Simple Way to Recover iPhone Deleted Data Without Backup: Eassiy iPhone Data Recovery


Do you want a reliable way for iPhone data recovery? Eassiy iPhone data recovery is a reliable tool for iOS devices. It is useful for video and photo recovery in three modes: iCloud, iTunes backup and directly from iPhone or iPad. Due to the highest recovery rate, you can easily recover lost data.

you can easily recover lost data.

Nowadays, data loss is common in different situations and can be frustrating. You can trust Eassiy data recovery for lost or deleted photos and videos for the following reasons.

  • Downgrade or upgrade
  • Malware attack
  • Accidental deletion
  • Factory reset
  • Jailbreak failure
  • Water damage
  • Stolen or lost data
  • Stuck hang

What is Eassiy iPhone data recovery?

Eassiy iOS data recovery is a powerful program to recover deleted or lost data. Indeed, it can recover lost data directly from iOS devices, iCloud backup and iTunes backup. It supports almost 36+ types of files for your convenience, including photos, messages, videos, contacts, data from a third-party app, etc.

contacts, data from a third-party app, etc.

Fortunately, Eassiy uses advanced technologies for data recovery. This smart tool lets you preview data in real-time and scans your selected files to recover them quickly. Indeed, it will help you get back your encrypted files. 

Easy Data Restoration Modes

If you want to restore iPhone data, Eassiy offers three easy modes. You can follow the steps to restore your iOS device’s data.

You can follow the steps to restore your iOS device's data.

  • Recover Directly from iPhone: You can rescue permanently deleted files from an iOS device via deep scanning.
  • Data Recovery from iTunes: Your iTunes backup can save you from losing data. Scan your iTunes backup to preview data content and restore data selectively to your needs.
  • iCloud Data Recovery: If you have an iCloud backup, Eassiy will help you to save data. Moreover, you can sync data to recover files from your computer.

Eassiy data recovery supports over 36 file types, including notes, call history, messages, contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat, Safari History, Safari Bookmark, message attachments, etc. Indeed, it is the most powerful tool to recover and restore data.

Special Features of Eassiy

  • The highest speed of recovery to restore iPhone videos and photos
  • Scan over 1000 deleted videos and photos in a few seconds
  • Recover or restore data selectively
  • Restore contacts, videos, photos and data from iOS devices
  • Read-only and risk-free procedure without worrying about the security of personal information
  • Compatible with almost every iOS version, including iOS 16

Why do you need Eassiy iPhone data recovery?

Why do you need Eassiy iPhone data recovery

Sometimes, you can accidentally lose or delete your important files due to malware. Indeed, this situation is really frustrating because it may cause financial losses. Eassiy data recovery for iOS devices can restore deleted and lost files from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Access Encrypted Backup Files

The iOS data recovery software is a powerful program to evaluate stored data in encrypted iTunes backup data. For this reason, this recovery program is more powerful and trustworthy. It allows you to execute the whole recovery procedure without technical expertise.

recovery procedure without technical expertise

Eassiy data recovery provides a comprehensive and fast solution to restore and extract from iPhone backup files. Indeed, it helps you recover deleted or lost contacts, call logs, voice memos, videos, notes, reminders, app data, bookmarks, etc.

Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone

When deleting unwanted contacts or transferring data, you can lose your important contacts from iPhone. Eassiy iPhone recovery program retrieves lost contacts on iCloud, iTunes or iPhone backup. You can restore contacts in HTML, CSV and VCF formats.

You can restore contacts in HTML, CSV and VCF formats

Fortunately, the procedure is easy for everyone, such as scan and restores missing or deleted iPhone contacts. Its advanced user interface simplifies the instant recovery of disappeared iPhone contacts. You will get assured results after using Eassiy.

Data Salvage from Potential Data Loss Accident

You can lose your iPhone data accidentally or mistakenly; therefore, Eassiy is necessary for your life. After upgrading your iOS system, you can lose your important data. In this situation, Eassiy iPhone data recovery can salvage your lost files. You can use this software program to retrieve your deleted data if your device is stolen or lost.

Superfast Speed and Smart Recovery Modes

Superfast Speed and Smart Recovery Modes

Eassiy iPhone data recovery supports three recovery modes: recover from iCloud and restore from iDevice and iTunes. If you do not have backup files in iCloud or iTunes, you can select recover from iPhone. Moreover, data recovery will be easy from iCloud or iPhone backup.

Guarantee for Secure Recovery

Using Eassiy iOS data recovery allows you to avoid the risk of data overwriting. It will not overwrite the data on your iPhone. Moreover, you should not take the tension of your current data. Eassiy will help you retrieve your data without keeping a record of your private content and information.

Final Verdict

Eassiy iPhone data recovery is a reliable program to restore or retrieve your data. Due to its user-friendly interface, you can use it easily without any technical skill. In fact, it is compatible with every model of iOS device, such as iPhone 4 to XS, and XR (Max).


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