Resin Driveway Costs 2022 : Detailed Guide UK

Ever considered installing a resin driveway for your home? Although UK homeowners rarely consider options other than asphalt, concrete, or gravel, resin-bound and resin-bonded options are spectacular options just waiting to adorn your entryway. 

Resin driveways are easy to install, easy to maintain, and look aesthetically pleasing as well. Unlike asphalt or concrete, they won’t crack or become disfigured over time. Resin driveways provide a long-lasting, smooth surface free of loose stones. The UV radiation from the sun will not fade or discolour UV-stable resin aggregate colours. 

These driveways also provide natural rainwater drainage. Thanks to their water-permeable surfaces, resin-bound driveways offer puddle-free driveways for all. 

Resin is a material that is used for nearly all of a property’s hard surfaces, including patios, garden walkways, stairs, and swimming pool surrounds, because of its inexpensive costs per unit. The choice of aggregate material (pebbles and the sort) used with the resin allow you to pick the style that best suits your home’s exterior design. If desired, designs or patterns can be included in the design of a resin driveway.

If you are considering installing a resin driveway, there are many factors that you need to be aware of. Read on the learn how you can determine contemporary resin driveway costs in the UK.

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How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost?

Every project is unique and must be priced differently. Pricing depends on the surface area of the driveway, method of installation, materials used, and preexisting condition of the driveway. In addition, unexpected costs may be incurred during the installation process if, for example, the sub-base needs to be replaced. 

Depending on the above factors, a resin driveway might cost anywhere from £40 to £170 per square meter. For a 40-square-foot driveway, expect to pay between $1,500 and $8,500 to a resin driveway contractor. 

To get a more specific number, contact some contractors online to see if you can get a quote for your specific project. Be sure to have all the relevant details on hand to get a realistic answer. 

Below we have provided some example projects and their cost estimates so you can better measure the potential costs. However, keep in mind that prices may increase by around 20% if you like in London or the surrounding areas.

The instances below might give you a general idea of how much installing a resin driveway will cost.

20m2, 1-car Resin-bonded


4-6 Days £850


40m2, 2-car Resin-bonded


8-15 Days



80m2, 4-car Resin-bonded


2-3 Weeks



100m2, more than 4-car Resin-bonded


3-4 Weeks £6,100


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Factors Affecting Cost of a New Resin Driveway

A contractor will consider several factors before giving you a price on your brand-new resin driveway. Remember, reliable driveway installation firms will need to inspect the site of installation before they can provide you with a quote. They will then consider the following factors to give you their price offer.

Type of Resin Driveway

There are two types of resin driveway: resin-bonded and resin-bound. While they sound quite similar, you will find that they have a few key differences that make all the, well, difference. The contrasts between them will be discussed in more detail later in the article. The method you prefer will also considerably affect the price of your new driveway. 

UV Stable or Non-UV Stable Resin

Resin varieties can be either UV stable or non-UV stable. Non-UV stable resin is susceptible to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The variety you choose is up to you. However, your choice will be reflected in the price you pay. We recommend paying a little extra for UV stable resin, and here’s why:


Intense sunshine may cause non-UV stable resin to fade or bevome discoloured. Depending on where you reside, you may see discolouration within a month of the driveway being laid. 

If the colour shift is uniform, you won’t mind. A few days after the resin is applied, you’ll notice that it darkens if anything is placed on tops of it, such as your waste bins or a decoration.

On the other hand, UV-Stable resin undergoes a far less dramatic shift in colour and is thus almost undetectable.


There are also differences in durability between the two. UV stable resin is more pliable, and will stand the test of time, resisting cracking or disfigurement from prolonged exposure to the elements. Non-UV stable resin, on the other hand, provides a smooth and hard surface, but is also prone to cracking over time. 

To improve durability when using resin, you’ll need a solid subsoil underneath. Professional resin driveway installers can determine your soil type and construct a sub-base appropriate for your needs.


Because UV-Stable resins are more expensive than non-UV-Stable resins, you can expect to pay almost twice as much. Consider using a resin that isn’t UV-Stable if you’re on a tight budget. If not, go for a UV-Stable type that will maintain its appearance for much longer.


Location is quite important to the final price as well. Factors that cause prices to shift with location are wage expectations, higher costs of living, and competition from neighboring firms in your area. Fortunately, material costs do not vary much across the country. 

Control of Weeds

Even though resin driveways are relatively weed resistant, vegetation should still not be allowed to grow underneath. As an added precaution, consider adding a weed-controlling geotextile layer to the sub-base of the driveway.


