Smart Home Security – Top Trends to Watch

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Smart home technology is more popular than ever. There are smart devices that do things that you might not have even realized you needed. However, if you’re new to the world of smart home security, it can be quite confusing to navigate this world.

But there’s no need for you to worry, you’ve come to the right place to get you introduced to the smart home security world. This article has all the emerging smart home technology trends explained in detail. Keep on reading to know more!

What Are Some Of The Latest Smart Home Security Trends?

Before we get into the latest trends, let us take a look at what smart security actually is.

Nowadays, there are smart home devices that can aid all sorts of things. A considerable amount of smart devices are oriented towards home security, especially homes with kids. They make parenting and security much easier and more convenient.

Additionally, you might be wondering what makes ‘smart’ devices better than other technology. Smart devices use Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to other devices on the internet. This allows them to send alerts and information to you from your home.

Another great benefit of smart home security devices is that they are designed to suit your needs better with each input they receive. So not only will you know the real-time status of your loved one’s security, but you will have a personalized experience.

With that, let’s take a look at the top trends of smart some security:

1. Smart Locks

Smart locks might seem like an obvious point when we talk about smart home security. But you might not have known that smart locks can do so much more than you’d expect.

The reason why smart locks are so popular is that they allow your kids to be secure at home without any adult supervision. Anyone that goes in and out of the house will be known to you via video and notifications on your phone.

So, your kids can safely spend time at home after school without you having to rush back home. Or, if you ever need to leave the house for some reason, at any time of the day, you can be tension-free.

Smart locks let you open and lock your home’s doors with your phone. So, if you ever notice that you are out and your doors are unlocked, all you need to do is click a button. Additionally, if you find the doorbell not ringing on your phone, you can allow certain trusted adults to operate the locks.

So, if your kids ever forget to lock the doors, or you need an adult to take care of them, they can easily open or close the door to ensure safety at all times.

2. Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are particularly useful for toddlers and younger children.

We all know that young children love to explore each corner of the house. Setting up smart sensors at medicine or cleaning cabinets is a good way to ensure that your kids remain safe. You can also set up smart sensors near gates and doors in your house.

So, if your kids ever get close to places with medicines or chemicals, these smart sensors will send you notifications on your phone. This way, you can prevent any potentially dangerous situations before they have the chance to happen.

Setting up smart sensors is a level above other safeguards because they let you know of any risks in real-time. Setting up smart sensors at doors and gates will notify you if your child tries to get out of the house while wandering.

3. Geofencing

Geofencing is a relatively new feature in the smart home security world. So, it is possible you might be confused about what exactly geofencing means.

Geofencing technology uses GPS to create virtual boundaries within which you feel your child will be safe. This territory can include the premises of your house, the surrounding areas, or even certain public places.

So, if your child is coming home from school and goes somewhere unknown or risky in the way, you will be notified of the same. Or, if your child goes out of the house, you will be notified when they leave and return back home.

This is an excellent way of ensuring your children’s safety, in and outside the home. Your smart home will send notifications to your phone in the instance of your child leaving the virtual boundaries that you have set.

4. Smart Video Doorbells

You might be wondering how smart video doorbells are different from smart locks. Smart video doorbells have many features that will ensure your everyone’s safety at all times.

As the name suggests, smart video doorbells have video streams that allow you to see who is at the door. This video will also be visible to you on your phone. Additionally, smart doorbells have two-way audio, motion and package detectors, sirens, and more.

Most smart video doorbells also have night vision that allows you or your kids to see who is at the door, even in the dark. So, if someone rings the bell, your kids can see and talk to them before opening the door and so can you even when you’re away.

5. Smart Night Lights

Smart night lights are a smart device that you might not have heard of before.

These smart lights are not only useful for your child’s bedtime but also ensure that they feel safe, no matter what time of the day it is. Apart from being useful in a number of situations, another impressive feature of these lights is that they save energy.

You can set up these lights to dim gradually according to your child’s bedtime. This will ensure that your child feels safe while sleeping if you aren’t at home. Moreover, you can control these lights using your phone whenever you wish to.

So, if your child needs to go anywhere at night, but is afraid of the dark, you can simply turn the lights on for them. Moreover, you can also choose to keep the lights on in other parts of the house to help your child feel safer.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you must be impressed by all the developments in the smart technology world by now. Keep track of health, safety, activity levels, air quality, sleep levels – you name it. It can all be done with the click of a few buttons now!

So, now that you know all about the top trends of smart home technology, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on all of the best devices as soon as you can!


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