Signs your HR department is struggling

It’s no secret that HR employees have a huge number of responsibilities on their shoulders. Working in HR is demanding and it takes a particular personality to succeed. HR teams should work well together and as individuals, as a good mixture of teamwork and autonomy are the best ways for HR professionals to work through their ever-growing list of duties.

Sometimes, we’re guilty of taking our HR reps for granted, everything from the recruitment process to the onboarding process, workplace conflicts, payroll to the direction and organisation of all processes throughout the business – this is all orchestrated and put into practice by this team of hard-working experts. But, is your HR team as successful as they should be? Are they struggling with their workload?

When your HR department begins to flounder, it’s bad news for the rest of your business, so you must know the signs. Here we’ll take a look at the tell-tale signs your HR department is struggling.

You don’t have HR software

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fledgeling business or your company is going from strength to strength. All HR departments can benefit from the implementation of HR software. If you want to know why HR systems are so helpful, click the link now. If you don’t have HR software in place then it’s likely that your team is struggling under their workload. With so many administrative tasks to work through daily, it’s only a matter of time before your HR department start to feel the strain. In turn, this can lead to all kinds of errors, mishandling of documents and data and poor HR practices.

Your employees are moving on

Employee retention is a difficult and important responsibility to manage. Unfortunately, if your employees aren’t sticking around and are moving on, despite a rigorous recruitment process, then there could be an issue within your onboarding and induction process. Perhaps new employees feel abandoned when they join your company, maybe they’ve realised they’re incompatible with the business or maybe they’re just not convinced with the company’s message. All of these things should be covered within the onboarding programme, something which should be implemented well by your HR department. If employees are moving on, it could be a valid issue.

Nobody knows who your HR team is

HR plays an important role in the everyday running of your business. They’re not only there to help with payroll and to find new hires, but they should have an active position in the progress and development of your employees. HR isn’t just about employee data and files, it’s about helping them build their skills and realise their potential, as well as helping them voice their concerns and resolving personal issues. If your employees have no idea who is representing them or who to turn to when they need help or work-related advice, then there’s a problem.

Final thoughts…

HR is a fundamental cog in a working business machine. However, sometimes that wheel needs a little oil to keep it running smoothly. If you have concerns about the efficiency of your HR department, reach out them as soon as possible. 


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