An edge such as a wall or an accumulation of slabs or bricks must be used to support the resin roadways. Don’t worry if there isn’t one in place already. Your contractor or resin driveway installation expert can quickly make one. However, the added labour will of course affect the price.

Time of the Year

As unpredictable as the weather is in our dear country, we should consider its possible impact on our home improvement plans. 

Wet weather may derail plans to install a new resin driveway. Resin can not effectively dry in the rain, so any surprise weather changes may force you to delay the installation, costing your contractor more. This may be reflected in the price you are asked to pay. 

Hot weather is also not ideal for resin driveway installation. While resin cures much facter in the heat, your contractor’s team will have to work extra hard to complete the driveway before the resin starts to cure. The contractor may even need to hire more hands, again raising costs.

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Resin gravel driveways are unique in that they come in a variety of colours. Depending on the kind of aggregate used, the colour of the finished product might vary greatly. So, choose a colour that complements the rest of your home and landscape.

Below we have listed some of the more popular materials used as aggregate. Keep in mind that various firms may use different names to refer to these materials.

  • Grey slate – It comes in a variety of tones. It looks great on more contemporary homes.
  • Oyster Pearl – It is one of the most popular forms of pearl. As a bonus, it’s both stylish and UV-protected.
  • The Spanish Marble – The chips seem to be natural marble in colour and texture.
  • Jewels – Grey and gold stones make up the mixture in this set. This shingle beach-inspired stone resin driveway is common along the coast. The displayed qualities go well with it, too.
  • Cotswold – This is a blend of brown, golden, and white stone. They look well with Cotswold and other stone-built homes.

The material you choose for your driveway will naturally affect the cost of the project.

Driveway Size

The size of the area to be paved might be the biggest determinant of the driveway’s cost. A larger area means more materials, more work, and more time, which means more money. 

There will be a higher cost if additional supplies are needed. However, you might end up spending less per square foot if you order additional supplies in advance. Even though the total price will be more, the peace of mind you will have as your project nears completion is worth it.

Consider the shape of your driveway as well. If you’re looking to save money, opt for a simply shaped driveway. All of this should be addressed before beginning work on the project. We always recommend consulting more than one professional about your expectations regarding pricing and style. 

Current Driveway Condition

The condition of your driveway’s current surface will have a significant impact on the cost of your new one. If the current driveway is in need of repairs, cleaning, or levelling, the total cost of your new resin driveway will be affected. 

Your contractor must check the foundation for cracks and large dips; if any are found, they must be repaired immediately. A thorough examination before your new driveway is installed will prevent many-a-headache later if anything goes wrong. 

Driveway Depth

Similar to the size of the driveway, the depth of the driveway also affects installation time and material costs. It takes longer both to remove and install a deeper driveway. 

Driveways should be built deep enough to avoid shifting or sinking, which will differ based on soil conditions in your location. 

When determining the ideal depth, the resin aggregate’s thickness must also be taken into consideration. If aggregate is fine, then the driveway needn’t be very deep. The larger the pieces of aggregate, the deeper the layer needs to be. 

Disposal of Waste

You will need a rubbish skip if you want to demolish the current driveway and sub-base foundations. Skips will vary depending on the size of your drive and what pieces you can’t repurpose.

Machinery access

If you’re going to have a new driveway, the company needs to be able to get its equipment to the location, right? If your home is especially hard to access, this may be reflected in the price. Access to an excavator and a waste skip is normally necessary throughout the installation process. 

Additional Drainage

There are certain regulations in place regarding the quantity of surface water permitted. If you live in an area susceptible to puddles, consider extra drainage. It’s important to consider additional drainage channels in the design stage in order to receive a more accurate price.

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Company Hiring Tips

When looking to hire a company for their resin driveway installation services, make sure to ask for their qualifications before committing to the project. As with most industries, there are always less-than-reputable vendors out there, and we’d hate for you to be inconvenienced in any way. Check that the company has the necessary credentials and insurance, and you’re good to go. Customer reviews are also incredibly helpful in determining trustworthiness. 

