productivity of remote teams is to train them for working without issues. Have a clear set of remote work policies, right from ensuring time management to prioritizing cybersecurity and being ahead on the reporting front. Ensure that people work only with the latest version of operating systems and applications because it can make all the difference to the productivity levels. If you use Mac for enterprise, make sure that all employees onboard upgrade to big sur with the right steps and following the requisite precautions. The same applies to version upgrades for all the software applications they use.


Hack #4: Support and motivate

It is vital to support and motivate your remote employees if you want them to excel on the productive fronts. IT support is crucial because any glitches with hardware, software or networks can put your remote teams out of action, which can be detrimental for their productivity. Ensure that they have access to instant troubleshooting to stay on track. Apart from technical support, they would also require mental motivation to keep going and give their best.

Incentivizing remote employees for good work is equally important because they need to know that they matter as much to the organization as anyone else. Go the extra mile and you will surely see the difference!

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