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It’s no secret that digital marketing is the most important marketing space for most businesses. With the ability to track the effectiveness of digi-marketing camping with pinpoint precision, Direct Response marketing is brilliant for cost-effective lead generation.

One company that aspires to help companies optimize their online marketing is Rocket Digital Group. The agency, which is headquartered in Budapest, has a broad range of international clients. Offering marketing strategy, web design, and business consultancy, they’re a one-stop shop for online management.

When growing a business, it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively manage all areas of the firm. Marketing and web design have become one area that is seemingly a good choice when looking to outsource work. This is because firms like Rocket Digital Group pride themselves on reliable results; results that are difficult to achieve without spending a lot of time and resources on.

There’s affiliate marketing, social media management, SEO, PPC, market research, and tonnes of other time-intensive tasks that Rocket Digital Group takes on. 

Lead generation

Lead generation can come in many different forms, but Rocket Digital Group wants to hear about your specific needs. Do you need B2B leads for telecommunications in Spain, for example, or B2C leads for energy in France?

One advantage here is that the agency offers lead generation at a fixed cost, making your marketing budget remain fixed and predictable. Of course, you’re open to judge if the results are worth the cost, because the beauty of Direct Response marketing is that it’s incredibly easy to track where your sales are coming from – and the agency can show evidence of their work.

In fact, you will be told the price of the lead, and how this compares to competitor agencies. Invoices are only issued at the end of the month after the leads have been generated. This is profoundly low-risk compared to setting up your own PPC campaign or investing in social media content.

Along with the reports regarding the campaigns, there is also consultation to solve any issues regarding lead generation. This is so the client isn’t kept in the dark about the process, or if they have any useful insights such as identifying your target audience. This communication is vital so that you can apply these findings beyond the agency’s work.

Finally, Rocket Digital Group also offers web developing services, meaning landing pages can be created to effectively convert these leads with high-performing call-to-actions. Landing pages are an important step in the marketing funnel, because what’s the point in creating leads if you can’t convert them?

Is outsourcing lead generation worth it?

Outsourcing lead generation isn’t a black and white issue. A poor agency may not do a good job at understanding your product to the same degree as you do, because they’re not open to communication. 

However, finding an agency that is willing to offer a campaign at a fixed cost with plenty of dialogue, and monthly-rolling pricing, can be worth testing out because it may be exactly what your firm needs to boost sales. Of course, this can save on paying the wages, sick pay, and training of marketing staff, making this a malleable situation for fast-growing SMEs.


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