Secret Tips to Ace the HHA Exam

ace the exam

Home health aides (HHA) need to pass both the written and skills exam to become certified. This article provides a number of tips to help you prepare for the test so that you can pass on the first try.

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1. Study in a Group

The HHA exam includes a written test and skills evaluation. The written exam has close to a hundred multiple-choice questions, while the skills evaluation requires performing hands-on tasks in a simulated home environment. While training and practice can prepare you for the exam, studying in a group is one of the most effective ways to improve your score.

A study group should have between two to five people. Any more and it can be difficult to cover the material. Also, juggling more than five schedules for a group meeting can be daunting.

Be sure to select members who are dedicated to success in school. Avoid people who have a reputation for skipping class and ditching homework assignments. Also, pay attention to how a person interacts in class; if they are not pulling their weight in the classroom, they will likely be a distraction during a study group. The ideal member will complete their assigned readings, take extensive notes, and come prepared with questions and discussion points for each session.

2. Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests is one of the most important steps to preparing for any exam. It helps you determine your weak spots and improve your overall score. It is also a good way to get used to the style of testing, which can decrease your anxiety on test day.

In addition to practicing with timed tests, it is a good idea to take 1 or 2 untimed practice exams per week. This will allow you to practice your speed without the pressure of being under time constraints. It will also help you identify mistakes that are caused by rushing rather than content weaknesses.

The HHA 2022 exam consists of two sections: a written test and a skills evaluation. To pass the exam you must complete both sections successfully. It may sound like a daunting task but don’t worry, there are many resources and practice tests available that can help you prepare. These tools can help you ace the exam and begin your career as a home health aide.

3. Practice Your Skills

The federal government requires home health aides to show competency in specific skills. Some states and medical career training programs evaluate these during the course of a class, while others use a stand-alone skills exam. The latter typically includes a hands-on, true-to-life setting with a volunteer. Depending on the program, this could include demonstrating handwashing techniques or transferring a volunteer to and from a wheelchair.

Deliberate practice is not boring. It can be frustrating, maddening, and even annoying, but it’s never boring. The key to deliberate practice is to identify a metric that’s meaningful to you and track it over time. This way, you can measure your progress and keep yourself motivated.

Keep in mind that it takes a while for positive change to spread. Be patient and stay committed to your goal! Eventually, your hard work will pay off. You’ll pass the HHA test and start your new career! Then, you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or licensed practical nurse (LPN)!

4. Be Prepared

After you’ve completed your training program, you’ll need to pass the competency exam to be a certified home health aide. Depending on your state, this could mean passing the written test and/or skills evaluation.

Many states and staffing agencies require a written exam, which can include anywhere from 50 to 100 multiple-choice questions. During your training, you should have plenty of practice to prepare for this section. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider purchasing a study guide like Peterson’s Master the CNA/HHA Exams study guide. It includes six full-length practice tests, lesson plans on 13 core topics, tips for test day, and mini-quizzes.

If you pay attention during your class and study hard, you should have no problem passing your HHA exam. But, it’s important to remember that not everyone passes their exams the first time around. If you don’t pass your test, don’t panic – most programs allow you to retake the exam up to three times for an additional fee.


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