Sergey Tokarev Announces Free Business Analytics Training for Ukrainian Women from Berkeley Professor

Sergey Tokarev Announces Free Business Analytics Training for Ukrainian Women from Berkeley Professor

SET University is launching a free three-day training for Ukrainian women “Leading with Confidence in the AI World. The training will be offline in Kyiv and will start on August 30. 

The training is provided by the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley. The founder of Roosh and SET University Sergey Tokarev writes about this on Facebook.

“I am well aware that men are still dominating the technology sector and I want to change this trend. Therefore, we are now investing in high-quality education and motivation for women—with the latest achievements in data processing and, of course, using AI in the work of female specialists,” Sergey Tokarev writes.

The course is part of the Berkeley Alliance for Inclusive AI program and is aimed at helping Ukrainian participants grow professionally with the help of modern technologies and working with any data.

“Currently, to take part in the program, we invite Ukrainian women who lead socially oriented projects in the economic or charitable spheres, as well as those who suffered from war or were internally displaced, as well as women working in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine and Special Operations Forces. The course will include an understanding of the need for fast, accurate, frugal, and ethical analytics,” SET University president Iryna Volnytska writes on Facebook.

The training will be conducted by Gauthier Vasseur, a director and professor at the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics, an expert in data analysis and digital transformation. Vasseur teaches business leaders how to use data science and analytics to build and implement business strategies. Professor has joined SET University faculty as an Adjunct Professor and an academic board member.

The deadline for sending an application for the training is August 18.

According to SET University, “Leading with Confidence in the AI World” is the first workshop in partnership with the Fisher Center for Business Analytics. In the future, they are planning to hold several workshops and a long-term program on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Also, the founder of the technological university, Sergey Tokarev, announces the launching of two master’s programs in Cyber Defense as well as Computer Science and Innovation Engineering. Your startup will be part of the master’s thesis, and you will need to validate it in the university accelerator.

In general, these are interdisciplinary educational programs developed considering the current needs of the market. Students will study cyber security, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, management, project management, and blockchain.

Academic programs are designed both for managers and team leaders who seek to strengthen their expertise and for innovators who want to create technological projects. The programs are also suitable for software and hardware developers and non-technical specialists who want to structure their knowledge and skills.

knowledge and skills

“Since the full-scale invasion, Ukraine has repeatedly confirmed its status as a technological state. And the SET team will keep on working to ensure that this trend does not fade away but continues thanks to a new educated generation of entrepreneurs and specialists,” Tokarev writes.

SET University is a Ukrainian educational institution that provides higher education to future leaders of the technology industry. SET University combines a modern approach to education with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship. Since the beginning of the war, the SET team has focused on the availability of relevant IT education for every Ukrainian, support for startups, and humanitarian aid.

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