Salestech’s Hottest Startup Is Led By LinkedIn-Savvy CEO


Sales is notorious for its mundane and often tedious processes. Sales professionals often feel bogged down by administrative tasks rather than being able to dedicate their energy to building relationships and closing deals. Traditionally, the constant juggling of manual data entry into CRM systems has been a significant pain point, diverting valuable time and attention away from the core activities that drive revenue. 

CEO Eldad Postan-Koren recognized this challenge and envisioned a paradigm shift, where sales teams could break free from the monotony and rediscover the excitement that drew them to the profession in the first place.

Under his leadership, salestech startup WINN.AI is reshaping the landscape with unconventional campaigns and a transformative vision. The company’s objective is clear: to infuse energy and enjoyment back into the daily grind for the often-overlooked heroes of an organization—the sales teams.

Product Virality Meets the Power of LinkedIn

Eldad understood the viral potential of WINN.AI and the profound impact of a smart, well-orchestrated campaign, as well as the power of LinkedIn in reaching a global audience of sales professionals. Leveraging the platform’s vast networking capabilities, WINN.AI strategically harnessed the attention of key decision-makers, influencers, and industry enthusiasts. LinkedIn, with its professional context, became the ideal stage for WINN.AI to showcase not only the technological prowess of their AI Sales Assistant but also the company’s unique culture and commitment to fostering a more enjoyable sales environment. 

Their team jump-started with the #NoTypingCRM movement, a resounding protest against the mundane chore of manual data entry into CRM systems. With over 500,000 impressions in under 48 hours, the campaign quickly resonated with sales professionals globally. It encapsulated the collective frustration with admin tasks and highlighted the urgent need for automation and efficiency in sales processes. The core message is unmistakable: it’s time to liberate oneself from the shackles of typing and embrace the transformative power of WINN.AI’s CRM automation.

Continuing their trailblazing campaign, WINN.AI unveiled #CelebrateSales. In a distinctive approach, Captain Quota joined podcasts and sales professionals’ meetings, breaking into a jingle asking, “What Can You Do To Hit Your Quotas?” This campaign goes beyond showcasing cutting-edge sales technology; it aims to celebrate the accomplishments of sales teams. 

In an industry synonymous with high-pressure targets and intense competition, WINN.AI’s lighthearted approach serves as a reminder for sales professionals to find joy in their daily work and take pride in their achievements. This campaign not only showcases their commitment to innovation but also their dedication to supporting and uplifting the sales community.

The Cutting-Edge Tool to Back it Up

Underpinning these impactful campaigns is WINN.AI’s cutting-edge product—an AI Sales Assistant designed to alleviate the busywork of sales, allowing teams to type less and win more. 

The Real-Time Tracking feature for video conference meetings enables salespeople to monitor covered talking points. On the other hand, the Real-Time Capturing feature utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and captures relevant data, liberating sales reps to focus on customers without the burden of note-taking. Lastly, the CRM Updating feature enables sales professionals to fully-automate CRM updates, with a backup option of reviewing and editing their meeting notes before they go to the CRM.

Eldad underscores the company’s vision, stating, “Our intention is to enhance our capabilities so that salespeople feel we can help them get things done the way they want to. We want our product to reflect the salespeople’s preferences, to have a tool that can capture and document data just like they do.” This commitment transcends CRM, extending to organizing meetings, sending follow-up emails, and addressing more complex sales tasks. The goal is to eliminate time wasted on administrative tasks that don’t directly contribute to selling, allowing sales professionals to focus on what truly matters.

Reshaping the Future of Sales

In a world where technology and automation are becoming increasingly integral to success, WINN.AI stands out by not only providing state-of-the-art solutions but also by actively engaging and celebrating the sales community. By addressing the pain points of sales professionals and offering a comprehensive suite of tools, WINN.AI is playing a pivotal role in reshaping the sales landscape, making it more enjoyable, efficient, and ultimately, more successful. 

As WINN.AI continues to break new ground, the sales industry can look forward to a future where tedious tasks are automated, and the focus remains on what sales professionals do best—selling.


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