Russian Wife: The Truth of Mail Order Bride Services


The Russian bride syndrome is everywhere. Almost every Western bachelor is signing up on Russian mail order brides sites just to find their very own Russian woman. The reason for this recent rave? It’s simple. Russian wives are attractive, family-oriented women that any man would give his right arm to have. This explains why tons of men keep signing up to mail order bride services to order a bride. 

But how safe are these websites exactly? Do they really offer all they promise or is there some dark truth lurking behind that “Sign up” button? 

Top 3 Legit Mail Order Bride Services

It happens a lot that men looking for a real love start using questionable mail order bride services. What happens next is the loss of money and hope to find a gorgeous Russian bride. Luckily for you, here is the list of three services that are reliable and completely safe to use:

  1. KissRussianBeauty
  2. Date Russian Beauty
  3. Date Russian Girl 

If you’re trying to find brides online, this guide will hold your hand and show you everything you need to know about mail order bride services and finding Russian ladies on these sites. 

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

What features do mail-order services typically offer? 

Basically, mail order bride services were specifically created to help bachelors find willing brides from different parts of the world. They make it easier for these men to achieve their goal without falling prey to scammers (at least, the genuine sites do). But what features or services do they really offer? 

Well, here’s a little breakdown:

Extensive catalogues

Here’s the thing: most mail-order services and websites have catalogues of thousands of beautiful women. Looking for an exotic Russian bride? You’ll definitely find her there. Prefer Ukrainian women? You won’t have to search for long. 

Most of the women on these websites are verified with interesting bios and profiles. In fact, some of these mail-order services even offer filters to help make your search for Russian brides more refined. For instance, you can search for mail-order brides by location, age, or interests. 

What’s more, you can even get matchmaking services from these websites. Some mail-order bride services can offer great matches to users based on their preferences and assumed compatibility. 

For instance, if your personal information suggests that you’re interested in music and exotic women, you’ll most likely be matched with a Russian bride who also has similar interests. 

Convenient communication 


After finding a Russian bride, what comes next? Do you take the next flight to Russia? Of course not. You’ll have to keep in touch with your prospective bride first before taking that huge step. 

Luckily, most mail-order services offer a wide range of convenient ways to communicate with beautiful Russian women. For starters, you could use the most popular option: text chats. This way, you won’t necessarily have to worry about strained communication. 

However, if you’re trying to verify her identity to ensure that you aren’t chatting with a catfish, you could use the website’s video call or voice call option. 

Professional help

If you’re a Western bachelor looking to find a Russian wife, there’s a huge chance that your mail-order bride might not understand the English language. So how do you communicate efficiently with this language barrier? 

Fortunately, some mail-order bride services offer professional translation services that will help you communicate easily and efficiently with your prospective bride. 

Pros of Mail-order Bride Services 

Undoubtedly, mail-order bride services offer a wide range of benefits to the average Western bachelor, such as:

A wide range of choices 

Going on a hunt for the perfect Russian bride can be a hectic process. Where do you find the right woman then? How do you begin your search? Fortunately, mail-order bride services help to answer these questions for you. There are tons of women on these sites that you can choose from. 

In fact, you’ll most likely be spoiled for choice by the time you go through the numerous profiles on these websites. 

Personalized matches

If you’re struggling with making a choice, mail-order bride services can help you narrow your options down by matching you with women that fit your tastes and interests. This way, you won’t have to worry about going on mindless dates with women you aren’t compatible with. 

Cons of Mail-order Bride Services 

Although mail-order bride services are fun and helpful, they also have quite a few drawbacks you’ll need to watch out for. These include:

Scammers and gold-diggers

Here’s a little tip: if you ever come across a completely free mail-order site, tread with caution. There’s a huge chance that you’ll find scammers and catfishes lying in wait for you. Most free mail-order bride services don’t exactly offer much protection against scammers who infiltrate their site. As such, the Irina of your dreams might actually be a balding man hiding behind the privacy of a screen to get your credit card details. 

Even if you do find a real Russian woman, she might also be a gold-digger trying to find a one-way ticket to a better life. 

It can be overwhelming 

Although mail-order services offer you a lot of choices, this can be problematic as you might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options you have in front of you. In fact, having to go through several profiles just to find the perfect woman can be exhausting. 

Sure, some mail-order services might offer filtered searches to reduce the stress, but there’s still a lot of hard work involved. 


Finding brides from Russia online through mail-order services can be exhausting for any bachelor. That’s why we’ve created this guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know about mail-order services. Good luck!


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