Ronnie Teja Helps Brands to Increase Their Online Sales

Ronnie Teja Helps Brands to Increase Their Online Sales

Ronnie Teja is an expert in building real brands and digital marketing. He was employed by HSBC Bank Canada as a digital manager. He specializes in assisting companies in expanding their online presence. But he is also exceptional at managing widely dispersed teams.

Ronnie Teja is also a very popular speaker who frequently appears at eCommerce conferences all around the world.

According to Ronnie Teja:

“People are more willing to support you and your company if you have a strong purpose for doing something”

He said that it is very essential for a person to have a strong and clear vision for a business. Because this vision helps you to stay always motivated and focused.

How does Ronnie Teja help brands increase their online sales?

Ronnie Teja said that increasing brand sales, particularly online is a fairly persistent marketing tool and the competition is getting tough day by day.

According to Ronnie Teja’s instructions, you can increase your online brand sales easily by:

  • Providing outstanding customer service, through customers satisfaction, handling customers feedback,
  • Making your website attractive by improving website design and
  • Implement and increase your marketing campaigns
  • Making the checkout process easy and simple

These all are the marketing tactics that help brands increase their online sales and grow their business and he is also using for his own brand Branzio Watches.

1. Excellent Customers Service

Ronnie Teja told that interacting regularly with your customers helps to keep them for a long time and it keeps consumers happy.The higher your user support ratings are, the more probable it is that new clients will trust you, which can significantly increase online sales.

You won’t be able to achieve your objectives in the online business if you can’t offer excellent customer support. You must be able to deliver an excellent user experience.

He said that customer service is a significant factor when buying a product. Make a contact page for your website that makes it easy how to get in touch with you.

Options like live chats assure consumers that they will receive answers to their inquiries in a reasonable timeframe and state that they are “available to respond at your comfort.” Excellent for building trust for your e-commerce business or online store.

2. Making the website attractive by improving website design

Ronnie Teja said that your brand’s website design should be attractive to the customers because it makes an excellent first expression. Your website design decides whether customers purchase the products or not.

He advised the brands to stay updated and make their website user-friendly. These marketing strategies will decrease the bounce rate and increase online sales.

3. Increase Marketing campaigns

Ronnie Teja suggested to the brands that to create the greatest possible impression on potential clients, you must be active.Brands must connect their website page to social media accounts and add a link to purchase products from here. Almost 52% of people discover brands through social media sites. You need to be active on social media platforms. The social media platforms provide a feeling of accessibility that’s why many customers contact brands from there.He said that you may attract new clients or customers to your brand shop page and develop customer loyalty by continuously providing information on social media that is appealing to your targeted audience.

4. Making the checkout process easy and simple

Even though it’s a component of the user experience, the checkout procedure is a major barrier to many transactions and needs special attention.

Ronnies suggested:

“Online sales may be significantly increased with a quick, friendly checkout procedure!”

Use ordinary buttons such as the “Purchase” button or “Add to cart” option or icon to make the checkout process easy for customers. According to a recent study, almost 27% of people do not purchase brand products or services due to lengthy and complicated checkout procedures.

Ronnie said to make sure that you accept all the alternative payment methods in addition to all the usual debit and credit card kinds.

To make the process even faster the next time, you might also offer to record customers’ information.

Why the best team is necessary to increase your brand’s online sales?

For Ronnie, a high-functioning and strong team are necessary to increase online brand sales. Once you have a reliable team in your business, you may start to look at fresh ideas while stepping back from the day-to-day activities of the business. For Ronnie, this meant hiring an expert to assist with the implementation of an entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) and make his staff capable of handling the demands of many businesses.


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