Seasonal Jobs and How to Find One through a Temp Job Agency

Seasonal Jobs and How to Find One through a Temp Job Agency

Some industries become busy seasonally. The holiday seasons and summer see the retail, tourism, and transportation sectors getting high demand. Tax season is another period we cannot forget to mention the increase in demand for the service. Because these industries are not always busy throughout, they look for extra hands during their picks and this is where temp job agency comes in to help these businesses hire temp employees quickly.

When these seasons are over, they no longer need the extra help. At this point, they let go of the extra labor added because it can be challenging to keep business running when labor expenses are high. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to work with a temp job agency to aid them to hire faster during peak seasons.

1. What is Seasonal Work?

Seasonal work is a temporary placement of the employees by a temp job agency when a company is extremely busy. Like we have said, these companies have specific periods when they are busy and it is only then this type of work is available. It is temporary and employees are made to understand its nature.

Other industries like fishing have their seasonal work defined by their geographies. For example, since winters and summer periods come at different times in different geographies, professionals take advantage of geographies. If it’s winter where they fish, they find places with warmer climates to ensure they keep fishing.

2. Top Seasonal Jobs

Although we have mentioned the industries that employ seasonally when they are at their peaks, there are some jobs that are easy to get than others. Temp employment agency advises employees looking for temporary jobs during the season to consider the following positions for easier placements:

  • Warehouse associate
  • Production workers
  • Retail workers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Stockers and order fillers

3. Types of Seasonal Work

People take seasonal jobs from a temp job agency for various reasons. Some of these reasons include making extra income, starting a career, transitioning careers, and others. Whichever reason, the most promising jobs to consider are:

a. Retail

Retail jobs are easy to spot. Employers seeking extra help usually put the announcements on their windows. It is prudent for employees looking for seasonal jobs to walk around different malls during seasons like Christmas, and summer when people are in a shopping mood.

Big stores contract a temp job agency or advertise online and local job boards within a city or state.

b. Temporary

Temporary jobs are available throughout the year. Their flexibility is what attracts employees because they can work them on their preferred schedules. Temp agencies are great places for finding temporary jobs and they are usually responsible for taking care of the employees.

c. Delivery

The demand for online buying has increased over time, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to keep social distance. As a result, people are shopping online more to reduce physical contact and the spread of the deadly virus.

To package and deliver orders made, courier services are seeking to add staff to help them with processing the orders and delivering them within reasonable times. Some of these providers like FedEx and UPS have their job opportunities posted online for easier applications.

Food takeaway services are also common, with more families requesting in-house delivery. This is another delivery sector employees should consider for seasonal placement.

d. Outdoors

Winter and holiday seasons have a lot of outdoor activities taking place. As a result, restaurants and ski areas are always busy. Ski instructors and restaurant staff are in demand in these seasons. Because of the high number of visitors in these areas, some companies offer accommodation for their staff.

4. When Should You Apply for a Seasonal Job?

The best time to start applying for seasonal jobs through an employment agency is right before the season begins. At that time, employers are busy planning for the season and hiring. When the season begins, they become busy taking care of the customers and ensuring everything runs as planned.

5. How to Find Seasonal Jobs

Finding seasonal jobs have become easier, thanks to job search engines. These can be filtered to find the specific results for the jobs you are interested in. Nowadays, many employers have made job application easy by providing an application on their websites for the applicants to use.


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