Saving Time and Boosting Productivity with Automated Review Software

Automated Review Software

The review process is crucial for many businesses, but also highly time-consuming. With automated review software, you can streamline workflows and accelerate review cycles to unlock huge time savings and productivity gains. The right tools provide intelligent assistance to boost your reviews with Podium’s Automated Software that speeds routine tasks, reduces errors, and allows reviewers to focus where humans excel.

Automate Administrative Parts of the Review Process

A lot of review tasks are repetitious administrative work like checking for missing information, attaching files, assigning submissions, contacting stakeholders, etc. Automated tools can handle these mundane functions to let reviewers skip straight to the high-value evaluation.

For example, automated workflows can verify all sections are complete, required formats are followed, and supporting docs are included. Submissions lacking essential info can be routed back to the sender without reviewer input. 

Software can also automatically route submissions to appropriate reviewers based on categories, availability, or past performance data. This eliminates manual assignment and delays waiting for reviewers.

Reduce Time Wasted on Ineligible or Low-Quality Submissions 

Often reviewers waste large chunks of time assessing submissions that are clearly ineligible or inadequate. Intelligent filtering software can screen all incoming submissions in bulk to flag those unlikely to be approved.

Algorithms can check for plagiarism, evaluate readability scores, run background checks, and assess other disqualifying factors in seconds. Reviewers no longer have to labor through obviously unacceptable applications, papers, or proposals.

Poor quality or incomplete submissions can be automatically returned with recommendations for improvement before ever reaching reviewers. This avoids wasted review cycles and speeds feedback to submitters.

Speed Up Evaluations with AI-Augmented Reviewers

Cutting edge AI like natural language processing can actually help human reviewers work faster. Software can summarize long submissions into concise abstracts or transcripts to provide quick overviews. 

Algorithms can also analyze written works for spelling, grammar, structure, style, and even analyze tone. Software can flag potential issues so reviewers spend less time editing.

For certain quantified review criteria, algorithms can perform entire evaluations on factors like formatting, data validity, stats, plagiarism, and more. Reviewers simply validate or override the computer scoring as needed.

Optimize Distribution of Submissions to Avoid Bottlenecks

When some reviewers get overloaded while others have spare capacity, avoidable bottlenecks occur. Automated assignment can evenly distribute submissions based on reviewer workload, availability, and speed.

Software tracks reviewer progress in real-time and collects data on turnaround times. New submissions are intelligently routed to balance workloads across the team for smoother workflows.

Deadlines can be automatically adjusted so late assignments aren’t sent to reviewers about to go on vacation or already at capacity. Distributing work evenly is key for productivity.

Provide Real-Time Performance Dashboards and Feedback

Automated monitoring and reporting provides insights into review team performance at both individual and aggregate levels. Dashboards can display volumes, cycle times, statuses, and productivity metrics.

Reviewers can get real-time progress updates as they work to stay on track. Automated alerts can notify of pending deadlines or submissions needing priority.

Trend analysis helps spot bottlenecks in the review process like particular reviewers lagging. Managers have transparency into work allocation needs and completion rates.

The right review software adapts to your unique workflows while optimizing repetitive tasks, distributing work evenly, and applying AI aids. With automated tools augmenting human capabilities, reviewers can accelerate cycles, minimize inefficiencies, and boost quality. This powerful combo allows people to focus their time on high-value judgment that machines can’t match. The result is faster reviews and more satisfied stakeholders.


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