Small Business Ideas for 2023: Potential Life-Changing Career Options to Consider


Starting a new small business is something that millions of people around the world continue to do every year. Many like to let their inner entrepreneur out and try to build a career for themselves from what they believe can be a winning idea.

It can be easier than ever to get started, with resources widely available due to their accessibility and affordability. Most ideas will likely require some form of technological device, like a smartphone or laptop, as the world operates online. The use of these devices is no longer inaccessible, and it is possible to create websites and get started by going solo and without too much financial cost.

However, with so many always looking to turn their best ideas into a method of success, it can be hard to know what some of the best small business options are. Nonetheless, here are a few ideas that could provide huge promise in 2023 and beyond, especially if you are able to provide expertise in any of them…

Dog Walker

An idea that does not involve much technology, apart from a mobile, a dog walker could be a great small business idea in 2023. The world is starting to move back to the office after the last couple of years forced the population to work from home. During this period, many became dog owners.

Now, as they will be required to go back to the daily grind of an office, they may need someone to walk their beloved pooches for them as they are unable to. Alternatively, they may need a sitter to stay with their animal, and this would not necessarily be too difficult for a dog lover to do.

Mobile app development

According to data released in 2022, global smartphone proliferation was thought to be around 68%. This figure continues to grow at an impressive rate as they become more accessible and affordable. The biggest advantage and appeal of a smartphone these days is the ability to download and use apps. There have been apps that have covered everything from health and fitness to dating, travel and hospitality, entertainment, streaming, and gaming. It is also possible to play at an online casino with a downloadable app nowadays, too. With so many possibilities and ideas available, mobile app development has become an area in which a small business could thrive with the right idea.

Become an expert in a niche and sell a course online

One way to make a business successful is to provide an answer to a solution that others continue to fail to answer. By doing this, an individual is subsequently able to become an expert, which can then make them the go-to person for everything associated with the service or product. Online courses can be a great way to share this knowledge and generate income at the same time, with teachers able to command a premium if they have the biggest reputation across the dedicated space.


Similarly, an individual who has the correct qualifications, expertise, or set of skills and knowledge about a particular subject could look to try and make a business out of it. There are always people looking for help with academia, with language learning or core subjects like maths and science, often requiring additional learning and assistance because of their difficulty.

If an individual has the skill to be able to tutor someone else, it can be a good career route to go down, especially as technology has allowed it to evolve. Tutors are able to work remotely now, which can allow them to work with more pupils on a daily basis, thus increasing the amount of revenue that can be brought in.

Cleaning Services

Household cleaning chores can be something that many either do not want to do or do not have the skills, physical energy, or time to do correctly. The hiring of a cleaner for a few hours a week is not uncommon, and it could be a goldmine for those who do not mind getting nitty gritty and putting in the hard graft. It can be very energy-sapping, but it can be a good earner, especially if they are good at their job, as clients are likely to recommend them to others who mention they need one.

Numerous options available

In 2023, there are various small business ideas that can be considered potentially life-changing in terms of having a successful career. Many of them will require time, practice, and expertise, but they will often come well-rewarded, too.


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