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Ruby on rails provides start-ups and enterprise-level businesses with a variety of options. ROR has become one of those qualities and skills in high demand. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python are some of the languages it is compared to. ROR is one of the most user-friendly, time-efficient web application frameworks available. It can assist you in developing interactive and engaging websites and online applications for your company.

What is Ruby on Rails?

ROR is an open-source application framework. This is quickly gaining traction in the IT industry. Ruby on Rails is one of the best web development frameworks used for both back-end and front-end development. This framework aids in the development of database-backed web applications using the Model-View-Controller pattern.

According to SimilarTech, There are 4,20,424 websites and have 200,891 unique domains. One of the coolest aspects of Ruby on Rails is that you don’t require the entire framework to use one of its features. Rather than taking on the entire framework, you may import the components you need into your Ruby application.

Here are a few of the most well-known companies that have used Ruby on Rails.

  • Scribd
  • SoundCloud
  • Shopify
  • Github
  • fm
  • Kickstarter

Even though there are many resources available, it is still tricky to hire ruby on rails developers. The key gain of using it is that it is time-efficient. Ruby on Rails may save you 30-40% of the time it takes to construct an app compared to other technologies. Ruby on Rails is a fantastic fit for startups because of this. We’ll show you how to effectively recruit Ruby on Rails engineers for a fair price in the sections below.

Top Skills of Ruby on Rails Developers

Following are some of the expertise you should look for in ROR developers before hiring them. We have divided them into technical skills and soft skills.

Hard Skills

Some of the following are crucial technical skills for ROR developers.

Ruby On Rails

Your ideal developer must be well versed in Ruby on Rails concepts, principles, Syntax, Loops, and more.

MVC Framework

MVC framework is the significant structure used in ROR. Ruby on Rails is broadly used for web development and is written in Ruby. Suppose you want to create a robust application that provides a seamless user experience. The developer should know which layer does what, the structure of your application, and where to insert your business logic.

Active Record

An imperative part of web development is Data Persistence. With the help of this library, you can use the Rational SQL database. It is also used in object Relational Mapping.


REST in REST API stands for Representational State Transfer. It describes the resources here and the URLs on which you can perform various CRUD actions. It is preferable over older APIs like SOAP because it is straightforward to configure and process. As a result, it’s critical to verify the developer’s abilities in REST API data transactions such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. 

Front-end development skills

ROR programmers must have a basic understanding of web programming. JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are examples. In JavaScript, the developers should be able to browse any DOM element and manage the confirmation prompt. He should know how to utilize and write crucial tags like <p>, <div>, <span>, and others.

Database Skills

The developer you’re hiring must have comprehensive knowledge of the database. They should be skilled enough to read and operate on logs. Some of the key databases compatible with ROR are MySQL, PostgreSQL, and in-built database SQLite. You can connect to the database using the DBI module.

Tools Handling skills

It isn’t very easy to develop any website. It would be best if you had skilled developers who could use the tools required to make a robust website. The developer you’re hiring must have experience with the below-mentioned tools:

  • Git
  • CI, Docker, and Heroku
  • Asana/Trello

Skills for Testing and validation

It is usually suggested to test your product before deploying it in real time. One of these abilities is unit testing, which verifies that the finished product is functional. Hired ROR engineers should be familiar with the patterns to run mock commands and spot loopholes. In ROR testing, there are a variety of tools accessible. RSpec is a well-known Ruby testing gem. Its appeal stems from the simplicity with which it is presented. It gives a clear image of what needs to be tested. As a result, you should hire a well-versed developer in Testing.

Soft-Skills of Ruby on Rails Developers

Technical abilities alone are insufficient. Soft skills are also similarly significant for the developer you’ve recruited. The following are some of Ruby on Rails developers’ most vital soft skills.

Good Communication

It’s good to check if a hired developer could operate well with others. The developer should have strong interpersonal skills and the skill to adapt to the company’s culture.

Logical and Analytical reasoning

It’s advisable to check that the developer you’ve recruited can work well with the rest of the team. The developer should have strong interpersonal skills and the aptitude to adjust to the work environment.

Self Education

In comparison to other industries, the development industry changes often. The recruited developer should be eager to learn and keep up with current developments.

Aside from these abilities, the ROR developer should have a thorough understanding of ROR terminology.

  • Ruby Frameworks: Sinatra, Ruby on Rails
  • ORM: Active Record, ORM Mongoid
  • Testing gems: RSpec, Capybara, Cucumber, VCR, FactoryBot, Sinatra.
  • Ruby version managers: RVM, Rbenv
  • Authorization: CanCanCan, API or WS Grape, WashOut, Devise, OmniAuth.
  • Application Servers: Puma, Passenger, Thin, Unicorn
  • Code Review: SimpleCov, RubyCritic, Rubocop, rails_best_practice.
  • Background Job processing: Resque, Sidekiq

How and why to hire a Ruby-on-Rails developer from India             

Now that we’ve seen what skills ROR developers should have look at some of the things they should know. Let’s look at some of why you should hire ROR developers from India. The first thing that springs to mind when considering hiring a ROR developer is how much it costs. The cost to hire developers varies from where you live. Compared to the United States or Western Europe, hiring developers from southern nations such as India is frequently less expensive. It also relies on the developers’ abilities, experience, seniority, and the intricacy of the project.

Countries Average Hourly Cost
USA $70-$200
Western Europe $ 60-$100
India $15-$50
Eastern Europe $60-$80
Ukraine $40-$70

Now let’s look at how you can hire ROR developers from India.

Ask for portfolio

Checking their profile is the initial thing you should do, formerly an appointment with an app developer. Then, to better understand the service provider’s work, you may ask them to provide their portfolio and work samples. With their portfolio, you may learn a lot about their experience.

Look For communication gaps.

When you hire a freelance app developer from another time zone, the only method to communicate with them is via email, phone conversations, or zoom meetings. When many time zones are involved, things become more difficult. Make certain that these issues do not obstruct communication before employing someone. It is always best to employ someone from your own country and agree on a precise time when they are available.

Payments & Agreements

Clarify the things such as how the clients are billed, the flexibility of the payment process, and ways in which payment is accepted. Discuss which payment structure is accepted by both parties. The popular payment method is Material and Time, where the client is billed based on the actual hours spent on the project. Also, converse about the NDA conditions. Reputed companies are willing to sign the NDA to keep sensitive information private.

Check for testimonials                                  

Request that the developer you’re employing give links or references to his past work. Previous customer experience is important to consider when hiring a developer.

Give Approx timeline

Before handing over the project to the hired developer, make sure that the approximate deadline is discussed. It is recommended to hire a developer that meets your requirements and provides the project in the said timeline.

Stay in Budget

Always keep in mind to provide a budget for your application. The developer should be able to accomplish your project needs while remaining reasonable. It also relies on the developer’s previous experience. The following is the cost of hiring an experienced ROR developer from India:

Experience of Developer Average Hourly Rates
Junior Developer $15 – $25
Intermediate Developer $25 – $35
Senior Developer $35 – $50


Because of its simplicity, the Ruby-on-rails framework is popular among developers. Finding the correct ROR developer to fit your needs, on the other hand, is challenging. ROR developers are skilled in various areas, and having a talented developer is critical to the project’s success. Therefore it’s crucial to pick them carefully.


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