Seven Secrets To Survive As A First-Time Project Manager

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A number of experienced project managers willingly shared their recommendations in this area with newcomers. Those taking the first steps along the winding path of effective management will be able to learn first-hand about the essential tips of successful work. These seven practical project management secrets will help you organize your first, second even tenth project in a smart way.

Effective team communication

It is vital for you to understand the cultural characteristics of your environment and the factors affecting it. Be open to communication with team members and other people related to the project: managers, owners, sponsors. Discuss possible risks, obstacles, and problems in advance and transparently as possible, bringing the necessary information to all stakeholders. Remember that no one is more interested in the success of your project than you.

Aim for professional development

You need to prepare for your project management certification, and for that, you can join online courses. Take a comprehensive theoretical or practical course as a project manager covering all areas of expertise. The program should be well structured and cover most of the project management processes and tools. The course should be for beginners. This way, you can better cope with different tasks.

Focus on the goal

Your success largely depends on how focused we are on the goal and how effectively we can discuss it. Sharing your plan with team members allows us to identify any discrepancies in a timely manner. Be open to all interested parties. This does not mean that you should always be guided by the opinions expressed. However, you must take into account the wishes of others in making your decision. Listen to everyone, and then choose your way to the goal.

Maintain detailed project documentation

Monitor the status of completed tasks. Maintain detailed project documentation and keep all team members constantly updated with the latest news of your common cause. Take pride in your ability to organize the documentary part of project management competently.

Find the right motivation for yourself and your team

Personal and communication skills are of the utmost importance. The success or failure of your project depends on everyone involved. Therefore, in addition to knowledge and skills, you need the ability to motivate and lead effectively. An effective project manager is not only a leader but also a good politician. Each project participant, major customer, or stakeholder may have their motivating factors. Consider them in your decisions.

Keep it simple

Don’t make every project your life’s work. Many aspiring leaders are overly eager to showcase their knowledge or leverage the potential of a project manager position, which tends to over complicate simple things. Take it easy. It will help you focus on planning, implementing, and evaluating the quality of the proposed solutions without wasting time waiting for a miracle. At the same time, it is not necessary to perceive all tasks solely from formal compliance with the processes. Effective project management is important, but in no way should it hinder the progress of the project.

Use mistakes as learning opportunities

The sooner you make a mistake, the sooner you correct it. An error is also a result. Making mistakes in the early stages leaves a certain degree of freedom and gains a rewarding experience. Many projects fail because mistakes were not analyzed and corrected in time.

Bonus. There is nothing more rewarding than practical experience!

Experience cannot be faked or imitated. Experience is the most valuable resource of an effective project manager, which comes only after years of hard work, mistakes, and practical mentorship recommendations. Try to get hands-on experience as early as possible. Aim to benefit from everything: books, courses, theories, and methods are certainly needed. However, real-life can teach much more valuable lessons. The more often you find yourself in these situations, the stronger you become. If you want to learn practical project management, you need real experience.


These were helpful tips for aspiring project managers. Want to share your information? Do you have any advice for fellow project managers? Please share your suggestions and ideas with us. Let us know what you would like to add to this list or the advice that interests you.


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