Reasons to Study a Masters in Sustainability

sustainability degree

Do you want to study for a degree that will help you make a positive impact in the world? Discover what a graduate degree in sustainability can do for you and your career. In the ever-changing world, it has become increasingly difficult to choose a study field and profession. If you talk to anyone that has been in this position, they will tell you the struggles of deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life. Sure, you can change your profession anytime you like, but that doesn’t make it easier to decide what you want to do for at least the next three years of your life. Luckily, with the opportunities that you have today, you can perform research to discover your interests, and not go head first into it without being informed.

As business evolves, we have seen the effect that sustainability has on it, and we are also aware of the importance of a career that sympathises with our values and doesn’t conflict with them. Our planet’s future depends on a sustainable climate, and our businesses’ financial stability depends on the organization’s sustainability. So in general, sustainability has become a necessity, and not simply a competitive advantage. In a world that’s deeply impacted by war, financial disparity, and environmental crises, the need for graduates who have the knowledge and skills to come up with solutions is pressing.

Career opportunities

With the choice of a degree, comes the pressure of choosing the right one. Everyone looks for a career that will fulfil their needs and satisfy them personally. But that’s not the only obstacle. Another concern is whether the study field will support you financially. Luckily, sustainability degrees are like wine, they get better with time. With a degree in Master of science in sustainability, you’ll have endless options for career paths. The job market is growing, and the professions are improving. This comes as an effect of the need to complement the market’s demands.

Transform organisations

One of the issues with a lack of job satisfaction is the fact that people don’t feel that they are doing something meaningful. Their career choices lead them to an unmotivated work life and eventually an unhappy life. An advantage of the sustainability study field is the fact that it is an impactful career choice.

Depending on the specific program and/or industry there are a lot of things that will make you feel like you are doing something meaningful and giving back.

Learn management skills

Sustainability is becoming more and more critical in organisations. What started as an adaptation to serve the market and its demands, has become a separate and crucial part of every business. There are businesses whose entire activity is related to sustainability and business school that cater to this unique demand. Hence it becomes relatively easy to be promoted to higher levels of management. Many companies require that their C-level executives have an education related to sustainability, or at least have some sort of experience in that field.

You’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to implement sustainability frameworks in corporations, governments and charities. Our courses are multidisciplinary by design, bringing together a wide range of engineering, natural and social sciences to meet the challenges of resource use and environmental management.


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