Robots are Replacing People in These Industries in 2022


With artificial intelligence (AI) powered tech being trialed in multiple industries and businesses around the world, it will not be long before lots of jobs done by humans are closed in favor of robots carrying out these tasks.

There are multiple industries right now experimenting with AI in different forms. The casino industry is one industry that has been rather bold in embracing new trends and technology and paving the way for other industries to follow.

As the land-based casino sector is severely hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, casino operators are looking towards robots to replace humans for more efficiency in tasks. From dealing to providing hospitality services, robots might assure players that the venues are safe to visit and comply with safety protocols.

Moreover, in the event of labor scarcity, robots are a good option for land-based casinos to experiment with as it will cut down on expenses in the long run. The novelty of employing a robot for the tasks otherwise performed by human workers can attract more punters till such features become common. However, the prospect is debatable in the light of countless employees, who are fearful of being replaced by machines, and are protesting against the trend.

Here are five key areas in the brick and mortar casino industry where we see robots coming in to replace human beings. These five departments overlap in similar ways with a number of other industries ranging from hospitality to manufacturing. Business in these industries will be keeping a close watch on the casino industry and based on the success of their AI experiments, will look to make changes to their own industries.



A possible avenue of robotic intervention in land-based casinos is that of replacing human cashiers. Cashiers issue payouts to winners, look out for any ringing jackpot alarms, obtain customers’ signatures on receipts and calculate the losses and winnings of players along with auditing money drawers in a casino.

There will no longer be a need for cashiers as new payment options will site in your pocket. Soon robots might come for this job profile as they do away with the human scope of calculation errors and are quick to process payments.

Already, customers are increasingly opting for quick, wireless payments via smartphones instead of hard cash or cards. This is because the ease of carrying huge amounts of money and maintaining minimum physical contact have become significant points of consideration for players. A click of a button or a swipe is enough to ensure fast payments.

Employee unions at various casinos deem robotic intervention as concerning. However, due to the advantages of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, it is difficult not to imagine robots discharging duties involved in accounting, auditing, and customer servicing.



One of the most hotly debated roles for robots to take over is dealing the cards. While robots can be trusted to deal cards faster than human dealers, they can also monitor player behavior and possibly help in ruling out unfair practices during games.

Further, robot dealers might be preferred by casino owners for many upsides like cost-effectiveness and being a possible attraction for gamblers to behold.

However, there are an equal number of demerits in employing a robot dealer in land-based gambling spaces. Robots cannot compensate for the human interaction and the emotional connection a dealer might have with the players. However, if some gamblers are not fans of cajoling and jokes on the table, maybe a robot dealer will be a better option.



Cleaning is a demanding and strenuous task. While workers might take more time to clean large premises with regular cleaning implements like vacuum cleaners, wet mops, etc, a robot can help maintain the consistency and quality of cleaning.

Robots also require less operator attention and would deliver better results. Coupled with automatic sensors, and up-to-date software, cleaning robots might usher in what is called the new hospitality revolution in the gambling sector.



Waiters and servers can be replaced by robots on casino floors in the future. The option is quite contentious as it was opposed by massive employee protests, especially in casino haven Las Vegas.

While options like automatic vending machines, serving robots, and touch-screen beverage ordering kiosks might become immediate attractions for punters in a casino, it might be an uncomfortable experience for those who thrive in the social environment land-based casinos provide.



Robots can even mix and pour drinks for patrons, which is usually done by human bartenders. MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has already announced its decision to bring in robots to cut down expenses.

Although robots might help reduce the problem of unwanted sexual advances made by certain high-rollers towards the serving staff, it opens a door only to close the next. The problem of people being replaced by machines is still a terrifying prospect for professionals in these sectors.


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