SizeGenetics Reviews: I Tried It For 30 Days; Here’s What Happened


A man needs to show his potential in bed, and genitals are a prominent thing they require to show their manhood. Medical research suggests there is no specific length or size of a man’s penis. However, it is still common among most men that a longer penis size leads to ultimate satisfaction in bed and many females prefer their man to have a lengthy penis. It means a man requires long genitals to satisfy and keep their partners happy.

As an alternative to penile enlargement pills, which fail to deliver a result, SizeGenetics has brought an ultimate solution. It is the only male penis extender equipment in America with FDA approval. The prominent factor about this device is that it was launched, post extensive research and medical studies enduring dependability. Since the device has high popularity, many leading US physicians suggest it, for increasing their penile length and size. The following review will explain more things in detail about the device.

About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a potent device utilized to assist men in increasing their penis size. It is among the first devices on the market to receive FDA authorization and the only solution on the market. Along with increasing penis length, this device is also responsible for men facing issues, like Mircrosize syndrome and Peyronie’s condition. Peyronie’s condition is the most common problem, which involves a bent penis. These conditions can be a result of hereditary issues and hormonal imbalances.

Using this device, one can increase their penis size and do not have to undergo life-threatening surgeries and treatments, which can be unpleasant at times. The device has undergone extensive medical tests and lab research and proves it can increase the penis length. It has been on the market for 25 years and receives the approval of American and Danish researchers, health professionals, and experts.

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The review analyses scientific studies and user results to explain how technology can be helpful. It is a type one medical registered system with FDA approval and follows stringent FDA manufacturing procedures. Every device by SizeGenetics undergoes strict quality checks. Its manufacturing takes place in a high-standard facility promising ultimate healthcare components.

 The device is dependent on 4 prime concepts, namely-

  • Traction 
  • Greater capability
  • Cell division 
  • Extension of ligaments


The penile size enhancement device offers the following benefits to the user-

  • Ultimate Quality: The device utilized quality components and materials. It has an effective design promising comfort.
  • Top product: SizeGenetics manufacturers have been on the market for twenty-five years. From day one, the makers have enjoyed a prime reputation. Men using this device will not regret their purchase decision.
  • High Traction: The device’s design ensures one can be completely satisfied with its traction guaranteeing optimal results. The device provides perfect traction as lesser traction can be useless. At the same time, too high traction can affect one’s health. The makers market their product as -no more, no less.
  • Ultimate comfort: Most men do not want to subject their penis to any device apart from pussy simulators and consider the penis stretcher agonizing. Although their understanding can be true when it comes to using cheap penis stretchers. However, SizeGenetics promises ultimate comfort to its users with great results.
  • Promises optimal results: After utilizing this device for at least 6 months, the user can witness a potential increase in their penis length (1 to 2 inches). Moreover, few users can also experience an increase of 3 inches with regular use.
  • Enhances self-confidence: Users can feel confident when their experience increases of penis size of 1 to 3 inches. It increases their confidence in bed, ultimately offering greater pleasure to their partners.

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Side effects

The device does not have any adverse effects. Users will not face any issues with their stamina, fertility, erection, or urination. Multiple users report improved stamina and erection with an improved blood flow by using the device.


While considering the prime features of this device, users must note, the company offers 100 percent satisfaction on their investment. A user can get the most of what they pay using this device. It is an ultimate investment. A few prominent features of the traction device are as follows-

  • The manufacturers offer ultimate ease of use and comfort from different packages.
  • The penis extender delivers safe 2800gm power enough to elongate and stress the penile tissues.
  • The device is medically analyzed and proven to ensure high safety.
  • The elongation device comes with elongation bars of 1inch and 2 inches, ensuring greater accommodation for all penis sizes.
  • The device also comes with multiple comfort accessories, regularly ensuring ultimate comfort and usage ease.
  • It comes with comfort parts (3M) to cushion one’s body.
  • The entire device setup comes in a luxurious leather case and a travel bag a user can use on the go. The bag also has a lock and key to keep the device secure.

Sizegenetics disinfectants and lotions

Users receive moisturizers like Revita Cream for maintaining soft skin. It is prominent to apply the moisturizer as the user is applying constant pressure to their body the entire day. The company also offers a powder to overcome chafing. When a user removes the device at night, they can spray some disinfectant on the device. The spray ensures the device stays clean, and one can wear it the next day without any worries. Disinfecting the device prevents foul odor build-up.

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Peyronie’s and curvature package

The device comes with a Peyronie package, beneficial for men with a curved penis. A few men might sense some discomfort or pain when they are erect. At times, they also feel their size is affected due to the penile curvature. Those users who face similar issues can use this device with Peyronie’s package. However, it is essential to note, the device will not make the penis exactly straight, but users can use this package to manage this issue. The package can straighten the penis by a degree, sufficient for a good performance in the bedroom. Moreover, the package is also beneficial for those men who have scar tissue due to circumcision.

How does it work?

The penis extender operates on MDA (Multiple Directional Angling) technologies and uses 2800 gm worth of stress for the penis. If a user utilizes this device for six to twelve hours daily for four to six months, the device tension will deliver long-term results. It increases the erection size, flaccidity, and penis straightness.

The device utilized high-quality medical-grade components. The device is lightweight and durable. Users can wear it under their clothes for a long time, without any pain or discomfort. One can wear the device in any position. It has spring joints with the European CE health satisfaction mark. The device is a top one among other competitors on the market, and it is backed by medical research.

Purchase and Price

The penis extender device by SizeGenetics comes in four packages containing the primary device and other complementary accessories to enhance their bedroom experience.

  • Curvature and Peyronie’s Package costs $299.95
  • Ultimate System and Zestra Package costs $299.95
  • Comfort Package costs $249.95
  • Value Edition costs $199.95

Money-back guarantee and refund policy

If a user utilizes this device for 4 to 6 months and still does not witness any results can request a refund. Users will have to provide proof (before and after images) of their penis when requesting a refund. The manufacturers guarantee optimal results by following manufacturer instructions.

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For how much time can a user wear this device every day?

After the initial period of using the device, a user can wear it for nearly five to six hours daily. They can witness ultimate results with continuous usage of two to three months.

Can one retain the results after using this device?

The manufacturers suggest continuous usage of the device can lead to optimal results. It considers the development of new cells in great pressure areas. The effect is permanent. 

Can one have sex while using the device?

Yes. Few users report improvement in stamina and erection with improved blood flow.

Does the device cause any pain?

No. While most extenders can cause pain, SizeGenetics ensures it is highly comfortable.


  • Durable 
  • Comfortable
  • Discreet- users can easily hide it inside their clothes
  • High reputation 
  • High effectiveness
  • Lightweight


  • Too much tension can affect your health if the user fails to handle the device properly
  • Users have to follow the instructions
  • The Value Edition package does not come with comfort accessories
  • The strap system can cause pain due to longer usage durations


SizeGenetics is your solution to greater length, comfort, durability, and satisfaction. The device enhances the sensitive part of the penis, and it is an apt device to fulfill one’s desire. It is an optimal solution for those men who wish to have a longer penis. The device is discreet and can be easily hidden under one’s clothing and is also comfortable to use, and ensures a user remains productive throughout the day. Moreover, it offers 2800gm tension and lengthens the penis faster than anticipated.


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