Six tips for marketing your CBD brand on social media


A ray of hope emerged with the legalization of CBD in the US. With this, the company’s focus shifted towards edifying a social network to endorse their cannabis products and attract users to procure them. But, it is not that easy to have a targeted audience that is always enthusiastic about CBD-infused products. Thus, effective marketing should be the brand’s principal focal point to resolve this issue.

Tips for social media marketing

Hemp is growing rapidly and is a vital ingredient in an assortment of beauty products, wellness supplements, medicinal uses, etc. Thus, their popularity is escalating day by day. Today, technology is no more an exceptional area, and brands come close to users through social media platforms and augment their sales. An everyday user worldwide spends approximately 4-5 hours daily on handles like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and various such others. Thus, you will not only amplify your trade, but the crowd and traffic will be far above the ground on your website. So, in this article, we will try to unfold this grey area of social media marketing for building your CBD brand.

Before getting involved in this sector, it is imperative to know each aspect concerning social media and how to boost marketing by taking into account diverse factors. We have watched many consumers sharing their views of a corporation that they think is preeminent, and the widespread thing that you will come across is a “good marketing plan.” So, here are six practical tips for marketing your CBD brand on social media-

1.  Look for influencers that can help you in getting customers.

With know-how and repeated hard work, you can accomplish anything. The same goes for advertising strategy. You need to turn every stone to get consumers to use your products. For this, the most successful method is to work with influencers. Data by FDI shows that CBD products lack the requisite number of influencers who can help prop up the brand. We emphasize influencers because they have exceptional strategies, promotional codes, and track links that augment sales. Isn’t it good? It would be best to search for a few renowned influencers having many followers who chase their footsteps.

Researches show that people are not conscious of the use and effects of CBD. Thus, the inclusion of influencers will be a boon for you, as they will act as a virtual referral or as a form of advertising to keep your CBD products in trend.

2.  Get clearance regarding guidelines and restrictions.

You can get CBD backlinks if you follow all the guiding principles and restrictions obtainable on the platform you use. Thus, if you do not pursue them, you risk getting your account disconnected from the venue due to these violations. Since CBD brands are indebted to take due care and come under federal governments’ laws, it becomes even more imperative to respect the sentiments of everyone who uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, telegram, etc. You ought to take care of the ingredients in your products, cite accurate content, etc., so that your fault does not let you lose such a significant opportunity. The research regarding hemp-infused products should be passable and obtained from credible sources so that nonentity can point the finger at you regarding transparency.

3.  Do not chase numbers but focus on community.

It is not crucial to focus on followers and add to their numbers but instead, keep an eye over creating a community that can prove cooperative for you on social media. The customers are more lying face down to buy your products only when “quality content” and “exciting information” are there on the site. It will be unsurpassed if you make your team conscious about using the right hashtag on Twitter to engage more retweets. Use exceptional techniques to get your content promoted and reach out to innovative customers who can join the community.

4.  Utilize Instagram to the fullest

According to research, 69% of American adults use Facebook while 37% use Instagram, and 22% use Twitter. So, these platforms can dole out as the best intermediate to sponsor your CBD-infused products. Forbes calls Instagram the “King of Cannabis,” which means that you will see an instant gush in your business after coming to this platform. Various experts recommend this marketing strategy. Collaboration, creating posts, and interacting with users can help you accomplish what you wanted for so long. Also, with the resourceful and pioneering posts, you can connect a lot of customers, and they will be enthusiastic about buying your products.

Social Media

5.  Provide valuable information and in the right demographic

Ryan Kocot says that the golden rule is that social media accounts should only popularise valuable information and not focus only on sales. It will help if you supply accurate and precise benefits of all the products, like why cannabis is the critical ingredient in almost all the components, the compensation of using hemp-infused products, etc. Also, with the positive reviews of individuals using your products, people will be more eager to pay money for your hemp-infused products.

6.  Think out of the box

Social media marketing is not about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such platforms; instead, it is all about thinking outside it. Linkedin and Youtube are also something that drives visibility. Educational and imaginative content help in authentic engagement and collect views, shares, etc. So, your focus should be broad-minded and not limited to only a few platforms but should be there in all the corners. You can even come up with ground-breaking ideas to attract many customers by creating stimulating quizzes, appealing FAQs, videos, etc.


So, these are some of the guidelines for marketing your CBD brand on social media. It would be paramount to work together with customers by coming live to these platforms and answering their queries, telling them about your products and other indispensable details. Also, writing blogs and articles can help you produce an SEO-friendly website so that the traffic on your account is always at the top. Further, make sure to habitually slot in through your reports so that you are modernized and in trend with other companies and brands.


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