Trade Associations

The following are examples of common trade associations in the resin driveway industry:

  • The Resin Flooring Association (FeFRA) – FeFRA includes resin flooring and ending product manufacturers, professional installation contractors, and raw material suppliers for such purposes, holding to industry standards.
  • AM DRIVES & LANDSCAPES – In addition to the driveway and patio installation and design options, this firm also provides fence and power washing services as well as Indian sandstone and gravel, Tarmac and resin- and bond-bonded artificial grass. With over 18 years of professional expertise, they are a fully insured and bonded organization.
  • F&F construction services ltd – Using landscaping, patios, masonry, driveways, block paving, resin bound, Tarmac, and fence as a starting point, F&F Construction Services Ltd has been in business for more than a decade. Throughout the whole process, F&F endeavours to provide you with polite and fast customer service.
  • Diamond Driveways – Service Experts for Pavers and Driveways With over 35 years of combined expertise in driveways, patios, and more, Diamond Driveways is a family-run company you can rely on to get the job done well. They are experts in resin, natural stone, gravel, granite, Tarmac, and clay pavers for driveways and patios in London, Essex, and the South East, priding themselves on being among the best of the best.

Members of these organizations are committed to upholding national standards and implementing quality and environmental management systems. However, to ensure you get your dream driveway, also look at recommendations, references, and first-hand experiences with the company you are considering.

Quality of Work

Look for photos of previous work and referrals from satisfied customers to support the contractor’s claim to quality work. Good contractors will be forthcoming with this information. Don’t be shy about following up on referrals! That’s how you know the product stands the test of time. 

Also, look for established businesses that have the capacity to promote on a national scale, or locally established businesses that offer after-sale customer support. Avoid working with firms with limited history or those that solicit business door-to-door.

Guarantees and Fees 

Reputable businesses offer certain guarantees to customers. These can include the following:

  • Work quality
  • Damage caused by severe weather
  • Discoloration or disfiguration
  • Solvent damage
  • Stone fragments and resin with cracks

The company must comply with national charging specifications. The standard range for the fee per square meter should be between £50 and £80. If the quote is too far off this range, something may be amiss. Try to get at least three estimates for the job based on identical specifications. This way, you can compare and contrast prices and services, and select the best option. 

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Benefits of Resin Driveways

A beautiful resin driveway will allow you to enjoy the following advantages:

Variety of Options

The design of a resin driveway is often quite versatile. Concrete and asphalt don’t have as many aesthetic options as resin. Resin comes in a variety of colours and is available in UV-resistant varieties. Furthermore, you can chose to include multiple colors in your driveway design. Some even prefer to have geometric designs, a border of a different color, or the family name spelled out on their resin driveway. 


Known for their durability, resin driveways are an excellent choice for the practical homeowner. Resin roads are resistant to both hot and cold temperatures, as well as sun exposure, making them ideal for driveways that get a lot of traffic.

For up to 25 years, you can anticipate your resin driveway to be in perfect shape. This is a good return on your home’s value when compared to the market average prices. Adding a resin driveway to your house might also raise its resale value dramatically. 


Since these driveways need so little maintenance over the course of their existence, you will be able to devote your time and energy to other things. Driveways made of resin have no extra care requirements. Especially when bolstered with the use of edging, your driveway wil comfortably last you a few decades. 


It has a natural drainage system that prevents weeds and moss from growing through the material, making it safe for you and your family.

Rainwater naturally drains away and off the surface because of the resin’s internal architecture, reducing the strain on your local drainage system.

Your driveway may be extended around the side of your home if you’d so like. Pathways and patios alike benefit greatly from the aesthetic appeal of resin. Many homeowners like using resin throughout outdoor areas, so as to have a consistent look throughout their home’s exterior.

It is also possible to add anti-slip features to your driveway with resin driveways. 

Visual Appeal

You’ll want to ensure your driveway is as appealing to the eye as possible to attract potential buyers. It is possible to choose aggregates depending on how well they go in with the rest of your decor. You have complete control over your project’s colours, size, and style.

Your resin driveway’s appearance may be drastically changed by choice of edges.

The façade of your property may be completely altered in a matter of days. There is just a 48-hour wait to park your automobiles on your freshly installed driveway, which means you may walk on it in as little as eight hours.

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Resin-Bound vs Resin-Bonded

‘What’s the difference?’ you may ask. Resin-bound and -bonded varieties of resin driveway paving are two distinct types. Both use polyurethane resin as well as a form of aggregate material, such as crushed marble, pebbles, recycled plastic, etc. depending on the desired style. However, they differ in method of application and certain qualities. 


The installation of a resin-bound driveway involves mixing the polyurethane resin and aggregate so that all the pieces are thoroughly covered before laying it into place. This process naturally creates smalls nooks and crannies for water to flow into and out of your driveway in heavy rain. It’s effectiveness at water drainage is part of what makes it so popular. Consequently, resin-bound driveways are the most common type of resin driveway you’ll see. 

