Reuters Events Launches Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024, Europe’s Cross Sectoral Decarbonisation Summit


LONDON, 6th of December – Reuters Events has officially launched the newest addition to their Energy events portfolio, Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024, coming to Amsterdam on 22-23 May.

Reuters Events

The event will unite over 250 senior decision-makers from metals and mining, transportation and logistics, energy and fuels, and construction. It will consist of two days of high-level networking, inspiring discussions and knowledge sharing to engender a collaborative era of industrial scale net-zero action.

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Reuters Events: Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024 will explore four crucial themes to decarbonise Europe’s hard-to-abate industries, on an industrial scale.

The themes are as follows:

Transforming Mindsets & Transition Business Models: To accelerate industrial decarbonization, hard-to-abate sectors must evolve their ways of doing business and break internal and industry silos. Do you have a strategy for sustainable growth? Have you aligned your net zero business model? Are you ready to bring your company, and the wider industry, along with you?

Harmonizing Governance & Reporting: Navigating the complex web of regulation, incentives and permits requires a balance of future planning and day-to-day agility. Bring clarity to your scope 3 reporting, ensure your emissions measurement is effective and compliant, and standardise governance across your European industrial strategy.

Scaling Commercial Climate Tech: From hydrogen to low-carbon fuels, carbon capture to nuclear SMRs, the success of industrial decarbonization will hinge on a new suite of breakthrough technologies. How can companies access stable capital for low-carbon tech? Do we have the infrastructure and industrial hubs to support their rollout? How can we deliver with pace and scale?

Accelerating the Industrial Net Zero Roadmap: Overcoming path dependency challenges between mining and metal, energy and fuel, transportation, construction, and other high-emitting sectors will be critical to net zero success. Do you have a secure roadmap for decarbonizing some of the most hard-to-abate industries in the world?

With 20+ hours to build partnerships with industry leaders, through private meetings, breakfast roundtables, workshop debates and executive dinners, you will achieve the cross sectoral deal to accelerate your net-zero strategy.

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20+ hours to build partnerships with industry leaders, accessed through private meetings, breakfast briefings, workshop debates, and executive dinners.

“Decarbonisation in Europe represents an unparalleled business opportunity for those who move early, and that’s why it’s crucial for decision makers to shift their mindsets towards it, to capitalize on the windfall investments on offer. The only path to this is cross sectoral collaboration.” said Emily Smith, Industry Project Director at Reuters Events.

“At Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024, you’ll get the change to network with all top decision makers across all hard-to-abates, with the shared vision to prioritise decarbonisation.” said Smith.

Reuters Events: Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024 will take place on 22-23 May in Amsterdam. For more information and to stay up to date with our first release of speakers, visit Industrial Decarbonisation Europe 2024 or contact


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