Small Businesses and Email Marketing: Effective Tips to Try 


Many startup business owners think email marketing is an outdated tool that pre-social media companies use. But despite the growing number of marketing channels and outlets online, email remains one of the best ways to reach the target audience, whether you’re a startup or a big company. 

So, no matter your business structure, there’s a perfect email marketing campaign for you. Below are several effective tips on sending the right email.

Why Email Marketing Is for Startups

Email marketing has become such an essential tool that many companies employ specialists to send out emails regularly. Complementing email with the right strategy can boost small businesses immensely. For instance, recipients opting in on receiving emails from your company means you’re connecting to potential loyal customers. 

In addition, here are several email marketing’s key benefits: 

  • Establish longer customer relationship
  • Provide more traffic to business website
  • Reach more audience
  • Improve conversion rates

Easy Email Marketing Tips

Take Advantage of Visuals

Remember that people online don’t like reading long texts. They prefer to digest information while skimming and scanning. One way to add flair to your email content is by adding images. For instance, if you’re sending out an informative email, include a graphic with charts or graphs to summarize the information better. If you’re promoting a special offer to your customers, provide an image of that product or service to entice your recipients further. You can even embed a video in your content to make things more exciting. 

Create Personalized Content 

Trying to hard sell a product guarantees a spot in the recipient’s trash. The core of email marketing is not to sell but to connect with your customers through thoughtful, personalized content. Send emails that are relevant to your recipients. Know their pain points and build a campaign around them. You can invest in email marketing tools to add a cherry on top by sending emails with your customer’s name. 

Smart Subject Line

Failing to hook your audience in the subject line means your campaign is already dead in the water. The subject line needs to be brief but juicy and, most importantly, specific. There shouldn’t be any room for mystery in the subject line. The audience has to know what the event or the offer is to open the email and learn more. 

Always KISS

The golden rule of content is to always keep it short and simple, especially for an online marketing material that aims to hook an audience that’s always in a hurry. Write in short paragraphs or in bullets to help the audience understand the content better and faster. Avoid building up too much, get straight to the point, and always end your content with a solid call to action. 

Spamming Is a Crime

Did you know that there’s a law you can break if you keep sending spam emails? It’s the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and it’s a U.S. law that prohibits the act of sending deceptive or misleading information and subject headings. The law also prohibits emails that require identifying information like a return address. Finally, the biggest no-no that this law doesn’t want you to make is the continuous sending of emails after the recipient opted out or didn’t want to receive any emails from you. 

Track Engagement

Keeping track of your engagement is important to know what campaign works and doesn’t. It helps you focus on a particular campaign instead of sending different ones. Additionally, knowing who opens your emails regularly will prevent you from sending campaigns to recipients who haven’t opened their emails in months. This is important if you’re investing in a tool where the number of contacts matters in pricing.

A Perfect Tool for Startups

You’re not alone if you’re a starting entrepreneur who thinks email marketing is old news. However, email marketing remains an effective tool to reach people online. With the right strategies and tools by your side, you could skyrocket your business in no time.


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