Besides not having to worry about puddles or the hassle of providing extra drainage, upkeep of this style is extremely simple. Since each piece of aggregate is covered with resin, it is highly unlikely that any pieces will come loose. On the other hand, resin-bound driveway pavement is a bit more expensive than resin-bonded pavement. 


When performing a resin-bonded driveway application, you contractor will first pour a layer of resin onto the driveway base, followed by a layer of aggregate. Pressing the aggregate layer down into the resin produces a smooth layer of aggregate and resin as your driveway’s surface. 

This form of resin driveway is less porous than resin-bound driveway surfaces. There is less space in between the pieces of stone or other aggregate material, and so this type of driveway is more prone to producing puddles. 

In poor applications, resin-bonded surfaces may also be less durable. Stones may become dislodged, as the resin does not cover each individual piece. However, in the hands of a professional, this application can be just as sturdy as a resin-bound application. 

Resin-bonded surfaces are also quite a bit cheaper than resin-bound driveway surfaces. On average, resin-bonded surfaces cost around £25 per square meter, whereas resin-bound driveways cost approximately £40 per square meter. 

While resin-bonded driveways are less expensive, we don’t see this type of resin driveway as often, likely due to the reduced porosity. UK Planning Regulations have certain stipulations in place regarding the porosity of such surfaces. Many homeowners want to avoid having to install extra drainage, so they opt for the naturally draining resin-bound driveways. 

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Project Steps & Estimated Timelines

If a resin driveway seems like the right option for you, you’re probably wondering about what exactly this process entails. Below is a detailed example of how a resin-bound gravel driveway is installed. 

  • Getting Ready

Your contractor should examine the foundation and sub-base of your driveway. They will need to perform any repairs necessary, or even completely replace the foundation under certain circumstances. This is necessary to make sure the driveway can carry the anticipated load. 

Furthermore, they should measure the humidity and temperature before beginning any installation. Humidity and temperature are both factors that affect resin’s curing time, so a true professional will keep an eye on these values regularly throughout the process. 

  • Mixing the Resin

Then, your contractor will mix the two components provided by the manufacturer together to create the resin mixture. This must be mixed thoroughly and according to manufacturer instructions to ensure the best results. 

  • Combine the Aggregates and the Resin

Strong machinery is then required to mix the aggregate material with the resin. Your contractor will make sure that the two are thoroughly mixed, but not overmixed, to prevent discoloration, unwanted textures, or damage to your choice of aggregate. 

  • Transfer the Mixture to the Bottom Layer

Next, your contractor or their team will use a wheelbarrow lined with plastic to transport the mixture to the designated area and spread it out uniformly. 

  • Trowel the Mixture

To further smooth the surface and fill up any gaps or holes, your contractor’s team will use a trowel on the surface. 

  • Curing

The driveway is then left to cure. Your contractor should inform you of the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the curing period. Be sure to fully adhere to manufacturer directions for the best results. Generally, you can expect to be able to walk on your new driveway after 8 hours, but avoid driving or parking on it for at least 48 hours. 


Provided you have an adequate sub-base prior to resin driveway installation, the entire process shouldn’t take more than a day. However, if you need a new sub-base before the resin driveway can be installed, expect to wait 2-3 days for your resin driveway to be complete. Of course, the timeline of the project also varies based on the driveway’s desired surface area and depth. 

Since the time required for the driveway to cure also depends on environmental factors like humidity and temperature, err on the side of caution. You wouldn’t want all that work to go to waste!

UK Planning Permission & Building Regulations

The Planning and Building Regulations stipulate that driveways and other hard outdoor surfaces must conform to the following:

  • In urban settings, ensuring compliance with Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) helps control flooding and reduces pollution caused by surface water. Most of the time, you won’t need to get Planning Permission to install porous resin-bound driveways. In contrast, if the surface area is more than 5 m2, you will require approval and additional drainage techniques for resin-bonded, concrete, and Tarmac. 
  • The Building Regulations won’t apply to your project unless the new driveway makes it difficult to reach the property, in which case they will be necessary. Specifically, things like altering the ground levels and adding stairs may be necessary in certain situations. 

Find Local Experts

Our opinion may be skewed, but we believe resin driveways are incredibly stunning. When people arrive at your home, your driveway is the first thing people will see, so it’s important to make it inviting.

If you aren’t sure of what to look for, getting estimates for resin driveway installation from a business with a good reputation and expertise might be difficult. If you are interested in having a driveway that you can be proud of, then fill out the form on this page, and we will put you in touch with up to four firms who are experts in their field and can offer you such a driveway.

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