Small Business Marketing Ideas that Can Make a Difference

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Marketing Best Practices Shift With Associated Trends

Billboards are still pretty good marketing, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is so ubiquitous it competes with things like billboards. A billboard is stationary, and only visible to passing traffic. Marketing that is spread through devices which have access to the web can follow users wherever they are.

So there’s a seismic shift taking place right now. Radio, television, and film advertisement via product placement still have their place, but especially in the wake of lockdowns, primary marketing channels today use the internet.

Especially if you’re a small business, it’s quite important to understand this and take advantage of it as best you can. Check out this link where one guy added $500 in profit per month from the web. By definition, he’s a small business, and such marketing provided him $6k a year, singly. A hundred guys doing the same pull in $600k a year.

Following we’ll briefly explore four marketing ideas for small businesses that can make a difference. This writing concerns web avenues, as they tend to be the most efficient pathways toward visibility and conversion in terms of marketing today.

1. SEO: What It Is, What It Means To You

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) uses keyword, paragraph size, sentence structure, subheadings, images, video, HTML-tagging, and more as a means of establishing a digital “footprint” for your business that’s visible to algorithms.

When you have enough “content” that features notable SEO elements, should someone conduct a search related to you or your business, then the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) will have your business right at the top.

Facilitating SEO means designing content in terms of text, graphics, video, images, or whatever is most appropriate for your particular location. There is a “geolocation” element here as well. If you’re a landscaping business in New York, someone might type in “Landscaping New York”, so you want content with relevant keywords.

2. Calibrating Along Geographical Segues

Beyond just putting the name of your town into content, you want to have a profile on Google for your location—this assures when people search your area for similar businesses, you immediately get a listing on results. Also, you want to assure online marketing beyond search engines is calibrated with a clear understanding of the demographics in your primary area.

Certainly there are in-depth demographic realities for businesses, but there are regional demographic considerations as well. For example: if your small business involves on-site catering from a food truck, you’ll do better to lean on “Tex-Mex” in the south and southwest than you would in the northeast. Advertising would similarly benefit from such calibration.

Assure whatever online marketing you do has visibility across the worldwide web and direct applicability to the communities you serve.

3. The Social Media Angle: It’s Fundamental These Days

Social media is a massive component in modern marketing, and you can’t ignore it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MeWe, Parler, Gab, Minds, and TikTok are all worthy marketing avenues; however, you’ll want to have a different concentration on one social media over another. For example, here are some of the best Tiktok filters for selfies.

Such selfie filters aren’t going to be quite as efficient on Facebook—though you can share Tiktok videos on Facebook, compounding visibility. In fact, you can share that sort of information across multiple diverse social media avenues. A TikTok video can make the rounds on almost all social media avenues.

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4. PPC: It’s Not For Everyone, But It Has Its Purposes

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and you don’t pay the marketer unless someone clicks on the ad they put out for you, facilitating an imperative on the marketer’s part to assure people see your business. However, such PPC campaigns may not be properly geo-located, meaning you get clicks, but not from people who could buy from you if they wanted to.

Still, if you were a small business operating in a way that involved providing services from a local location to clients across the globe, this could work for you.

Expanding Visibility And Sales Through Effective Marketing
PPC campaigns have their place, though they aren’t best for most small businesses. The social media angle is fundamental to modern marketing effectiveness and has multiple levels of applicability, so lean into that. Geographical marketing calibration is also very important, and should drive traffic. Lastly, SEO is a must for any online marketing.

If you’re a small business, online marketing can definitely have a positive effect for you—but you’ll want to do it right. Properly employ social media, and explore a little consultation if you’ve got the budget for it. There are definitely solutions in online marketing. If you are TikTok and trying very hard to expand your business there. You should also focus on how to get TikTok followers which helps to reach more people and ofcourse make more profit. 


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