Scaling Up: Luciano  de Vries Shares Secrets to Successfully Growing Your Business

Luciano de Vries

Luciano de Vries, a serial entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful companies across Europe and the United States, has mastered the art of scaling businesses. With a diverse portfolio spanning event planning, real estate, and transportation, he’s encountered and overcome the numerous challenges that come with growing a company. His decades of experience have yielded valuable insights that can serve as a guide for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses in today’s fast-paced and competitive market.

One of the most significant lessons Luciano de Vries learned during his entrepreneurial journey was the importance of surrounding himself with experienced professionals. In the early stages of his first company, de Vries and his small team relied on their own knowledge and skills. However, as the company grew, he recognized the need for specialized expertise.

“In the beginning, when we were small, for example, our own knowledge was sufficient because I had to do tax law and normal law, somebody else did marketing. We came quite far, but at a certain moment, you reach a stage where you need to get external advisers or external lawyers,” he explains.

This realization led him to hire senior-level positions and bring in external advisers to help manage the complexities that come with scaling an enterprise. By doing so, de Vries ensured that his company had access to the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the challenges of growth. This strategy allowed him to focus on the bigger picture while entrusting key aspects of the business to experienced professionals.

Moreover, bringing in external advisers and senior-level hires can provide fresh perspectives and ideas, which are essential for innovation and problem-solving. As companies grow, they often face new and unexpected challenges that require creative solutions. A diverse team with a wide range of experiences and expertise can help businesses adapt and find innovative ways to overcome obstacles.

Keep the Customer at the Forefront

Another critical aspect of successfully scaling a business is maintaining a customer-centric approach. As businesses expand, they risk losing touch with clients and the personal connections that helped them succeed in the first place. Luciano de Vries is acutely aware of this danger, stating, “What I’ve noticed, if companies start to grow bigger, that’s also something I’m afraid of with my own company, is the people that work for us lose the feeling for the company.”

To mitigate this risk, de Vries emphasizes the hiring process, ensuring that new employees understand and align with the company’s culture and values. By instilling a customer-centric mindset in his team, Luciano de Vries has maintained the personal touch and attention to detail that sets his businesses apart.

Furthermore, regularly seeking customer feedback and adapting to their needs can help companies stay connected to their client base as they grow. By actively listening to consumers and incorporating their insights into business strategies, companies can ensure that they’re meeting the evolving needs of their target market. This approach not only helps maintain customer loyalty, but also opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Luciano de Vries: Expand Strategically

One of the most common pitfalls of scaling a business is growing too quickly or in the wrong direction. Luciano de Vries advises that to avoid this, it’s wiser to take a strategic approach to expansion based on market demands and internal needs. “Most of the companies we started were due to an internal demand,” he explains.

By carefully analyzing market trends and identifying gaps that align with his companies’ strengths, de Vries has been able to expand into adjacent spaces. For example, when he encountered challenges with transportation partners, he seized the opportunity to start his own transportation concern. This move solved an internal problem while opening up new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

This strategic approach allows companies to allocate resources effectively and avoid spreading themselves too thin. By focusing on areas where they have a competitive advantage and can create value for customers, businesses can maximize their chances of success while minimizing risk.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Luciano de Vries’ entrepreneurial path highlights the importance of continuous learning and adaptation. By staying attuned to market trends, customer needs, and internal capabilities, entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of growth and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of learning and innovation within the organization can help businesses stay agile and responsive to change. Encouraging employees to develop new skills, share knowledge, and experiment with new ideas can lead to breakthroughs and improvements that drive growth and success.

Luciano de Vries’ experiences offer a wealth of insights for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses successfully. By prioritizing experienced professionals, maintaining a customer-centric approach, expanding strategically, and embracing continuous learning and adaptation, companies can overcome the challenges of growth and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

He looks for people who are “hungry to learn, no nine-to-five mentality. And always must be a good fit with the team. Of course, there can be arguments and people don’t need to align always. But they must accept each other’s opinions and look for solutions. Create a team where everyone wants best for the company, visions of how to reach it can differ, but always constructive.”


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