Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Digital Signage

Like every other aspect of our world, technology has completely transformed the face of business, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the worlds of advertising and marketing. Traditional marketing methods like print and radio ads have been replaced with modern digital marketing strategies and tools like SEO and social media promotion. Similarly, in-store advertising has undergone a dramatic change as businesses are looking for new ways to promote products and services and engage with their customers in a more effective way. In the past, all in-store advertising was done through public address announcements and paper signs and posters. These methods are now on the verge of becoming totally obsolete as new technology has proven to be a far more effective and efficient alternative: digital signage.

For any businesses who have yet to embrace digital signage, or who do not yet understand the advantages of this technology, here is why your business needs to integrate digital signage today.

Synchronized Multi-Location Signs

Anyone who has ever worked in retail at the start of a new sales season knows that this is one of the most exciting but also strenuous times of the year. In the past, multi-store retail businesses and other companies with more than locations would have to custom design all of the advertising material for every one of their stores, get it all printed at a commercial printing company, and then transport everything around the country. Even when all of the posters, vinyl banners, and leaflets arrive at the various stores, there is still so much work left to do, as the employees in each location then had to decorate the store after hours. 

Digital signage streamlines every step of this process, making it cheaper, easier, and quicker to launch a new season across multiple stores. The experts at explain that by using a cloud-based digital signage system, businesses can now design their promotional materials themselves, and instantaneously upload the new season’s signs to every screen across their locations. Not only does this save money on printing, transportation, and employees, it also helps to save paper and fuel. Many businesses are judged on their green policies so this is an ideal way to appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Instantaneous Promotions and Sales

Using their cloud network, businesses can change what is being displayed on their digital signs instantaneously, which makes them the most versatile mediums for promotion and sales. One way in which many businesses are using digital signs is to run no-notice sales when they have a surplus of a particular item or when that item is about to be taken off the shelves.

This is very useful in the fashion retail industry as items are discontinued at the start of every new season. Whilst previously, these items would have just gone unsold, retailers can now advertise a flash sale across their stores to get rid of as much stock as possible and cut their losses.

Chain restaurants also change their menus frequently to bring in seasonal items. One of the most famous examples in the much-loved Pumpkin Spice Latte which is only available at Starbucks during the Fall. By using cloud-connected digital signs, Starbucks is able to announce this item in an effective promotion as soon as the Fall season starts, without having to update every screen across its thousands of stores.

Effective Customer Outreach

The whole point of signage is to connect with customers and grab their attention. Unlike paper signs that only use pictures and text, digital signs are able to display every kind of media from promotional videos to advanced moving graphics. It is widely known in marketing circles that customers have a far more positive response to this kind of material than they do with stationary images or blocks of text. Even something as simple as a colorful 20% off sign can be far more effective if it is flashing or spinning around on a screen. By using creative design when planning the content of your digital sign displays, you can engage fully with customers and ultimately boost your sales. The same can be used for Architectural Signs as well.

The benefits of digital signage are available to every kind of business and with the way in which our world is trending towards digitization, it seems inevitable that traditional posters and banners may be on the verge of extinction. The world of marketing and promotion is so fast-paced these days and businesses have to be constantly on their toes to stay ahead of their competition. By implementing digital signage across all of your business locations, you can synchronize your entire network and boost your sales and customer experience.


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