Shaan Rizvi Shows That Innovation is the Name of the Game

Pandemic-changed environments and travelers retreating to their homes have led to massive losses for the travel industry worldwide. Just as travel industry players constantly strive to rework strategies but are often faced with an uphill struggle to woo travelers back into their fold, some ingenious entrepreneurs have been unstoppable in pushing their innovations. 

The hospitality sector is expected to bounce back, with the help of technology, as former Secretary of India’s Ministry of Tourism and secretary-general of the Hotel Association of India Madan Prasad Bezbaruah cited in a recent edition of The Week magazine. In India, most visionary companies have reinvented themselves, changed tack, and unleashed their ingenuity to address needs and requirements aligned with the `new norm.’ Into this mold belongs Shaan Rizvi, founder of the global company Plaxonic Technologies, whose company specializes in IT solutions for businesses through artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

Way before pre-pandemic days, hotels, airports, and other sectors of the hospitality industry have started leveraging technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience. There are automatic check-ins, smart systems and mobile app bookings, plus many more innovations.  

Spotting opportunities amidst challenges

With COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been barring crowds or imposing strict physical distancing rules. Besides apps used by restaurants and thermal screening devices, a growing number of hotel chains are considering deploying technologies that aid in reducing personal interactions. Attention has shifted as well to robotics to carry out hygienic service and serve customers. 

Earlier this year, Plaxonic  tweeted, “A business can boom much faster if a businessman knows (how) to utilise the opportunities in the market.” 

Seeing the areas where industries like travel sectors can put tech to utmost use, Shaan Rizvi lost no time in deploying innovative solutions that can help them streamline processes and improve, without sacrificing client centricity.

Taking advantage of “minimal contact service” that is one of the new mantras of the hospitality industry, Shaan Rizvi’s iKnock is positioned to go where contemporary customers are, and address requirements through digital product technologies. Visitors entering corporate premises, for instance, simply input their information and agree through digital signature, while the data gets saved on the cloud.

The man behind innovative solutions

Riding with the changing tide, responding to the new demand, resetting defining relationships with consumers is the man at the helm of numerous startup firms in the IT field – Rizvi. Shaan Rizvi is noted among his colleagues and other industry players as a self-starter whose passion for entrepreneurship has always made him a cut above the rest. 

Shaan Rizvi has exhibited a knack for streamlining operations, strengthening the product lines of his companies, and driving growth for his firms. He has set his sights on doing the same thing for his broadening clientele. 

Always innovating on new ideas, he maintains a keen awareness of the external and internal competitive landscape, thereby fueling expansion, and attracting customers, markets, and so forth. He is walking testimony to the fact that now, more than ever, understanding client requirements and delivering state-of-the-art products and services to establishments reeling from pandemic-induced challenges can be crucial.


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