Restaurant Trends that You Need to be Aware of in 2022

Restaurant Trends

By Damon Shrauner

The year 2021 is well past us, and it finally feels like hospitality is regaining its footing. We’ve learned a lot over the last year, and seeing so many restaurants evolve and thrive is motivating. Throughout 2022, many hospitality industries may face personnel shortages, affecting restaurants’ ability to provide high-quality service.

Restaurant operators will have to work hard to acquire and retain more talent to combat this. This can be accomplished by providing greater pay, bonuses, and training methods. People want job security, flexibility, and professional progression after the pandemic to feel comfortable in their work and opt to stay even when times are rough.

Consumer dining habits and economic situations indicate the most successful restaurant trends and techniques. Restaurants are discovering innovative methods to develop meaningful ties with their workers and customers, whether it’s through contactless payment strategies, online ordering, or using technology to battle labor shortages.

6 Top Restaurant Industry Trends in 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular restaurant trends:

Easy takeout and delivery operations

The sector is seeing an increase in distribution choices following the outbreak. Even after the social distancing laws were repealed, restaurants are increasingly using drones, offering catering alternatives to office workers, and pushing the use of drive-thru systems.

Drones can speed up delivery by eliminating logistical bottlenecks such as traffic.

Buffets are not COVID-19 safe, and more companies are requiring catering alternatives that include individual servings packaged up rather than a “help yourself” lunch.

More digital technology

In 2021 and 2022, the way we eat in restaurants and order meals will be completely transformed. Many restaurants, particularly chains, have added QR codes to tables for smartphone ordering, and meal delivery app usage has nearly doubled in the previous year. This means that restaurants must keep up with the demand for digital technologies to remain competitive.

With the help of online food ordering system for restaurants owners can transform their website into a money-making machine due to free of charge, zero commissions, unlimited online orders. There are a few options out there that can be very helpful.

Smart restaurant technology

The restaurant sector is always changing and evolving, especially in light of the last two years’ events and the ongoing pandemic. A cutting-edge POS and payment system that adds new features and refreshes old ones regularly is imperative. Using the most current technology streamlines your processes and allows your personnel to focus more on their jobs of serving your clients. After all, word of mouth and customer reviews are two of the most effective strategies for restaurants to attract new customers and strengthen customer loyalty.

Drive-through is still the preferred option

The pandemic forced people to leave their dining rooms. While carryout and curbside pickup have recovered to pre-pandemic levels, drive-thru traffic continues to supplant dine-in visitation, and this trend is predicted to continue.

Though consumer preferences for a drive-thru, carryout, and dine-in traffic are nearly equal in fast-casual chains, consumer preferences for a drive-thru in QSR remain significant, accounting for over 70% of traffic.

Continued focus on cleanliness and safety

The Coronavirus pandemic could be over shortly. However, concerns about hygiene and sanitation will persist. While restaurant cleanliness and sanitation have always been a priority, recent events have certainly raised the bar. A customer’s decision to dine with you could now be influenced by clear disclosure of strict cleaning procedures.

Increased variety of food to meet consumer tastes

Every year, more and more foods from all over the world gain popularity. Platforms like TikTok have a tremendous influence on our daily eating habits, and social media is a big driving element in introducing new meals to the general public.

The Importance of Kitchen Equipment

Restaurants must now keep up with current trends and culinary equipment to serve their customers. Kitchen equipment has a measurable impact on the food quality and service you provide to your consumers. It also has an impact on the safety of your restaurant’s employees and guests, and it must be maintained regularly. Restaurants no longer employ many staff to perform diverse cooking tasks. Cleaning cutlery, heating meals, combining, and cooking in the kitchen are all chores that the right restaurant equipment can help with.

Increase the quality of food

The degree of control commercial solutions allows chefs is one of the most significant contrasts between ordinary stoves and ovens and professional options. Unlike standard burners and ovens, which have restricted capabilities, commercial-grade alternatives provide chefs complete flexibility over a wide range of settings. Chefs can prepare restaurant-quality meals to their exact specifications, increasing kitchen efficiency.

Increase kitchen productivity

Commercial cooking equipment is more precise and expedites the process. Kitchen automation decreases waste, enhances efficiency, reduces preparation time, and eliminates manual chores like mixing, washing, and cutting. As a result, food is made more quickly, and the number of tables served increases.

Reduce unnecessary waste

Even the most seasoned chefs can make mistakes when combining two key elements in a meal. Most commercial kitchen equipments include several measuring scales. This significantly reduces avoidable waste and makes inventory management in your restaurant much easier.

The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant, and commercial kitchen equipment is the most important component. It is a well-known fact that one thing that all restaurant customers demand is a quick turnaround of their orders.

Although keeping up with the above trends may require research, expenses, and dedicated efforts, staying at the cutting edge of the industry will be well worth it in the long term!

About the Author

Damon ShraunerDamon Shrauner, Senior Sales Consultant and VP on B2B Sales at CKitchen, working in the food service equipment sector since 1994. With his expertise in market analysis, product placement, sales and project management, he will always tell you what to do for the best of your business.


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